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Seedless plants BIO II Slides

Slides for Seedless Plants Unit for BIO II

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Seedless plants BIO II Slides

  1. 1. Seedless Plants • Eukaryotic • Photosynthetic • Adapted to land: – Waxy cuticle: prevents water loss – Vascular tissue: transports water and nutrients • Reproduction still requires water (no seeds)
  2. 2. Alternation of Generations • Sporophyte: Diploid – Produces haploid spores through meiosis • Gametophyte: haploid – Produces sperm and egg (from spores) through mitosis • Sperm and egg join in fertilization creating new sporophyte • Length of time sporophyte verses gametophyte varies by plant – Can be equal
  3. 3. Nonvascular Plants • Mosses (Bryophyta) and liverworts • Observe prepared slides of gametophyte and sporophyte • Also view live moss specimen • No liverwort specimens • Separate male and female gametophytes – Male antheridia produces sperm – Female archegonia produces egg
  4. 4. Seedless Vascular Plants • Club mosses, wisk ferns, horsetails, ferns • Sporophyte dominant • Adapted to living on land – Vascular tissue – Windblown spores • Just fern (Pterophyta) examples today – Very diverse group – Look at preserved slides and specimens
  5. 5. Fern Life Cycle
  6. 6. Fern terms • Prothallus: gametophyte, small and heart shaped • Sporangia: spore producing structure • Sorus: cluster of sporangia – Typically on bottom of leaf • Fronds: fern leaves – Leaves are megaphylls with vascular tissue