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Want to become a
Explore how inside…
They require new skills, new behaviours
and a change in mind-set to respond to
this new complexity. These new
Page 2
When the rate of
change outside the
exceeds the rate of
change inside, the
end is in sight.
Jack Welch...

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  1. 1. Want to become a Learning Entrepreneur™? Explore how inside…
  2. 2. They require new skills, new behaviours and a change in mind-set to respond to this new complexity. These new expectations are captured in the role of the Learning Entrepreneur™. “Learning Entrepreneurs deliver business success through innovative learning solutions. They are business savvy and have confidence, insight, credibility and gravitas… across the organisation.” If you want learning to be valued in your organisation, and we mean , then everything you find in these pages is designed by us with you in mind…. It’s not rocket science. At we believe the right learning interventions can enable poorly performing organisations to become market leaders. So why is the crucial role learning plays in business success simply not recognised? The learning landscape has changed dramatically over recent years. Short business specific learning has replaced lengthy classroom based courses. The emergence of multi device platforms and growth of social learning, all contribute to a complex learning environment. This means that learning professionals must also change if they are to support their business learners. Forward Page 1
  3. 3. Page 2 When the rate of change outside the organisation exceeds the rate of change inside, the end is in sight. Jack Welch of GE
  4. 4. Enter our world of possibilities We are all different and how we prefer to learn is just as beautifully unique. Whether you want the buzz of a workshop, the peace of online learning, the thrill of exploring nuggets of wisdom, a friendly ear or a desire to own your own toolkits, we have it all for you. The gateway to our world is at The welcome mat is out for you, so come on in!! Read on to discover how these amazing resources can help you develop your skills and those of your team and ensure that learning is really in your organisation… Page 3
  5. 5. What’s Inside? 4 Steps to get you started STEP 1 STEP 3 STEP 4 STEP 2 Immerse your learning team in the Learning Entrepreneur™ System (Page 6) Grow their business skills to enhance their credibility and gravitas (Page 12) Challenge them to improve the impact and value of their learning solutions (Page 20) Support their delivery to the business (Page 26) ConnectingDots Social (Page 32) Learn how you can chat, exchange, connect and explore with us through our social media channels. Explore Our Hints and Tips Creating a compelling vision (Page 10) 5 Top Tips for Engaging with Stakeholders (Page 19) 5 Top Tips for Creativity (Page 25) 5 Key Principles of Self Managed Learning (Page 31) Page 4
  6. 6. Step 1 Immerse your team in the Learning Entrepreneur™ System We realised they needed to adopt some of the mind-set and key behaviours of entrepreneurs. Hence we arrived at the concept of the Learning Entrepreneur™ Page 5
  7. 7. 4 Critical Skills to be a Learning Entrepreneur™ Each with 3 underpinning behaviours Promote is about speaking to the business about learning in a way that generates momentum, gains traction and delivers results. The behaviours ensure that we grab attention and create an insatiable passion for learning across the whole organisation. Deliver enables you to create learning solutions that generate a buzz and excitement around the organisation that can’t be ignored! The behaviours ensure these solutions deliver real, commercial improvements. Pinpoint enables you to harness your own resourcefulness to solve the problems that matter to the business. The behaviours ensure you focus on the right things, filter out distracting noise and pinpoint what will really make a difference. Connect recognises that learning doesn’t exist in a vacuum; working collaboratively with all areas of your business enables really great learning solutions. The behaviours ensure you connect ideas, information and people in a way that creates powerful sustainable partnerships. 21 3 4 Page 6
  8. 8. Quick Reflection 4 Steps to get you started What is the most courageous or innovative thing you have done in the last year? How well are you capitalising on your networks? Pinpoint Deliver Promote Connect When did a customer last say ‘WOW’ in response to your learning solutions? When did you last influence a board level decision? What business problem have learning solutions solved in the last 6 months? Page 7
  9. 9. To get your team started on their journey to becoming a Learning Entrepreneur™ we offer the following solutions: 2 This fast paced interactive workshop covers the following: • What does it mean to be a Learning Entrepreneur™? • Why do organisations need them? • How do you avoid learning being at the forefront of funding cuts? • How do you make sure learning hits the mark in your organisation? • Planning your Learning Entrepreneur™ Journey. 1 Becoming a Learning Entrepreneur™ 1/2 day workshop. Also available as online learning. LE Fitness Challenge Online assessment tool for self- diagnosis and action planning The fitness challenge enables you to assess how you measure up to each of the four skill areas of a Learning Entrepreneur™ and their underpinning behaviours. A free diagnostic tool is also provided to help you understand your results and identify key actions to help you increase your Learning Entrepreneur™ Fitness level. The fitness challenge can be undertaken individually, or set up for your whole team. It is also included free when you purchase the Becoming a Learning Entrepreneur™ Workshop. Learning is not compulsory… neither is survival. W. Edwards Deming Getting Started Page 8
  10. 10. In Addition Over 100 Free Online Resources In today’s environment of self-managed and informal learning people want access to information at a time and place to suit their needs. Immediacy and accessibility is key. We are all time poor and we want access to practical tips, techniques we can apply quickly. On our website we provide over 100 free resources which your team can access and use at a time and a place to suit them. Each nugget of wisdom is a result of our experience and learning from across a multitude of organisations and sectors. These resources are equivalent to having your own coach and mentor on call 24x7! The resources can be filtered to reveal those that support each of the Learning Entrepreneur skill areas and their underlying behaviours. Maximise the effectiveness of these free resources by also undertaking our Learning Entrepreneur Fitness Challenge and attending our Becoming a Learning Entrepreneur workshop. Page 9
  11. 11. Creating a compelling vision People are inspired by dreams and ideas, just remember the speech by Martin Luther King in 1963 which began 'I have a dream..' In business, the dream for the future is communicated through a vision. But to have a vision is not enough, it needs to be compelling. To be valued, learning needs to feature as prominently as the budget and sales forecasts; it needs to be up there with key strategic projects and setting the direction for the organisation. The first step in giving learning its rightful place in organisational strategy is to ensure you have a vision for learning which those in positions of power can buy into. Make it short and memorable Write in the future tense, make it easy to understand Use emotive language that paints vivid pictures in people's minds Appeal to the broadest range of people Don’t state end dates, it should stand the test of time It should enable people to see the role they can play in that vision Ensure the benefits from achieving the vision are clear Achieving the vision should be challenging but not impossible It should excite passion, appeal to the 'emotional self' and make people really want to be part of the 'new world' It should enable people to recognise 'when we get there' It should be clear how the vision differs from the old world It should be compelling Check that the language you use is inspiring, adding to the excitement and momentum. Leaders should be able to articulate it passionately and unreservedly believe in it, articulating it with authenticity and emotion. Page 10
  12. 12. Step 2 Grow business skills and enhance your gravitas In 2013 the CIPD Learning and Talent survey reported that: 26% reported they linked learning to business strategy ONLY 38% of learning professionals used business metrics to evaluate the impact of learning ONLY 58% reported difficulty in accessing data to support any evaluation Learning functions are often represented at board level by the HR Director. In 2012 the Economist Intelligence Unit identified that 58% of Chief Finance Officers believe their Head of HR is not of the same calibre as other C Level executives and 67% felt their Head of HR did not understand the business well enough. By association, where is the credibility for learning? Page 11
  13. 13. If the Director of Finance is not clear on the return on investment for learning, what credibility will L&D have across organisation? Page 12
  14. 14. Our Learning Entrepreneur™ system A key component in our Learning EntrepreneurTM system is the need to develop a business savvy mindset in learning professionals. Without this learning professionals will not have credibility in the organisation and learning will not be valued. Learning professionals need to understand: 1 3 2 4 Where profit is made and lost in the business The state of the market and how it impacts on competitiveness What affects business performance (positively and negatively) The different operational needs and challenges of each business area 5 6 How to evidence the impact of learning in terms the business values How to talk the language of the business to be understood and show understanding Page 13
  15. 15. The following solutions build on the foundations from our Becoming a Learning Entrepreneur™ Workshop. Business Planning for Learning Leaders 1 day workshop or online course Identify what needs to be included in the Learning Business plan to build the credibility of learning in your organisation. Explore: • What is a business plan and its key components • Questions L&D must answer in their plan • Success Measures • Practical templates for your own use Team Management 1 day workshop Discover how to really create a winning team that produces results that really matter to the business. Explore: • Developing your team as a ‘consultancy’ • Inspiring the team to be the best they can be • Creating a winning environment Business Networking 1 day workshop Networking enables us to gain information, share insight and explore valuable partnerships. Explore how to enjoy and make the most of any networking situation. Explore: • The importance of networking for L&D • How to avoid common pitfalls • How to build your network and make it work for you Building winning relationships 1 day workshop Our uniqueness motivations, perceptions and experiences can lead to tensions and poor business outcomes. Turn those differences into really winning relationships? Explore: • The link between relationships and results • How to hit it off with people you may regard as difficult • Deciding win-win strategies 21 3 4 Page 14
  16. 16. To really impact on the organisation the learning function needs to be a partner in organisational change initiatives. To do this effectively the learning team need to understand how projects and change programmes work. We offer the following workshops to help your learning team and colleagues develop their skills. Effective Project Definition 1/2 day workshop This session introduces people to the concept of project management and the key elements required to start a project effectively. Explore: • What is a project? • The project lifecycle • Defining a project • What makes a project viable? • Key roles • Why projects fail Effective Planning & Resourcing 1/2 day workshop Investigate a process for planning projects & techniques for estimating & allocating responsibilities. Explore: • Why Plan? • Key content of a plan • The planning process • Estimating • Defining outputs and quality • Milestones & dependencies • Effective Resourcing • Why projects go off plan Effective Monitoring & Control 1/2 day workshop Discover the tools and techniques to enable you to monitor and control project activity. Explore: • Monitoring and control • Essential questions • Managing risks, issues & opportunities • Dependencies • Managing changes • Effective time management • Effective progress reporting • Evaluating your project 21 3 Page 15
  17. 17. 4 Effective Stakeholder Management 1/2 day workshop Explore how to engage key stakeholders and turn them into effective project champions. They will also learn to develop & encourage high performance in project teams. Explore: • Engagement - 4 steps • Stakeholder Interests • Effective communications • Influencing others • The 5 sins of stakeholder engagement • Building effective project teams 65 The ‘How’ of Change 1 day workshop (also available online) Discover a process for managing change. Identify how people learn during times of change and the impact culture can have on change and on learning. Explore • Why does change happen? • Prominent models in change management • How change impacts on people’s learning • Understanding corporate culture and it’s impacts on change • Aligning learning to organisational culture • Why change fails Managing Risk in Learning 1 day workshop Problem, issue, worry, concern, risk ….. PANIC… Learn how to spot, focus and manage risks so you can convince others that you really have ‘got a grip’ on the situation. Explore • What is a risk? • Describing risks in the business environments? • Assessing Risks • The risk management process • Common risks in L&D and questions you should ask • Examples of risk mitigation in learning • Discover common risks in Page 16
  18. 18. Surfing the emotional sea of change 1/2 day workshop Explore how change affects people, how to steer people through change and manage its impact on ourselves and others. Explore: • How to encourage change in teams • Change and the change curve • How poor change management affects people • Physical and emotional responses to look out for • How managers can manage the impact of change on themselves • Encouraging change in teams 7 To discuss how we can run these workshops for your team just email us at or call us on 077 914 67868 Page 17
  19. 19. To get your team started on their journey to becoming a Learning Entrepreneur™ we offer the following solutions… In addition to the above workshops our free resources on our website are written with a business savvy mindset and focus. Each article is designed to help you focus on what really matters to the business. Here are 3 Articles we recommend to get your team started: • The Power of Networking • Leveraging Learning by Numbers • Getting Corporate with Communications Our little shop of curiosity at has a collection of things we know you’ll love to help you demonstrate the value learning brings and support your team in developing their business savvy skills . Our checklists and toolkits are available to buy, download and use immediately. We recommend: • 10 Activities to build business savvy • The Learning Impact Grid • Sharpen your Management Focus Page 18
  20. 20. 5 Top Tips for engaging with stakeholders For many L&D professionals working in organisations, getting buy-in from those in positions of power and influence is critical to your success. Here are 5 Top Tips to start you on that successful journey! Go get 'em tiger! Assumptions are the termites of relationships. Are they your manager, Operations Director, senior managers, HR colleagues, potential delegates? Or anyone who interacts and is impacted by the learning intervention. This is also about building relationships, developing strong networks and communicating your successes. By doing this you begin to create advocates who can influence the business & help you implement your vision. This is also about really understanding how they communicate and getting onto their wavelength. Be clear about the outcomes of your learning intervention & importantly how this will positively impact the business. Can you visualize the outcomes? If you can't then they aren't clear enough, so it will be difficult for you to communicate them to others. People often oppose new things and they can't grasp how it will work. By putting together a low risk 'taster' experience you will help develop their understanding & encourage their support & quality feedback. Adopt the mindset of a Learning Entrepreneur with power & influence to affect change within the organisation. This helps you communicate confidently & positively so that your learning intervention is strategically impactful. Page 19
  21. 21. Step 3 Improve the impact and value of learning solutions… With today’s constant speed of change within organisations, learning designers simply have to respond instantly or run the risk of their solution being outdated before it’s been rolled out. And for many managers releasing people for training can be a real strain on resources. That means, as designers, we need to ensure that events really hit the mark in terms of knowledge, skills and attitude so that learners return to the business all fired up and raring to go. Great learning comes when people want to learn and when they can discover the answers for themselves. This way they are much more likely to put what they learn into practice on the job. The following solutions will help your team rapidly develop solutions which astound, amaze, engage and wow your learners. What is your number 1 challenge when implementing new solutions? I’m at the end of the food chain here… I have to react almost when its too late Releasing people is a strain on the operational areas People are distracted and unfocused due to weight of work Learners are distracted by their phones Page 20
  22. 22. Grand Designs 1/2 day workshop Supercharge your learning 2 day workshop Designed to help anyone involved in sharing learning and ideas to put the learners at the heart of everything they do. By doing so, learners are more likely to understand, remember and take action on what they have explored with you. Explore: • The 8 Principles of Effective learning • Building confidence to deliver this new style of learning • Your own ideas for making your presentations, meetings and learning events sizzle! • Engaging stakeholders throughout the organisation in the value of learning 2 3 Discover not only how we can really accelerate the learning process for our learners but also how to speed up the design process to respond rapidly to business needs. Explore: • Developing a design checklist to aid speed and effectiveness of design • Designing with diverse learners in mind • Ensuring the right mix of fun and meaning for your group • Designing programmes that deliver to real business needs • Working with Operational Managers and Subject Matter experts to ensure that you develop the right solution not the expected solution. Facilitation skills 1 day workshop Facilitation is all about making learning easier for people so they can really develop and take positive action. An exceptional facilitator needs to be flexible and sensitive to the constantly changing needs of the group. Explore: • The key skills and qualities that facilitators of learning need • How 70:30 and releasing control enhances retention of learning • Using your voice, tone and body language effectively • Supporting learners to improve • Strong questioning and listening skills • Strategies to get into the best possible state for facilitating learning 1 Page 21
  23. 23. Giving Talent Management Teeth 1 day workshop 2 We proudly declare that ‘everyone has a talent’ and you really need to understand the sum of the talent in your organisation. You never quite know when that odd hobby or the ‘geek’ in the corner has, is going to be the one thing that will project you to market success next year. Explore: • Where talent comes from • The link with employee engagement. • Debunking the myth of the talent pipeline • Opportunities of the talent network • How to assess and identify talent • The role of the line manager • Common talent ailments Speed coaching 1/2 day workshop Why is coaching often viewed as a perk? And how do you know if coaching is effective and giving you the results you desire? Explore • Why the business uses coaching • Why is coaching so popular in the learning armoury • Great coaching models • Where businesses get coaching badly wrong • What does the business need and not need from coaching? • Tips on coaching for business success 1 Page 22
  24. 24. Quick wins Quick wins are 90 minute bursts of great learning which your team can offer to others. They encourage a new awareness or new ideas which enable people to change the way they behave. Each session focuses learners on changing just one thing to achieve maximum impact. Each quick win pack contains trainer notes, hand outs and everything your facilitators need to run the quick win session. You can buy our quick wins for your team to run from our online shop at Just click, buy, download and use! We offer quick win sessions to cover a wide range of topics including: • Focus • Effectiveness • Communication • Creativity • Professionalism • Confidence But don’t just take our word for it - try us out! Faster than a Ferrari with wings! Page 23
  25. 25. And there is still more…… In addition to the above workshops and quick wins our free resources on our website have a host of tips and ideas to really make your learning sizzle. Here are 3 Articles we recommend to get your team started: • Keeping it SAVI • Designing Learning with Impact and speed • Pump up the volume Don’t forget that our online shop at is jammed full of resources to help you really make your learning sing! Here are some of our products which we recommend to inspire you, visit the shop for many more….. Our checklists and toolkits are available to buy, download and use immediately. We recommend: • The A-Z of Activities to ignite learning • Learning Design Checklist • 12 Week Coaches Toolkit • 12 Week Deliverers Toollkit Page 24
  26. 26. 5 Top Tips for creativity Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower Steve Jobs Pick out a piece of music that when you hear it makes you feel alive, energised and full of beans and let your body move to the music. Let the creativity flow through your body and inspire your mind with new thoughts and ideas. Phone, meet or write to a friend or colleague and share your ideas and allow them to add, extend, challenge and harmonise your ideas - just like a real jam session. Take the luxury time of reading an article or book on the subject you want to be inspired about. Have a luxury bar of chocolate, cup cake or whatever takes your fancy to make it an truly indulgent experience. But do remember keeping up to date with trends in simply not a luxury today, it is essential and the more you can make it pleasurable, the more you will remember. Give yourself permission to take the time to daydream. Focus on what it is you want to create and allow your imagination to take flight. You can allow your unconscious mind to do the work for you once it knows what you want to achieve, like doing mundane tasks such as filing; give your unconscious mind the freedom to get to work. Surround yourself with what inspires you, such as your favourite quotes, colours, pictures, plants, music, objects. books etc. Add something new or change the position of your desk or chair to get a better and fresher perspective. As learning professionals we are busy creative people, writing new learning programmes, adding new life to existing programmes providing learning solutions and facilitating workshops - so here are five top tips to boost your creativity to add zing and zest to your day. Page 25
  27. 27. Step 4 Supporting delivery to the business No organisation exists in a vacuum, no department is autonomous, no one person has all the answers and no one team can do it all themselves. This is where our approach to partnering and collaboration can really add value to your vision for learning. We do this in three ways: • Coaching • Learning Consultancy • Corporate Events Let’s explore these opportunities in more detail…… It is what we think we know already that often prevents us from learning. Claude Bernard Page 26
  28. 28. We all hit a ‘brick wall’ from time to time, unable to see what to do next. If only we had someone to help us think it through, to ask us the right questions to unlock the problem and release our full potential. Coaching is effective as part of development but what about as a tool to tackle real business problems. Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone to help you address the problems that are keeping you awake at night? We can provide coaching at all levels of the organisation and target it at what is of most value to you.. 2 1 Coaching Personal Development Coaching Sometimes we know something needs to change but can’t quite pin it down. Whether it is confidence, performance, behaviour or self-perception we can help you identify, explore and grow. Examples: • Developing inner and outer confidence • Performance and behaviour change • Building female credibility • Role Modelling and personal brand • Promotion and career progression Leadership Coaching Leadership can be a lonely place. It’s a big step from managing a team to leading an operation. We can help elevate your thinking, find your leadership values and realise your vision for learning. Examples: • Senior Leadership development • Learning Strategy • Business Planning for Learning • Leading Learning Functions Page 27
  29. 29. 3 4 Delivery skills It doesn’t matter how good your content is, learning begins with engaged learners. We can help you develop the skills you need to be truly inspirational to others. Examples: • Learning Design & Development • Presentation and Delivery skills • Large group facilitation • Social Media • Building great relationships Management coaching That first step into team management can be scary. Taking on an established team can be daunting. How can you get the most out of your team and ensure they are seen as positive role models for learning across the organisation. Examples: • People/Team Management • Improving Team Dynamics • Project/Programme Management • Organisation, prioritisation and delegation I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to solve a problem previously thought unsolvable. John Russell, Managing Director, Harley Davidson Europe Ltd. To discuss your coaching needs simply email us at Page 28
  30. 30. Learning Consultancy Improve the impact and value of learning solutions… You are overloaded, have a pressing deadline or are not sure how to approach a specific challenge. We’ve been there, done that, worn the t-shirt and have the battle scars to prove it! We want you to get great results without the pain. Our expertise will help you elevate your contribution to the organisation and boost your creativity to get the results you seek. This is not about us taking on a task and shooting off afterwards. To discuss more about how our Learning Consultancy can help you just email us at or call us on 077 914 67868 Our approach is to partner, support and help you develop the skills you need. Page 29
  31. 31. Corporate Events Improve the impact and value of learning solutions… We know the power of bringing large groups of people together to create common understanding, challenging goals and shared expectations. How amazing if these events also create a buzz and excitement that leaves the room with people and infects an entire organisation. This is where our skills come to the fore. When corporate events hit people at a positive emotional level as well as a logical one, they become part of their story telling. This influences a culture that inspires people to really make a difference. Our expertise in corporate events spans: • Event Facilitation • Conference design and delivery • Team building and development days • Corporate induction programmes To discuss more about how we can help you with your corporate events just email us at or call us on 077 914 67868 Our desire is to be that bit different, that bit more amazing and always, always memorable! Page 30
  32. 32. 5 key principles for self- managed learning The role of the L&D professional in SML is now to signpost and guide people to enable them access their learning from reliable sources. This means that individuals willingly take responsibility for all aspects of their learning journey which includes deciding what they need to learn and how they will learn it. In the past L&D professionals have been looked to as the experts in the subject in which they train, they had the experience, the qualifications and the theory. The world has moved on and individuals don't have the time, patience or inclination to wait for the professional to be available to consult. Organisations and individuals alike rarely have the time to wait on the availability of training courses, often learning is needed to coincide with the commencement of a key project or piece of work. The majority of learning about your work is done on the job, therefore the power of enabling peer to peer learning is evident but often not fully utilised. In a nutshell SML is about individuals taking responsibility for their own learning and managing the achievement of learning themselves. This requires them to be committed to their own development and to be the active driver of all activity to ensure their own learning needs are met. With SML, learning is not an add-on to the day job, it is not something to be fitted in around the workload, rather learning is part of, and integral to, working. Page 31
  33. 33. ConnectingDots Social We hope that everything you have read about excites you and starts you thinking about the many ways we can help you raise the value of learning in your own organisation. Before we finish though we thought you would like to know a bit more about how you can keep in touch with us via our social communities… We offer short webinars which we advertise through our site at These are short sessions providing quick insights into topics around our Learning Entrepreneur™ system. They are a great way to get a quick overview, join in a lively discussion and identify areas where you might like to learn more. We tweet and twitter about great articles, snippets and ideas we find throughout the week. We love sharing what our fellow twitter pals have discovered and putting our own ideas out there. Join in our conversations by following us @connectweets Our Facebook page is full of fun and quirky ideas and snippets. It is a great place to share ideas with us and join in our conversations in a relaxed, friendly and collaborative way. If you are on Facebook become friends and join in with us at /homeofthelearningentrepreneur. A picture tells a thousand words, ain’t that the truth. We are big fans of Pinterest and the ability to bring information to life. See what has grabbed our attention by visiting us at /connectdots/ Email us with your ideas suggestions and queries at or call us on 07976 628705 Both Una and Caroline are on LinkedIn and are always happy to connect with new friends. Page 32
  34. 34. Registered address: Maghull Business Centre, 1 Liverpool Road North, Maghull, L31 2HB What could be