What is Cross Docking in Odoo 15

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15 de Mar de 2022

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What is Cross Docking in Odoo 15

  1. Cross Docking in Odoo 15
  2. INTRODUCTION ❖ Cross-docking is an inventory terminology concerned with the product movement of a company. ❖ The cross-docking functionality is usable in terms of the product movement or transfer for immediate customers. ❖ In layman's terms, it would be mentioned that there is no need for a product being stored after purchase or production as it is to be delivered immediately out to the customers as per the demand. ❖ In this methodology of inventory operation, a specified lotting area inside the warehouse or the company facility has been allocated. ❖ All the operations are conducted on these grounds and the area is placed close to the truckload area for easier movement.
  3. ❖ Other aspects in the operation of accompanying while functioning on the cross-docking methodology are that the products functioning in this manner are not added to the inventory rather they are shipped out for delivery in no time. ❖ Effective implementation of the cross-docking terminology in a business operation can be seen in the shipping industry. ❖ On certain aspects of the operation, the containers form the cargo ships are loaded directly to trucks using cranes while the ships are in docks. ❖ These containers are not added to the inventory but are directly shipped out to customers from the purchase point itself.
  4. ❖ The cross-docking functionality of a company inventory can be effectively done in odoo. Initially, the user should enable the operation of the multi-step route available in the settings menu for the inventory module. ❖ So, Goto Inventory module > Configuration > Settings
  5. ❖ Enable the multi-step routes and save the changes.
  6. ❖ Now let’s go to warehouses by Configuration > Warehouses.
  7. ❖ The warehouse menu selected from the configuration window of the inventory module selects the respective company warehouse if there are multiple warehouses available for the company.
  8. ❖ Make the changes under warehouse configuration tab. SAVE your changes.
  9. ❖ Now go to the ROUTES from configuration.
  10. ❖ On changing the settings in the menu the user should save the warehouse menu now back in the routes of operation in the company an additional company route will be added as a cross-dock route.
  11. ❖ Now let’s edit the details like you want and SAVE the changes.
  12. ❖ Now select a product from products > products. ❖ In the inventory tab of the product select the operations of routes to be cross-docking and purchasing. On changing the settings the window should be saved before closing.
  13. ❖ We will get route details from VIEW DIAGRAM for this product.
  14. ❖ And make sure that there is a vendor added under purchase tab.
  15. ❖ Now create a sale order and CONFIRM the order.
  16. ❖ Click on the picking created.
  17. ❖ Confirm the quotation and the picking status appears to be waiting for an inhouse action to complete the operation.
  18. ❖ Now click on the purchase created and the user can view the respective purchase order which is auto-generated as per the needs form the source document i.e. the respective sales quotation which is created earlier.
  19. ❖ Now CONFIRM the purchase order.
  20. ❖ VALIDATE your picking.
  21. ❖ Now back in the sales order the user can view the status on the transfer of products to be ready as the purchase is confirmed. ❖ You can proceed with validating the pickings.
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