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11 Best Undiscovered WordPress Plugins

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Discover WordPress plugins that will improve user experience of your site and make it stand out.

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11 Best Undiscovered WordPress Plugins

  1. 1. 11 Best Undiscovered WP Plugins to Give Your Site a Boost 03 01 04 02 05 Opaque Teaser Put a translucent overlay that won’t reveal the details while you perfect your project. WP Database Fetch Cross-promote the content of a network of WP sites running on the same hosting. HeadCounters Find out how many people there currently are on your website. Twitter Highlight Convert Twitter usernames, lists, and hashtags posted on the page into actual clickable links redirecting to the social network. Page Announcements Display announcements on your posts and pages to get your message across. Post Thesaurus Search for related words while you’re on the ‘Add new post’ page. WP Custom Voting Learn how well your posts and pages are sitting with the visitors. Mediator Detect visitors with AdBlock on and convert them into MailChimp subscribers or Facebook fans. Jellyfish Invaders Show pixelated critters randomly floating around or zooming in on mouse clicks. Responsive Checker Make sure your WordPress site looks great across different devices you may otherwise not have access too.your project. 06 07 08 09 10 11 Chatwee A live chat plugin with multiple chat rooms and private conversations that will get your audience going.