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Chris Batt PhD progress report

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Presentation made at the PhD Forum on Research Methods, Loughborough University 8/9

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Chris Batt PhD progress report

  1. 1. HELP! <ul><li>Chris Batt, UCL </li></ul>
  2. 2. Knowledge Strategy in the Networked Society
  3. 3. I n a networked society, in what ways might public policy for cultural, heritage and knowledge institutions develop strategically to maximize their collective value to all citizens?
  4. 5. I’m feeling a bit better now
  5. 6. A new boy
  6. 7. 9 months into a five year sentence
  7. 8. Do it by Sunday
  8. 13. Purpose and methodology METHODOLOGY
  9. 14. The development of an existing methodology or introduction of a new one
  10. 15. T o develop and test strategic visioning methodology and tools for knowledge institutions in the Networked Society
  11. 16. 2050
  12. 17. If we did not have libraries, would someone invent them?
  13. 19. 2.0
  15. 21. Foresight Group Edgeless University BIS - Future of Universities in a Knolwedge Economy Visioning 2035 Diane Lees: From the Ashes Beyond Current Horizons
  16. 22. POLICY Parent institutions Buildings Staff Services Investment decisions Policy/invest. decisions Delivery infrastructure
  17. 23. Competition Convergence Challenge
  18. 24. Frag v defrag
  19. 25. Institutional architecure Value flows Exchange relationships
  20. 26. PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE Resources that enable people to understand and learn more about themselves and the world LEARNING The apprehension of knowledge to advabtage Public policy Knowledge processes Boundary exchange
  21. 27. Three components
  22. 28. “ Walk out with me toward the unknown region…no map there nor guide”
  23. 30. Public policy
  24. 31. Digital determinism
  25. 32. Knowledge institutions
  26. 33. Individual & community
  27. 34. Public policy Digital determinism Knowledge institutions Individual & community
  28. 35. Public policy Digital determinism Knowledge institutions Individual & community
  29. 36. Shared value flows Boundary exchanges Target audiences Common policy and outcomes SWOT Work already in play
  30. 37. Public knowledge ecosystem model
  31. 39. Futures studies Systems approach Soft systems methodology Soft OR modelling Critical systems theory Forecasting Strategic foresight Futures studies Critical futures studies Sociology of the future
  32. 40. Knowledge Strategy in the Networked Society
  33. 41. Does it make any sense? Any positive suggestions? Should I seek therapy?
  34. 42. Thank You <ul><li>[email_address] </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li> </li></ul>
  35. 44. Libraries and Society: Role, Social Responsibility and Future Challenges
  36. 45. Library 2050