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Wekerle CIHR Team - Montreal CIHR IGH Team Year 1 Meeting

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Montreal CIHR IGH Team Year 1 Meeting

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Wekerle CIHR Team - Montreal CIHR IGH Team Year 1 Meeting

  1. 1. CIHR IGH TEAM -Year 1 Update Montreal, October 2015 Title: Understanding health risks and promoting resilience in male youth with sexual violence experiences (TE3 138302) Christine Wekerle, Team Lead Pediatrics, McMaster Co-Investigators (Alphabetical Order): Collin-Vézina, D.; Black, T., Bennett, M., Boyle, M., Gonzalez, A., Hebert, M., MacMillan, H., Mushquash, C.; Rhodes, A.; Romano, E.; Saewyc, E.; Ungar, M. e Co_investigators Presenting: Elizabeth Saewyc, UBC & Martine Hébert, UQAM
  2. 2. Year 1 Objectives & Outcomes (1) Team Meetings (1) C. Wekerle to UBC, Ottawa; Toronto, Halifax (2) Pathways to Resilience III Conference; (3) American Psychological Association; (4) International Society of Traumatic Stress Studies) (2) Expansion of Scientist Group: Collaboratoring Scientists (also examining sexual victimization in males and youth health and resilience outcomes: Dion, J., UQAC; Esposito, T., U Montreal; Flett, G., York U ; Goldstein, A, U of Toronto.; Moretti, M., Simon Fraser U; Weiss, J., York U Meeting with Members: Paul Matthews, Barnardo’s England (male service provider) (3) Year 1 & 2 Research Ethics Board approvals and Sub-grant Agreements (4) Initiate Knowledge Exchange Strategy All Scientists and Trainees have Twitter Accounts; following stakeholders’ Twitter accounts (SARAVYC; CYCCNetwork PREVAiL, etc.) Branding with Resilience In Youth – unique hashtag #resilienceinyouth; Youtube (ResilienceInYouth); Twitter (ResilienceInYouth@ResilienceInYou); Instagram (ResilienceInYouth); TwitterChats w/ #resiliencechat and #TEARtalk (Teens Ending Abusive Relationships, T.O. Victim Services)
  3. 3. Team Members Deliverables to Date June 2015, Male Health Month; E. Saewyc Media: sexual-abuse-hope-for-more-understanding/ 2014 IHDCYH Video Talks Entry (C. Wekerle); Trainee McMaster Mental Health Strategy Entry October 2014 (See video on ResilienceInYouth YouTube) 2015 IHCYH Video Talks Entry (C. Wekerle) Maltreatment and Adolescent Pathways (MAP) Research Study: Dating Violence, Child Welfare-Involved Youth Special issue in Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma (2 volume issue: 2016; Editors: Patricia Kerig & Christine Wekerle “Male victimization, health and resilience”)
  4. 4. Team Members Deliverables to Date • 2015 International Journal of Child and Adolescent Resilience (Risks and Resilience Among Male Youth) TEDxHamilton Talk (Dr. Wekerle, September, 2015) TED Ed Lessons: 1) Risk and Resilience in Youth Suicidality: (2) Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs) & Childhood Maltreatment : Prezi Presentations: Child Sexual Abuse: A Hidden Problem ( probem/)
  5. 5. TEAM Members Pathways to Resilience III 2015 Conference Nurturing Young People's Resilience Through Clinical and Community Interventions Michael Ungar Plenary: The Resilience Research Centre: A Report on Findings and their Application to Practice Linda Liebenberg & Michael Ungar Plenary: Researching Resilience in Youth: Practical Strategies and Aboriginal Perspectives Christine Wekerle, Sherry Stewart, Amanda Hudson (T) Brief Conference Summary and Future Directions: Michael Ungar Facilitated Discussions at a Glance The Forgotten Victims Of Child Sexual Abuse: Disclosure And Resilience Features In Male Youth Martine Hébert, Delphine Collin-Vézina, Christine Wekerle Paper Presentations at a Glance A Trauma-Informed Analysis Of The Trajectories And Resilience Capacities Of Youth In Child Protective Services Group Care Lise Milne (T) Promoting Resilience Among Sexual Minority Adolescents: Buffering Enacted Stigma, Suicide Attempts With Supportive Relationships Elizabeth Saewyc Poster at a Glance A Validation Study Of The Resilience Scale For Adolescents (READ) Scale With A French- Canadian Sample Martine Hébert Fostering Resilience Among Gay And Bisexual Boys: Risk And Protective Factors For HIV Risk Behaviours Elizabeth Saewyc T=Team Trainee
  6. 6. Picturing Wellness 2016 Exhibit & Conference Save the dates! March 3, 4, 5 2016 McMaster University; Continuing Education Credits – Team Meeting Arts-based and lived experience content throughout E.g., Sheldon Kennedy, ex-NHLer, Guest Speaker, New Documentary: Swift Current Teens Ending Abusive Relationships (T.E.A.R.) Advocacy Presentation 1-man show by male artist on the humour in the mental health journey Yoga, Mindfulness Meditation Demonstrations Inquiries to: or shkimba@mcmaster,ca (Margaret Shkimba, Conference Organizer) Venue: Conference Centre, Hamilton; McMaster University campus McMaster Museum of Art Exhibit “Picturing Wellness: From Risk to Resilience” (December 2015 to March 2016) & Catalogue Book
  7. 7. KE Experiment: S. Stewart & C. Wekerle Tweets (June, July, August, September) vs. Researchgate Views and Citations
  8. 8. CIHR Team Grant Year 1 and Year 2 Studies’ Status Researcher Study Titles Sub Grant Completed Christine Wekerle McMaster/CAMH (Year 1 Launch) Maltreatment and Adolescent Pathways Longitudinal Study: Secondary Analyses on Male Sexual Victimization ( A) SV, impairment, and resilience - The mediating role of sleep 1 Systematic Review (Marlyn Bennett, Lead) funded by CYCC Network (March 2016) Editor: 2015 Special Section on Sexual Victimization, International Journal of Child and Adolescent Resilience (; open access) w/ Team Scientists and Collaborating Scientists Guest Co-Editor: Double Special Issue on Male Sexual Victimization Experiences, Journal of Child and Adolescent Trauma, 2016 w/ Team Scientists & Collaborating Scientists Team Member Symposia: 2 @ Pathways to Resilience III Conference 2015 1 @ American Psychological Association 2015 1 @ International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies 2015 N/A Elizabeth Saewyc UBC (Year 1 Launch) ( A) Analyses of BC existing street-involved youth and school youth surveys Long Title: BC Street-Involved (S-I), Sexually Exploited (SE) Youth Survey: Focus on risk and protective factors and resilience processes 3 Systematic Reviews funded by CYCC Network to be presented at Picturing Wellness ( March 2016 Conference In Progress; Completion Expected 10/15 Christopher Mushquash Lakehead (Year 1 Launch) Developing a culturally-appropriate Resilience Measure: Child well-being and Resilience in First Nation Communities 1 Systematic Review funded by CYCC Network to be presented at Picturing Wellness March 2016 Conference Completed Delphine Collin-Vèzina McGill (Year 2 Launch) ( A) The impact of sexual violence Among youth in residential treatment care: New Data Linkage Study ( B) Attachment, self-regulation, and competence (ARC) Feasibility Study Completed
  9. 9. CIHR Team Grant Year 1 and Year 2 Studies’ Status Researcher Study Titles Sub Grant Completed Elisa Romano Ottawa (Year 1 Launch) ( A) Online Study with male general public: Male Childhood Sexual Abuse: How Do Abuse Characteristics Contribute to Psychological Functioning in Adulthood? Completed ( B) On-line Study with University Sample of Males: An Examination of Sexual Abuse Characteristics and Psychological Functioning in a Sample of Young Males ( C) Abuse Characteristics and Treatment Outcomes of Male Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse: Feasibility study for “Cognitive Functioning Feasibility Study: Profiles of impairment and resilience among male CSA survivors” Martine Hebert UQAM (Year 2 Launch) ( A) Youth’ Romantic Relationship (YRR) Study ( B) First Dates (VirAJ) Program Feasibility Study Completed Sherry Stewart Dalhousie Personality-matched Cognitive Behaviour Therapy Feasibility Study Deferred to Year 3 Andrea Gonzalez McMaster (Year 2 Launch) (A) Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavior Therapy Feasibility Study Community meetings near completion TBA – Expected 11/16 Tara Black University of Toronto (Year 2 Launch) On-line Youth-In-Care Survey – New survey launch Community meetings in progress TBA- Expected 11/16 Note: Completed sub-grant agreements indicate REB approval obtained. • Deliverables emphasis on open access publications; open access presentations (e.g., Prezi), open access knowledge exchange (KE) (e.g., TEDx talks; TED Ed Lessons); University-based Media KE products • Emphasis on youth-led iniitiatives (e.g., Twitter Chat 4-week Series #resilienceinyouth with Toronto Victim Services Teens Ending Abusive Relationships #TEARtalk) • Members meet w/ international researchers-scientists-practitioners to develop Team network •Collaboration opportunities actively sought and meeting opportunities at peer-reviewed conferences
  10. 10. #TEARTalks Date Impressions # Others May 21st-22nd 19,839 #TEARtalk used 400 times May 28th-29th 30,680 #TEARtalk used 420 times June 4th - 5th 19,100 #TEARtalk used 516 times September 10th Life Proof (Resilience) 10,025 342 Tweets * September 17th Self-Compassion 13,217 470 Tweets * September 24th Mental Strength 19,112 302 Tweets * October 1st Open mic night 5,387 243 Tweets * @ResilienceInYou and @DrWekerle active in chat w/ involvement of Team trainees, scientists, collaborating scientists * Co-moderation by @ResilienceInYou Use of #resilienceinyouth along with #TEARtalk
  11. 11. Questions & Comments? Thank you for listening!