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Project in Literature to Mrs. Kaylin Paguio

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  1. 1. Portents By Jessica Zafra
  2. 2. Biography of Jessica Jessica Zafra (born 1965) is a fiction writer, columnist, editor, publisher, and former television and radio show host. She is know for her sharp and witty writing styles. Her most popular books are the Twisted series, a collection of her essays as a columnist for the newspaper Today (now Manila Standard Today), as well as from her time as editor and publisher of the magazine Flip. She currently writes a weekly column for, the online news portal of TV5. She resides in Merto Manila, where she is working on her first novel. She also managed the Eraserheads during 1990s. Her work often are about the current events (both Philippine and international), tennis, mocies, music, cats, books, technology, and her personal life. Her work has been the subject of academic study. The main ingridient to her work is often gun cynicism and irony.
  3. 3. Settings 21st Century At the Office At the House At the Restaurants At the Church They believe at signs
  4. 4. Characters  Ramon – candidate for the baby's father. He is simple.  Lawrence – another man whose chances are high of being father. He is rich and very artistic.  Wilma – she is the officemate of the narrator who had four abortions.  Pocholo – he is the officemate of the narrator who always tell stories about war and ending of the world.  Filthy Man – dirty man whose been revealing important secrets to Jessica.  Dr. Manalo – Jessica’s doctor.
  5. 5. Plot Structure Classic Plot Start with the Expository The second one is Climax Then at last is Conclusion
  6. 6. Plot  Exposition – the narrator learned about her baby.  Complication – she is thinking about the abortion of baby  Climax – she decided not to abort the baby  Resolution – she can’t decide whether she say or not about the baby to the possible father.  Conclusion – she decided to live with the baby.
  7. 7. Conflict Man vs. Himself In the story she doesn’t know how she will face her problem because she don’t have any experience about what she’s facing right now.
  8. 8. Theme The message of the story is that know when or what to do or think first before you do something so that when you are already in the situation you will know what to do.
  9. 9. Symbolism
  10. 10. Plot Types or Devices Literary Device: Hyperbole – “I imagined a creature ripping out of my stomach in a gory mess, like the monster in alien. Plot Types: Classic Plot Devices: None.
  11. 11. Point of View 1st person POV/ 1st person narration
  12. 12. References  4/12/portents-by-jessica- zafra.html  d/copy-of-copy-of-portents/
  13. 13. Members  Alonzo Adrian  Aquino Russel  Borbon Monree Lloyd  Cuevas Christopher  De Guzman CJ  Dela Rosa Keith Neil  Duliente Lloyd Inri  Macalinao Jack Dave  Soriano Nico  Tolentino Jan Menard  Abayan Eunice  Guzon Alenia Fhaye