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  1. 1. The Chrysalids B y J o h n W y n d h a m
  2. 2. Summary
  3. 3. Definitionsflounder(pg93)- To make clumsy attempts to move or regain ones balance.gravitated(pg93) - To move downwardjustification(pg95) - Something that shows an action to be reasonable andnecessaryguerrilla(pg99) - A member of an irregular armed force that fights a strongerforce by sabotage and harassmentdenounced(pg102) - To condemn openly as being evil or reprehensibleanxiety(pg103) - A state of uneasiness and apprehension, as about futureuncertainties.
  4. 4. CharactersDavid: David is against Anne and Alan getting married because if Alan everfound out about the eight, he could expose them. David and Rosalind are ina secret relationship from their parents because if half-uncle Angus Mortonand David’s father found out they would not allow it.Anne: Anne is really in love with Alan. She is very stubborn and says that, asa woman she should be allowed to marry and have children as she pleases.She says that everyone hasn’t been in love yet and that’s why they don’tknow this feeling and that getting married will cause them less trouble. SoonAnne gets tired of them and begins to ignore them and cut off every kind ofcontact possible. She even sent away her sister. The only person that shetalked to was her neighbour. She kills herself because of Alan’s death.Alan Ervin: In this chapter we learn that Alan’s father is a blacksmith andAlan is also going to follow his fathers footsteps by becoming a blacksmithhimself. Anne and him are in a relationship when he gets killed by a bowthrough the head.
  5. 5. CharactersMichael: One of the other telepathic people who dislikes the idea of Alanand Anne getting married because him and everyone else are afraid that theywill be found out soon and become killed/isolated.Rosalind: We learn that Rosalind has grown into a tall, slim, beautiful youngwoman. She is civil and some what intimidating. Her and David are in arelationship but they need to keep it a secret from their parents.
  6. 6. ThemesBetrayal: When Anne tells her friends that she wants to marry Alan theyknow that he could tell people their secret if he found out. They feelbetrayed by Anne for risking their lives for her own sake. Also when Anneblocks off all contact telepathically with everyone in the group.Love: Anne and Alan are in a relationship and plan to get married. Davidand Rosalind are in relationship too but had to meet alone if they everwanted to be together because no one could no that they loved each other.Misery: Alan is killed in this chapter by an arrow through his head. Annewas not able to cope with the death of someone she loved and knew soclosely so she hung herself in misery.