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Cision Communication Cloud: Uncover Your Audience's Influencers

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Media contacts are not only engaging on social media, but are influencing your key audiences to buy products and services with their trusted content. How much time does your brand spend looking for the right influencers? Cision will make it easier.

Cision’s Valerie Lopez and Stacey Miller show you how the Cision Communication Cloud™ allows users to listen to niche conversations in real time, discover top influencers and engage them on social platforms.

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Cision Communication Cloud: Uncover Your Audience's Influencers

  1. 1. @cision | #cisionwebinar@cision | #cisionwebinar Cision Communication Cloud™: Uncover Your Audience’s Influencers! Valerie Lopez, VP, Media Research Stacey Miller, Director, Communications @cision | #cisionwebinar
  2. 2. @cision | #cisionwebinar@cision | #cisionwebinar ▪ Stacey is responsible for media relations, analyst relations, influencer relations, social media, blog and internal comms. Pioneered influencer relations for Cision. Tweet me @staceylamiller ▪ Val oversees the enhancement and maintenance of the Cision media database containing information for over 1 million media outlets, journalists and bloggers. Tweet me @valerielopez ▪ Both 10 year veterans of Cision A Little About Us @cision | #cisionwebinar
  3. 3. @cision | #cisionwebinar@cision | #cisionwebinar By the numbers
  4. 4. @cision | #cisionwebinar@cision | #cisionwebinar 92% of people trust recommendations from individuals (even if they don’t know them) over brands. (Source: Nielsen) 37% better retention is reported for customers acquired through word-of-mouth. (Source: Deloitte) 47% of of users are influenced in their purchases by social media. (Source: Deloitte) 81% of marketers who have used influencer marketing judged it to be effective. (Source: eMarketer) The “WHY?”
  5. 5. @cision | #cisionwebinar@cision | #cisionwebinar Content SlideWorking with Influencers Can... @cision | #cisionwebinar Boost Brand Awareness Educate the Masses Increase SEO Authority and Search Ranking Help Mitigate Crises Establish Trust and Credibility Enable More Content Acquire New Clients Retain Clients Encourage Loyalty and Advocacy Drive Traffic Break Through the Noise Grow Social Communities
  6. 6. @cision | #cisionwebinar@cision | #cisionwebinar Social vs. Traditional
  7. 7. @cision | #cisionwebinar@cision | #cisionwebinar • In an era of social media, influencers are everywhere and are not bound by employment with a traditional news source. • Ability to cover news faster than many traditional news sources. • Many specialize in niche topics and might be more receptive to details which a general interest news source would only cover sporadically or reactively. Inspire others to act! Social Influencers
  8. 8. @cision | #cisionwebinar@cision | #cisionwebinar • Social media in the newsroom is here to stay • Social media competition & the coveted millennial demographic • The PR-Journalist relationship is still important • Press releases and story leads are valuable State of the Media Report
  9. 9. @cision | #cisionwebinar@cision | #cisionwebinar State of the Media Report 54.1% say they will pursue a pitch that is thorough and has all the details they may need
  10. 10. @cision | #cisionwebinar@cision | #cisionwebinar Types of Influencers Celebrities Experts Social Media Influencers Journalists Organic Advocates
  11. 11. @cision | #cisionwebinar@cision | #cisionwebinar Who is really influential?
  12. 12. @cision | #cisionwebinar@cision | #cisionwebinar
  13. 13. @cision | #cisionwebinar@cision | #cisionwebinar • Narrow your search. Looking to promote a new organic restaurant? Don’t look for people covering general food or restaurant reviews; find those specifically covering organic food. • Those organic food influencers will be following – and have followers – who live, breathe, and love organic. • They may not have a huge audience, but they WILL have an audience who will absorb and share on-target news. The Power of a Few
  14. 14. @cision | #cisionwebinar@cision | #cisionwebinar • Do your homework (Part 1). Know what they cover & know their audience • Lead Times & Media Types • Location (National vs Local) • Editorial Roles • Don’t be tone deaf! Get to know their tone and style. One Pitch Does NOT Fit All
  15. 15. @cision | #cisionwebinar@cision | #cisionwebinar Building Rapport #besties
  16. 16. @cision | #cisionwebinar@cision | #cisionwebinar • Do your homework (Part 2). Know your brand, product, expert, etc. • Personalize. Foster new relationships. • Keep it brief & stay relevant. Don’t forget to spell check! • Be authentic, kind and honest. Keep an open mind. • Pitching experts? Start with the CEO. Pitching data? Helps if it’s quoted elsewhere. Creating the Perfect Pitch
  17. 17. @cision | #cisionwebinar@cision | #cisionwebinar 1. Sending irrelevant pitches 2. Spray & Pray 3. Being overly persistent 4. Using outdated lists 5. Not honoring opt-out requests 5 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make