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Virtual Reality for Brands


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Virtual Reality for Brands

  1. 1. VR for Marketing
  2. 2. Virtual Reality Explained • An immersive environment • Simulates physical presence • Offers a multi-sensory experience • Transports users to any place - real or imagined • Laws of nature don’t apply
  3. 3. Augmented Reality: What’s the difference? • Overlays graphics on real world through lenses • Enhances reality with information • Not fully immersive
  4. 4. Why Now? • Computer Power & Screen Refresh Rates • Oculus Rift Crowdfunds $2.4M (947% of target) • Acquired by Facebook for $2B • Catalyst for VR Revolution
  5. 5. Google Cardboard • “Innovation Time” project from Google Paris • Green-lit by Google CEO Larry Page • Powered by any smartphone: iOS / Android • Inexpensive way to experience VR • Thousands of apps available • YouTube 360° VR (Android & iOS)
  6. 6. How it Works • Binocular vision combined with head tracking • Environment shifts with head movement ljbkbk
  7. 7. How it Really Works • Fools the brain by isolating eyes, displays images from different angles • 100-120° wide natural field-of-view (FoV) • Delivers actual feeling of presence • 6 Degrees of Freedom: • Position: X, Y, Z Coordinates Rotation: Pitch, Yaw, Roll
  8. 8. Different Types of VR Viewers: Oculus Rift
  9. 9. Different Types of VR Viewers: Google Cardboard 2.0
  10. 10. Different Types of VR Viewers: Samsung GEAR VR (powered by Oculus)
  11. 11. Different Types of VR Viewers: HTC VIVE
  12. 12. Different Types of VR Viewers: Sony Playstation VR
  13. 13. Different Types of VR Viewers: Microsoft HoloLens
  14. 14. Different Types of VR Viewers: Apple iVR (Coming soon?)
  15. 15. Different Types of VR Content • Computer-generated (CG) environment • 360º video capture • Blend of CG and 360º video
  16. 16. Content Distribution
  17. 17. Different Types of VR Cameras: GoPro Hero360
  18. 18. Different Types of VR Cameras: GoPro Odyssey
  19. 19. Different Types of VR Cameras: Jaunt One
  20. 20. Different Types of VR Camera: Nokia OZO
  21. 21. Different Types of VR Cameras: Next VR Red Dragon
  22. 22. Production Costs • $50,000 to $250,000 per minute of high-quality, cinematic / stereoscopic VR video • $5,000 to $25,000 per minute of lower-quality, web- based 360º/VR video • Computer-generated: case-by-case basis
  23. 23. Statistics • $30B VR revenues expected by 2020 • 142% estimated annual growth over next 5 years • 200 million active Virtual Reality users by 2020
  24. 24. Active VR Users (170M)
  25. 25. Market Capital
  26. 26. Potential Applications for Brands • Live events (concerts, sports) • Cinematic experiences (stories, trailers) • Virtual tours (how it’s made) • Interactive kiosk content • Games for Brands • Contests
  27. 27. Top Ten VR Brand Experiences
  28. 28. Honorable VR Brand Showcases: • Nike: Neymar Jr. Effect (Soccer) • Gatorade: Bryce Harper (Baseball) • Jim Beam: Bourbon Shot • Disney & Verizon: Star Wars “The Force Awakens” • New York Times & Cooper Mini: Backwater • AT&T: It Can Wait (PSA)
  29. 29. VusionVR Google Cardboard
  30. 30. About VusionVR More than “Top of Mind”. VusionVR takes pride in helping companies explore marketing options that help to grow business and increase/improve brand awareness. We embrace technology that transcends the limitations of traditional brand messaging. Our goal is to create programs focused on achieving results by positively impacting key performance indicators. Understanding the needs of your project and ensuring meaningful, measurable outcomes is the highest priority. Using proven, enterprise-level technology and leveraging our expertise; we plan, build and effectively execute VR experiences. We are dedicated to building end-to-end solutions that work with your overarching brand strategy. As creative marketers, we are always working with our clients to ultimately help increase sales, using tactics that provide a strong return on investment.