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How To Create A Killer Customer Experience

Study your competitors and create a survey to compare, evaluate, and improve your own customer experience.

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How To Create A Killer Customer Experience

  2. 2. What are you doing today that is effectively adding value to your customer experience?
  3. 3. You might be able to gain new customers with a quality product, but you won’t be able to retain them with a poor customer experience!
  4. 4. Yet a lot of frustrated customers won’t let you know that you suck… they’ll just tell everyone else and never come back.
  5. 5. So how do you ensure your customer experience is awesome ?
  6. 6. Become a customer yourself!
  7. 7. STEP 1 Study your competitors’ customer experiences
  8. 8. Pretend you are a big prospect at the beginning of the customer journey.
  9. 9. Leave all biases behind and decide which competitor catches your eye.
  10. 10. If practical, complete your journey to purchase and document your entire experience.
  11. 11. Take note of the positives, neutralities, and negatives.
  12. 12. What frustrates you?
  13. 13. What makes you happy?
  14. 14. Create and fill out a survey STEP 2
  15. 15. Break down your experience into single interactions.
  16. 16. Rate each interaction.
  17. 17. Would you refer a friend based on the customer service received? FOR EXAMPLE:
  18. 18. Repeat the study and survey for all your direct competitors.
  19. 19. Evaluate your company STEP 3
  20. 20. Engage the same touch points with your company.
  21. 21. Fill out the survey compare to your competitors. &
  22. 22. Send the survey to your actual customers for real feedback.
  23. 23. How does your customer experience rank against your perceptions?
  24. 24. Improve your customer experience STEP 4
  25. 25. Target where your competitors can be imitated and exploited.
  26. 26. Quickly improve your weaknesses by modeling after your competitors’ strengths.
  27. 27. Strengthen your key differentiators to further stand out.
  28. 28. Get rid of low value processes and simplify the customer experience.
  29. 29. STEP 5 Continue to evaluate and improve
  30. 30. Send out the survey every 6 months to assess and pivot.
  31. 31. If not maintained, the perception of your company will change.
  32. 32. And someone else who thinks about your customer everyday will satisfy their needs.
  33. 33. Will that be you?
  34. 34. Learn more by downloading the “25 Must HavesTo Supercharge Your Customer Experience”, at Must HavesTo Supercharge Your Customer Experience 25  
  35. 35. If you’re a B2C marketer ready to take your customer experience to the next level please contact us on the next page.