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A day in the life of a hematologist

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A day in the life of a hematologist

  1. 1. A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A HEMATOLOGIST Hematologists are very experienced in their field the average age of a hematologist is 51 75% of hematologists are male Hematologists tend to have a busy schedule Time spent weekly : 24% 56% of time is spent on hospital patient care of time is spent on patient care in private practice 27 min 4% of time is spent on paper work 9% is the average time spent with each patient of time is spent on research 3% of time is spent consulting colleagues 4% of time is spent teaching/ mentoring Hematologists have an omnichannel approach to sourcing information 24% use a desktop 63% refer patients to clinical trials 26% use a laptop 7% use EMR/EHR in 73% 15% use LinkedIn learn about clinical trials via email 30% don’t use social media professionally 26% use a smartphone 73% 87% 60% 17% use a tablet 45% read print journals read online journals read online and print journals use Facebook 30% don’t use social media Commonly used medical apps Medscape Up-to-date Epocrates N.C.C.N. A.J.C.C. EPIC MDlinx MDcal Hematologists are cutting edge but still have time to read Top 5 journals 1 Journal of Clinical Oncology Journal of Hematology 2 and Oncology 3 Annuals of Hematology 4 Journal of Blood Disorders and Transfusions 5 Circulation