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Keith Davidson, Sky | Kafka Summit London 2019 Keynote | Growing an Engineering Culture with Kafka

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Keith Davidson, Director of Group TV Distribution Platforms, Sky - leads the department that develops and operates the TV distribution platforms for Sky Group, these platforms cover Live Streaming, Content Process Live and VOD, Data Analytics, Advertising, Content Protection and is responsible for Group Reliability Engineering. His team has over 700 people, across London, Leeds, Lisbon and Scotland, comprising a wide range of roles such as architects, analysts, developers, streaming engineers, reliability engineers, data scientists and program managers. Sky Group supports the international expansion of Sky services and leading entertainment brands such as Sky+, Sky Go, Sky Q, Sky Kids, Sky Store, Sky Ticket, NOW TV, Sky News and Sky Sports.

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Keith Davidson, Sky | Kafka Summit London 2019 Keynote | Growing an Engineering Culture with Kafka

  1. 1. Growing a Great Engineering Culture with Apache Kafka Keith Davidson Director of TV Platforms
  2. 2. 56 We are what we repeatedly do. Aristotle “We shape our tools, and then our tools shape us”
  3. 3. Conway’s Law Our systems are a reflection of how we collaboratecollaborate “Organizations which design systems are constrained to produce designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations”
  4. 4. Data Ownership Cultural singularity: introducing Kafka to fix
  5. 5. The Ecosystem Effect Spreading good engineering throughout the organisation. sky-uk/kafka- configurator y-uk/kafka-topic- loader ky-uk/kafka- message-scheduler [soon][soon] YOU BUILD IT, YOU RUN IT YOU FACE IT, YOU FIX IT WE SHARE IT!
  6. 6. Patterns and Industrialisation: Believe in Better Merging Kafka clusters, a cultural statement.
  7. 7. 61 Where This Has Brought Us So Far Believe in Better. XXXXX Millions XXXXX Concurrent users 99.999% Availability >5000 Deployments/ year >500 200 Linear channels 100’s of Billions Minutes/yea r Unique services supported Minutes/year
  8. 8. A single ecosystem Relentless focus on data Spirit of collaboration Sense of ownership
  9. 9. Thank You