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Corina Weston Project Resume

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Corina Weston Project Resume

  1. 1. CORINA K. WESTON San Jose, CA  408-438-6769  EDUCATION Santa Clara University- Santa Clara, California; June 2014 Bachelor of Science in Public Health Related Coursework General Chemistry with Lab Human Physiology with Lab Global Health Technology Organic Chemistry with Lab Health Consequences of a Western Lifestyle Health, Disease, & Culture WORK EXPERIENCE Multiple Subject Tutor; Study Wizards Tutoring; South Bay, CA; August 2014 – Present • Provide students at the middle to high-school level with personal attention and mentorship to establish trust and develop motivation for learning. • Build and strengthen student’s study and organizational skills to make homework and test preparation easier. Doctor Patient Liaison; Stanford Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition; Palo Alto, CA; November 2014 • Acted as a focal point of communication between patients, doctors and other staff. • Facilitated efficient patient/doctor/nurse contact in accordance with the existing policies and procedures of the practice. Physician Services Assistant at Palo Alto Medical Foundation; Palo Alto, CA; October 2014 • Filed medical documents according to new label guidelines and sorted in alphabetical order. • Placed materials into storage receptacles according to classification and identification information in preparation for transportation to other facilities. Intern at The Health Trust Food Basket; San Jose, CA; September 2013 – May 2014 • Wrote and designed fitness, health, nutrition, and event newsletters tailored for clients who qualify for HIV/AIDS services. • Administered general health surveys and provided fresh produce and healthy food options to Food Basket clients. Intern at RawEvolution; Los Gatos, CA; June 2013 – May 2014 • Assisted and observed Nutritional Coordinator help people with a broad range of health and life related challenges. • Learned different methods of alternative therapies such as holistic nutrition, raw foods, cleanses, and herbal remedies. Shadow at HealthNow Medical Center; Sunnyvale, CA; July 2009 • Observed Naturopathic Doctor treat patients of all ages with acute and chronic conditions by incorporating a variety of treatment modalities such as dietary modifications, nutritional supplements, and homeopathic therapies. SKILLS • Proficient in Microsoft Office • Knowledge of Google Documents • Experience in multiple laboratory settings • Strong oral and written communication • Meticulous attention to detail • Strong teaching ability • Team Collaboration • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills RELATED PROJECTS The Health Consequences of a Western Lifestyle Stress on College Campuses • Worked with partner to evaluate student’s level of stress and various coping mechanisms used on college campuses. • Researched examples and designed a unique stress survey to distribute to college students via social media. • Collected and analyzed data to identify trends and created proposals on how to combat stress. • Presented findings to a group of 30+ students and faculty, followed by a question and answer session.
  2. 2. Family Fit and Fun After School Program Radio Advertisement • Collaborated with a partner to evaluate different public health interventions that keep school aged children and their busy parents fit and healthy. • Created a radio advertisement which explained the risks associated with obesity and proposed an after school program which provided parents and their children with fun and convenient opportunities for physical activity. Global Health Technology The Water Sanitation Crisis in Sub-Saharan Africa • Worked in a team to address Sub-Saharan Africa's lack of access to clean water, challenges in developing proper solutions, and new technological innovations available to decrease the rate of waterborne illness. • Presented findings and proposed new and innovative health technologies to a group of 15+ upper division public health students. Human Health and Disease A Project to Eradicate Vitamin D Deficiency • Worked individually to propose a statement of need to help combat the prevalence of Vitamin D deficiency among low-income adolescents in California. • Proposed a unique program, which would educate teenage students on the risks, prevention, and treatment of Vitamin D deficiency.