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How to Upgrade your Job Search with Social Media

Did you ever considered using social media in your job seeking process? In 2015 this might be the main trend in the HR fields. Be sure to upgrade your job search with social media!

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How to Upgrade your Job Search with Social Media

  1. UPGRADE your job search with social media 2015 HOW TO
  2. social networking sites
  3. the most popular social networking sites
  4. who is the social jobseeker? Social jobseekers are self defined as people who actively use social media to look for employment or explore new employment opportunities
  5. 82% of jobseekers use social networks around 14,4 million jobseekers found their last job using social media
  6. 23%of jobseekers have been asked for social media info in a job interview 88%off all jobseekers have at least one social networking profile 61%off jobseekers say finding a job’s gotten harder in the past year
  7. Connect, build and maintain your online professional profile 89% COMPANIES WILL USE SOCIAL NETWORKS FOR RECRUTING
  8. Why do employers use social media for recruitment? Recruit candidates who might not apply otherwise Save money Target a specyfic job level Increase the company’s brand recognition
  9. 89% of recruiters check candidate social media profiles and dislike the following behaviour #typo
  10. content recruiters want to see 80%memberships in professionals organizations 66%volunteering / donations to charity content to post with caution 18%political overly religious posts / tweets reacted negatively 26%reacted negativelyposts / tweets
  11. In 2014, employers plan to increase their investment in a range of recruiting methods SOCIAL REFFERALS CORPORATE DIRECT MOBILE CAREER SITE SOURCING CAREER SITENETWORKS
  12. 3 of 4Recruiters check candidates’ social profiles
  13. LinkendIn #1 Use by 93%of Companies
  14. Facebook Use by 68%of Companies
  15. IN 2014 73% of recruiters have hired a candidate through social media.
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