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One App That can Change The Traditional Classroom Teaching

Gone are the days when students are completely engrossed in what the teacher teaches in the class. To maintain the pace with student’s changing learning habits and exponential growth in technology, the EduCLASS solution was engineered. The application revolutionizes the way students learn, the teacher teaches, hand over the assignments and conduct the exams and parents get access to the children results.

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One App That can Change The Traditional Classroom Teaching

  1. 1. EduCLASS The Powerful E-Learning Tool!
  2. 2. In 1990’s Learning was…
  3. 3. Boring classes! But, learning gets enriched with time and..
  4. 4. In 2000, Digital contents are produced to supplement the books
  5. 5. Online Study material and teaching resources were increasingly used. But, students were not engrossed much..…
  6. 6. In 2015, Digital interactive educational content gets available through mobile and tablets
  7. 7. Now, it has made its way into the classrooms…..
  8. 8. Why education goes digital?
  9. 9. Textbook reading is uninteresting Difficult to understand, what teachers explain Students get distracted easily Engaging students in the class is painful No guidance at home, when students get stuck somewhere
  10. 10. Here, Technology becomes the panacea
  11. 11. 86% of Teachers think E-learning isn’t optional, but it’s essential in the classroom
  12. 12. The common sense of media survey of educators reported For Edtech, Teachers agree…
  13. 13. What else, then? Here, is the perfect solution….
  14. 14. EduCLASS The comprehensive app that lets teachers to collaborate with students on tablet from anywhere in the school campus.
  15. 15. The solution comprises of ADMIN TEACHERS STUDENTS (Web App) (Tablet App) (Tablet App)
  16. 16. Let’s see, how it works?
  17. 17. Firstly, Students select the subject on the tablet and send the request to the teacher. Based on the Teacher’s request acceptance/rejection, student gets enrolled. Also, teacher can make students join the subject.
  18. 18. Every action teacher undertakes on their tablet is shown to the students in real-time. The student cannot leave the subject, unless teacher allows them. At a time, student cannot join more than one subject.
  19. 19. Admin Privilege Admin would create and manage the accounts of teachers, students and principal. He can view the list of subject and students, Attendance reports, and Quiz and assignment results.
  20. 20. Take A Glance At Features
  21. 21. The student’s and teacher’s tablet always run on single Wi-fi.
  22. 22. Textbooks Are Reinvented The PDF format is supported on app to view the eBooks. The teacher can assign the eBooks and Assigned eBooks automatically gets downloaded on the student’s tablet.
  23. 23. Blackboards turned hi-tech The teacher can draw on the tablet’s whiteboard and write any text through annotation. The written text or drawn picture automatically gets shared and saved on every student’s tablet.
  24. 24. Quiz and Assignments The teacher can assign the quiz to multiple students simultaneously and also, check the list of the students who have completed the assigned task.
  25. 25. Manual Notes Preparation gets Eliminated Students and teachers can prepare the notes on their devices during classroom teaching. All the notes prepared by the teacher get automatically saved on the student’s device.
  26. 26. Get prompt Help Handy notes help the students instantly, when they stuck in preparing assignments at home.
  27. 27. What’s more?
  28. 28. Parent’s access Parents can also view the attendance, quiz and assignment results of their children online. Plus, they are also enabled to submit their message or comment to the teachers through a web form.
  29. 29. Now, let’s take a quick look at the impact of hi-tech learning
  30. 30. Benefits for students Course Notes Assessment
  31. 31. Easy to collaborate with teachers Students can join any subject of their choice Eliminate notes-making process using pen & paper Learning becomes more focused Assignment results can be viewed easily
  32. 32. Benefits for Teachers Quiz Assignment Ebooks
  33. 33. Easy to give and check the assignments View the list of students who have completed the assignments Take the quiz for active subjects Creating presentation of specific subjects is handy Teaching with ebooks becomes effortless
  34. 34. Automate the learning in classrooms with our Groundbreaking solution
  35. 35. Reap the benefits by implementing EduCLASS solution in your school. Consult our experts to know more!