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HOW to increase your bookings on AirBnB

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A simple yet comprehensive guide

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HOW to increase your bookings on AirBnB

  1. 1. HOW to increase your bookings on Airbnb - a simple and comprehensive guide-
  2. 2. “To get GOOD at something you NEED to reach the EXPERT level.” Here is HOW you START doing that on AIRBNB:  You watch this video: EVERY Airbnb Host Should Put This in Their Listing!!!  You take your time and APPLY these picture display tips: How much is an image worth & what can we learn from Airbnb  Re-check everything with these additional resources: 10 rookie mistakes to avoid as airbnb host – host it – Medium
  3. 3. The only problem with those pinpoints presented above is that what use to be a nice to have feature has actually turned into a must have feature. So, if you truly want to better market, promote and differentiate your listing here are some must have features for your listing(cost of which will achieve break-even guaranteed @ ~ 1 stay/night):  professional floor plan that will help both the host and especially the guest get a visual grasp of the place and the amenities that anyone can do at a low cost by outsourcing this feature here  dynamic Google map that will help the host better promote his listing by cross-referencing his location with much appreciated Points of Interests by guests and also score massive points on the SEO of the listing that can also be done at a minimum cost by outsourcing this feature here  give your guests a free 2h tour of the city included as a free customer service feature that will help you as a host deliver more added value and get an awesome review by your guests  create a startup kit—list of apps that you use and love to help your guests/travelers scale their trip/vacation even further in order to maximize their time/budget spent in your listing/location!
  4. 4. And CONSIDER at first you must add VALUE with things that don’t actually scale  but are absolutely necessary in order to : 1. get traction on your listing 2. make the transition to organic traffic from Airbnb search engine 3. score points in their search algorithm, preview of which you can study in the image aside:
  5. 5. WANT more business VALUE ?  Check out my FREE content on  Check out my ViP content on