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Infographiks by Dctology

Infographiks by Dctology team - the core tendencies covering today`s mobile market development.

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Infographiks by Dctology

  1. 1. 01 94% of smartphone users use their devices for travel research and Copyright © 2014 Dctology – Relaxyz – 3Dtology planning 94% business travelers Amount of users who make reservations through smartphones leasure travelers 41% 30%
  2. 2. 2007 2013 67% 33% Annual turnover of travel industry in 2012 made up $162.4 billion, which is 2 times of travelers speak about the necessity of accessibility of hotel video content 81% 55% 02 more than in 2007 while using smartphones Copyright © 2014 Dctology – Relaxyz – 3Dtology specify that availability of such content affects their choice while searching for a hotel
  3. 3. 83% 76% 96% 03 of leisure travelers plan their vacation in advance basing on the Internet hotel search results of business travelers plan their trip online of travelers start planning their trip from searching hotel on the internet Copyright © 2014 Dctology – Relaxyz – 3Dtology
  4. 4. 04 Copyright © 2014 Dctology – Relaxyz – 3Dtology of users went directly to the website of the restaurant of users improve their impression about brands when they are offered progressive and convenient mobile version of the website of users claim that they were searching for the restaurant on the Internet before visiting it