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Turning off google

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Turning off google

  1. 1. Turning off Google (At least in your House)
  2. 2. Find a Router Remove the dust. If your router is brand new or clean you can skip this step.
  3. 3. Connect the Router Connect the router to your Internet line, turn it on and configure it as a router and access point. At this stage you should be able to connect a smartphone through your new wifi network and browse the Internet. Done?
  4. 4. Configure the router Get the list of all AS15169 (Google) subnets. Configure an address-list in the router with all the address spaces we found. Here the configuration file for mikrotik routers:
  5. 5. Block Google Create and enable a firewall rule that blocks all the traffic to the “google” address-list
  6. 6. Enjoy the ride!
  7. 7. Look for Cute Kittens photos. Google Search Engine is gone! Did you know yahoo?
  8. 8. When did the grease musical come out? Wikipedia still works :)
  9. 9. Forget Google Authentication. Do We remember passwords?
  10. 10. No more youtube in the bathroom!
  11. 11. Can’t receive emails or documents from the Boss!
  12. 12. Facebook Works! Play Store and app updates stopped working, but fb works on its own.
  13. 13. Last but not least
  14. 14. Is not possible to initialize the android smartphone! BTW Internet connection is working, only Google is down
  15. 15. Dario Salerno Thanks for watching