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Technology Presentation

  1. Technology will Destroy our Planet By: Darrell Copithorn
  2. What is Technology  Technology is the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes.  Technology plays a key role in the growth of todays society  Ground-breaking technological advances are being created every single day
  3. Why is Technology Beneficial To us  Technology has enabled accessibility to information at any given time  Technology has sped up the production rate in many companies, helped reduce unsafe work for humans and lastly changed the way things are made in todays world in terms of efficiency and cost
  4. Why is Technology Beneficial To us (Continued) Technology has worked volumes on state of the art hospitals. They are more organized and generally more efficient and include technology that makes for better treatment (CT Scanner etc…).
  5. Why is Technology Beneficial To us (Continued)  Technology has enabled students to find almost any academic material or answer to a research question just by using online resources or academic database  It is easy and simple to use, it is also inexpensive, many sites do not charge to view information
  6. Why is Technology Beneficial To us (Continued)  Technology has enabled news to be extremely accessible, whether it be broadcasted over the radio or television, news is accessible within minutes nowadays  People are able to use technology to plan ahead, traffic and weather apps now play a big role in arrangements of plans
  7. Negative impacts of technology  Although technology has proven to be very beneficial to the human population, people need to sit down and realise how technology is in fact changing the world aggressively in lots of negative ways
  8. Negative impacts of technology (Continued) Technology has enabled students to be easily distracted by social media in the classroom; using Twitter or Facebook for non-educational purposes. Which in turn, results in no classroom content being learned by those of which who choose to not pay attention
  9. Negative impacts of technology (Continued) The amount of obese people in the world has risen drastically ever since the rise in use of technology. Obesity is not caused by only calorie intake, another key factor, possibly the main factor, is lack of exercise. Technology has created many devices that people use on a daily basis, 99% of these devices include laying on the couch and pushing buttons. Video games and TV are essentially making people fat. People need to get off the couch and go outside and enjoy the outdoors.
  10. Negative impacts of technology (Continued) The use of online social media results in people not having to meet face-to-face, which results in a lack of much needed social skills. People lose the ability to read body language in other people.
  11. Negative impacts of technology (Continued) Cyber Bullying was never an issue until technology made it available. Kids that are being bullied never get to run away from the actual bully nowadays, even in their own home the bullying victim can be made fun of via the internet and any other social media.
  12. Who is responsible for Technology People for many years have been creating, improving and hypothesising about technology inventions and advancements. The human population is totally responsible for all impacts of technology whether they be positive or negative.
  13. Will technology destroy our planet Technology has made huge advancements within the last 50 years, one can only speculate that in the next 50 years it is inevitable that technology will continue to advance. Technological growth is OK, up until the point that people have no sense of communication, kids continue to be bullied via the internet on an even larger scale, robots take place of man and jobs are lost. The possibilities of many negative impacts from technology are very real, and one can only hope that people are able to smarten up and realise that if something isn’t done about this, technology will take over mankind and ruin what it has created.
  14. How can we stop the progression of technology Technology has taken over many peoples lifestyle and they need to realise that they are the ones in control of their own life. If all people came to that realisation, the demand for technology would plateau and we would not have to worry about technology destroying mankind's largest ever creation and that is the word we live in today. Now that you are at the end of my presentation, turn off your computer, go outside and enjoy the outdoors.
  15. Thank you
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