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Make Professional Soccer Player with David Ovist Tips- Lake Oswego

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David Ovist, best known as volunteering youth soccer trainer and aims to explore the special talents and passions of participants, supporting them recognize their perspective. His talent help members to encourage, details and train youth. His technique of soccer training is informed by years of analysis and improvement in the field by others and well informed by his own expertise and skills.

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Make Professional Soccer Player with David Ovist Tips- Lake Oswego

  1. 1. Checkout Soccer Game Guide with David Ovist
  2. 2. HOW DO I PLAY COLLEGE SOCCER?  I. Have Fun / Don’t BurnYourself Out  II. What do I need to do to play college soccer  A. Be eligible / get good grades  B. Take SAT orACT (junior year/as often as necessary)  C. DI and DII requires Clearing House / JC transfers  D. Good training on club team  E. Fitness/Speed/Agility training  G. Get Exposure
  3. 3. HOW DO I PLAY COLLEGE SOCCER?  III. How do I get exposure to coaches  A. Be proactive / don’t rely on your coaches only  B. Think of what type of universities you want to go to both academically and athletically (be happy even if soccer goes poorly)  C. Contact Coaches (give them a schedule)  D. Go to showcase tournaments or camps  E. Make resume /Video
  4. 4. Resume Resume should include: GPA/SAT, Grad Year, Position, Number, Soccer accomplishments, School Awards, Community Service, Majors of interest, type of school interested in, coaches contact information, phone number and email.
  5. 5. Video  Should not be a highlight film  Game footage with limited editing  Use software where you can put a shadow to highlight the player  Make sure a game against good competition
  6. 6. Ways to get exposure  Showcase tournaments  One Day ID Camps  Week long camps at the University  Video
  7. 7. Emailing a Coach the Do’s  1. Address the coach in the email  2. Include something about the program  3. Include something about the academics or major  4. Give some key information about yourself  5. Include all details about the tournament you are in: position, jersey number, team you play on etc.
  8. 8. HOW DO I PLAY COLLEGE SOCCER?  IV. What do college coaches look for in recruits?  A. Good Grades (players must be eligible)  B. Players that fit into their system  C. Players that can fill a need  D. Physical Attributes  E. Skillful players  F. Movement off the ball / Positioning on field / Soccer Knowledge  G. WOW FACTOR
  9. 9. Emailing a coach Do Not:  1. Send same email to multiple coaches  2. CC a group of coaches  3. Address the email to the wrong coach  4.Write Dear Coach  5. Give vague information where a coach has to search
  10. 10. Sample Email #1  Hi Coach David Ovist!  I am just starting to look at colleges and would love to play for UCLA after high school. I have watched the UCLAWomen's team play and love the style of play. I think that my 8 years of training has developed my skills towards a similar style.  If you get a chance to come watch some of my games I would love for you to see my strong defensive mindset as well as my frequent head balls and slide tackles!  Shannon Morris 2016
  11. 11. Sample Email  Hi Coach David Ovist,  My name is Brenda Seymour and I am very interested in going to and playing soccer for Cal Lutheran next year. Cal Lutheran looks like a great school, and I am especially interested in the Exercise Science/Sports Medicine programs. From what I have seen in the standings this season, I can tell that Cal Lutheran has a great soccer program, which I would very much like to be a part of.  About me: I have a 4.0 GPA at Roosevelt High School in Seattle, and scored a 2040 on the SAT.This year I will win my 4-yearVarsity Letter awards for both soccer and track. Last year I played for Emerald City FC '91 Green, coached by Jan Smisek, and now I play for Metropolitan FC United '91, coached by Andy and Arne Klubberud.  I will be playing in theThanksgiving Star fire FieldTurf Cup inTukwila,WA.Will you be there? If so, it would be great if you could come watch me play.  Attached is my player profile.  Thanks!
  12. 12. Choosing a School  1. Major  2. Location  3. Size  4.Will you be happy there if not playing soccer  5. Be realistic  6. Players and Coaches
  13. 13. HOW DO I PLAY COLLEGE SOCCER?  V. Questions to ask coaches  A. What position do you see me playing  B. How many players are you recruiting at this position / how many returning players play this position  C. In order to play right away, what do I need to work on  D. What system or systems do you like to play  E. How does the team get a long / what is the environment like  F. How do you ensure that I will graduate