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Lo1b 141008082709-conversion-gate01

  1. 1. LO1b Editing David Lunn
  2. 2. Slow cut editing This is the start of the scene in this we are in a fixed camera shot that does not cut for at least 5 seconds. The only movement in this shot is to show the car being driven as we find out the driver is the male character. This will then cut into the car.
  3. 3. Slow cut editing In this shot it is an over the shoulder shot from the mother to the daughter, from this we see a bond between mother and daughter. This shot lasts for about a second. This cut will be used to show a conversation that is happening. This goes to the next cut scene
  4. 4. Slow cut editing In this shot it is a point of view shot of the young girl talking to the mother, similar to the previous shot as it is used for conversation. This shot lasts for around 2 seconds as it shows the mothers face. This will then cut to see the father. This is a shot reverse shot between the mother and daughter and is commonly and easily used for this.
  5. 5. Slow cut editing This is used a close up shot to show the father. This show will be used to give an impression that the father has done something wrong and that he is not focused because he is focused on what’s on his mind, later we gather the impression it was for cheating on his wife. This scene lasts for 4 seconds and the camera is locked on him for this.
  6. 6. Slow cut editing This shot will be used to show the family altogether as we have the mother and father having a conversation in this shot which will last for 3 seconds. This will then cut away to the next part.
  7. 7. Slow cut editing This is another point of view shot seen from the daughter. From this she sees both parents and the van oncoming. The father is not looking in what is happening. This will be the end of the slow cut shots as we learn after a crash happens.
  8. 8. First half summary of slow editing • This will be used to show that this is a daily event that many people will be able to relate too as they may go out driving with family. The slow cut editing will act like there is nothing is going to happen until we see the van and the father not focusing on the road. • This will give the impression that they are in a safe environment as everything is at a normal pace and that everything is normal. • The fact cut editing which follows gives the sense of insecurity as we expect that the husband to come clean and tell his wife of his guiltiness of what he has done. That’s what makes the fast cut editing so shocking because it was very unexpected.
  9. 9. Fast Cut editing
  10. 10. Fast cut editing • In the sequence shown in the previous slide. There is a fast cut editing, this is where we see many different camera angle shot shown in the space of 5 seconds, we see everything in many ways, this will show how quickly something happened like this car crash. Fast editing will be used to shows everything that happens, this would be used to show all the gory details that the director would want to show. • Mistakes are made when we see it in slow motion as we see blood on the chair before the rods go into any of the characters and that the rod is going to the chest but the blood is already there as it happens so quickly it is nearly impossible to see this at usual speed.
  11. 11. Slow Cut At the end of the scene we see a crane s hot as the camera goes up to show both cars after the accident and we see blood to where the daughter will be sitting as we see blood outside the car. This will show the end of the fast cut editing scene, as it ends slowly to give the impression that its the end of what has happened and nothing can be done to help.
  12. 12. CGI • During the fast cut editing we also see CGI. This will show the rods going into the body and going in the car, this will all be added with effects of colour and shapes that be shown in the full thing. • CGI is computer graphical imaging and is added in on as affects. It creates images which can be played in videos. It is used to allow things to look realistic but can make affects like this happen and make many gore affects.