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Competitor Price Monitoring Can Help Hotel Websites to Beat OTAs

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ITSYS Solutions offers Competitor Price Monitoring, Track Competitor Prices, Competitor Price Tracking, Monitor Competitor Prices, Price Tracker, Track Competitors, Product Catalog Monitoring service.

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Competitor Price Monitoring Can Help Hotel Websites to Beat OTAs

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  2. 2. Competitor price monitoring is especially crucial for ecommerce businesses. Before you even set up a business strategy, it is important to carry out a pricing analysis. Every effective business strategy is based on price. You can’t go against your competitors without knowing what they are charging and why. In case you want to come up with a very distinct pricing model, you must be able to justify this to your customers. You cannot defend your unique pricing model unless you know what other similar businesses are charging.
  3. 3.  Competitor price scraping  Spidering sites for prices  Price information Data extraction  Competitor Price extraction  Competitor Price Watch  Competitor Price Tracking  Price comparison  Price scraper
  4. 4. Increase sales Enhance profit margins Adjust your product catalog Attract the right geographical audience
  5. 5. HTTP Programming : You could post HTTP requests on remote servers of dynamic or static web pages using socket programming to extract data for competitor price tracking HTML Parsers: Many sites have databases that dynamically generate large collections of pages. Web designers use a common template or script to encode data for a particular category. You could use such semi-structured data query languages as HTQL and XQuery to parse HTML pages to retrieve and transform page content.
  6. 6.  Regular Expression Matching or Text Grapping: This is the use of regular expression matching UNIX grep command facilities of such programming languages as Python or Perl to extract data.  DOM Parsing: This involves the embedding of full-fledged web browsers like Mozilla browser control with programs to retrieve dynamic content from client-side scripts. The browser controls will also parse web pages into DOM tress for the extraction of parts of the web pages.
  7. 7. Web-Scraping Software: You could buy web scraping tools that are readily available in the market and customize them.
  8. 8.  easy-to-use reports Data provided in varied formats such Excel, CSV, MS- Access, MySQL, MS-SQL, XML, or JSON.
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