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Let's explore Gutenberg - Improving the WordPress editing experience.

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WordPress developers are currently exploring changes to the editing experience in WordPress. The name of this project is Gutenberg, and you can download a plugin to test what this new experience may become.

At the WP Meetup in Melbourne in July we introduced Gutenberg and sent out a call for developers to download, install and test out this editor and provide feedback to the Gutenberg team. We'll be doing the same for the User contingent next month.

Feel free to use these slides to introduce Gutenberg to your meetup groups, the more people we have installed and using it to test the experience and offer feedback, the better it will be before it lands in core.

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Let's explore Gutenberg - Improving the WordPress editing experience.

  1. 1. LET’S EXPLORE Gutenberg
  2. 2. WHAT IT IS
  3. 3. WHAT IT IS NOT
  5. 5. LIVE DEMO
  6. 6. PRAISE
  7. 7. “- Gutenberg provides a less distracting experience with more screen space. - Easier to use for beginners. -Brian Jackson
  8. 8. “I think Gutenberg is an improvement for casual users who like to write their content in the WordPress Editor. -Colin Newcomer, WPLift
  9. 9. “'Right now WordPress makes you learn a lot of concepts... [Gutenberg lets you] learn it once and use it everywhere.'  -Alex Denning
  10. 10. “Overall we were quite impressed with the new Gutenberg WordPress editor, it’s definitely something we are excited about for the future.  -Brian Jackson, Kinsta
  11. 11. “The best part of the Gutenberg Project is that everyone can help. Calling upon the expertise of the WordPress community, the team behind this new editor are reaching out for assistance. - Andy Holland
  12. 12. CRITICISM
  13. 13. “One of the things that we at Yoast worry about is the accessibility of Gutenberg. - Joost de Valk
  14. 14. “Are we competing with Medium or Squarespace? Have we decided? -Chris Lema
  15. 15. “It’s very powerful already but clearly unpolished and so it’s hard to know what’s incomplete or a bug. -Mark Root-Wiley
  16. 16. “Doesn’t support responsive columns yet. We really hope this is coming… It is definitely time for columns to be in core! -Brian Jackson
  17. 17. “Testing Gutenberg Outside of the WordPress' Developer Community is Critical to its Success -Sarah Gooding, WP Tavern
  21. 21. SHORTCAKEShortcode UI
  22. 22. RESOURCES ➤ WPCrafter intro to Gutenberg ➤ Design Initial post prototype-editor-testing/ ➤ Gutenberg github page : project page ➤ Gutenberg plugin page ➤ Gutenberg testing tips gutenberg-testing/