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Action research, teacher research and classroom research

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Action research, teacher research and classroom research

  1. 1. Action Research, Teacher Research and Classroom Research in Language Teaching
  2. 2. Warm up: Memory Game!
  3. 3. Action research is an actual research method. Teacher research is def ined by who conducts the research (a teacher). Classroom research is def ined by the setting or place in which the data are collected.
  4. 4. What is Language Classroom Research?
  5. 5. Classroom Research Bridget L on g def in ed classroom research as all or part of whose data are de r ive d from the ob s er vation or m eas urem ent of the classroom per for m an ce of te achers and studen ts.
  6. 6. If students f ill out a questionnaire about t h e i r p a r t i c i p a t i o n i n l a n g u a ge l e s s o n s o r classroom, would it f it the def inition of classroom research according to what Long said?
  7. 7. So, if the answer is NO. What can we do to add a classroom research in this activity?
  8. 8. Classroom Research according to Allwright Classroom research is just that research that concentrates on the inputs to the classroom (the syllabus, the teaching materials) or the outputs (learners achievement scores). So, for Allwright “c l a s s r o o m r e s e a r c h” i s n o t j u s t t h e s e t t i n g o r p l a c e f o r i n v e s t i g a t i o n b u t , m o r e i m p o r t a n t l y, a s the object of the investigation.
  9. 9. What is teacher research?
  10. 10. According to Brindley “teacher research” is often connected with the concept of teacher development and empowerment because by investigating teaching and learning processes in classroom, we (teachers) ourselves learn more about the craft (ability) and the science of teaching so that we may improve our work as teachers.
  11. 11. So, according to what Allwright says about Teacher Research, does it always take place in classrooms?
  12. 12. So, if the answer is NO, Could you give an example of Teacher Research out the classroom?
  13. 13. What is Action Research?
  14. 14. The term action research is an approach to collecting and interpreting data that involves a clear, repeated cycle of procedures. The researcher follows the next steps to achieve an action research: 1. The researcher begins by planning an action to address a problem. Ex: Asking questions to prove students' understanding to the topic during three classes.
  15. 15. 2. The next step is the systematic observation of the outcomes (results) of the action. The observation is done through a variety of procedures (audio or video recordings, teacher's diary entries, observer's notes, etc.) for collecting data. Ex: if students have problems to understand the topic, the teacher may record his/her students' answers in order to discover the main reason of the problem.
  16. 16. 3. After observing the apparent results of the action, the researcher reflects on the outcome and plans a subsequent action, after which the cycle begins again. Ex: After the teacher has observed which is the main problem of their students' understanding. He can try to bring more integrated activities in order to help students to understand the topic quicker.
  17. 17. Summery To summarize, we can say the following: 1. Classroom Research refers to the location and the focus of the study. 2. Teacher Research refers to the agents who conduct the study. 3. Action Research denotes a particular approach, a codified but flexible set of procedures.
  18. 18. Can classroom research, teacher research, and action research fit together?
  19. 19. The answer is Yes, and the following statement proves it: Classroom research conducted by teachers using the action research approach. Ex. Inside the classroom (classroom research) the teacher (teacher research)wants to know why his/her students have some problems with pronunciation, so he/she decides to carry a tape recorder (action research)in order to listen which are the most difficult phonemes to his/her students.