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Product Management Financial Literacy

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An overview of the DevelopmentCorporate's Financial Literacy Offering

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Product Management Financial Literacy

  1. 1. Product Management DevelopmentCorporate Financial Literacy
  2. 2. How Valuable Would It Be If Your Product Managers Could . . . . • Express product/service ROI in context of a prospect’s financial statements? • Identify the most successful, repeatable types of sales transactions? • Accurately identify the most profitable and unprofitable customers? • Understand the true drivers of month to month revenue performance for SaaS offerings? • Leverage common financial analysis techniques to understand the true strengths and weaknesses of your competitors DevelopmentCorporate
  3. 3. Product Management Financial Literacy Product Management Financial Literacy is a structured consulting engagement that: • Enables product managers to significantly increase their financial literacy • Analyzes key financial, customer, and operational metrics associated with your products/services • Delivers new, fact-based ROI calculations for your sales force • Develops specific, actionable recommendations to increase sales & profits DevelopmentCorporate
  4. 4. Engagement Overview Financial Project Orientation Scoping Literacy Planning Training • Recruit Participants • 1 hour webinar • 2 hour virtual meeting w/ • 3 Day Onsite Workshop • Confirm Schedule • Review objectives/goals Product Managers • Financial Literacy Analysis • Arrange Logistics • Roles/Responsibilities • Assess Baseline Skills Techniques • ~1 to 3 days • Project Tasks/Schedule • Review Product/Service • Develop/Confirm Data Portfolio Acquisition Plan • Define/Confirm Project Scope Data Analysis & Presentation & Acquisition & Recommendation Final Review Initial Analysis Development • Acquire Data • 2 day onsite workshop • 2 hour presentation to • Data Cleansing / Standardization • Detailed analysis of data executive team • Develop Initial Analyses • Identification / definition • Review data analysis • 5 to 10 days, depending on of recommendations • Present and action individual company circumstances • Draft final report & Recommendations Presentation DevelopmentCorporate
  5. 5. Roles & Responsibilities • Product Managers • Participate in all project tasks • Acquire & analyze data • Identify/define recommendations • Develop/deliver final report & presentation • Executive Team • CEO, CFO, COO, VP Marketing, VP Sales, VP R&D, etc. • Charter project and allocate resources • Participate in orientation and final review • Provide guidance based on interim status reports • Finance Liaison • Assist in data acquisition, analysis, & reconciliation • MIS Liaison • Assist in data acquisition, analysis tools, etc. • DevelopmentCorporate • Manage Project, Facilitate Meetings, Conduct Training • Feedback to Product Managers & Executive Team DevelopmentCorporate
  6. 6. Financial Literacy Curriculum •How to Read & Interpret Financial Statements • Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow • How to access & interpret 10-Ks, 10-Qs, Proxy Statements, etc. • How to calculate enterprise value for public companies • How to calculate enterprise value for private companies • Tiering Analysis • Flux Analysis • ARPU Analysis • Money Wheel Analysis • Maintenance Calendarization & Attrition Analysis • ROI Primer • Acquisition Candidate Financial Analysis & Returns Analysis DevelopmentCorporate
  7. 7. For More Information •Check out the following blog posts / presentations: •The Cost of Financial Illiteracy Part I •The Cost of Financial Illiteracy Part II •Cost of Financial Illiteracy: How to Calculate Enterprise Value •How to Calculate the Enterprise Value of Your Private Company •Financial Literacy: Money Wheel Analysis •SaaS Revenue Primer: Tiering Analysis •SaaS Revenue Primer: Flux Analysis •How to Build an M&A Strategy •How to Build an Exit Strategy DevelopmentCorporate
  8. 8. Typical Commercial Terms & Conditions • Fixed Professional Fee plus actual travel & living expenses • Fixed fee dependent on project scope and customer requirements • Ranges from $7,500 to $15,000 • Custom proposal developed after initial discussions/consultation to establish project scope • Signed engagement letter required before project start • Typically require $1,000 deposit upon engagement letter execution for new clients DevelopmentCorporate
  9. 9. About Us Overview DevelopmentCorporate is a strategic corporate development advisory firm for enterprise and mid-market technology companies. We assist management teams, board of directors, and investors in updating their merger, acquisition, and divestiture strategies and then we provide tactical support for the implementation of those strategies. We also provide support for strategic initiatives such market assessments, competitive intelligence updates, product/service portfolio analysis, etc. Finally, we have significant experience in guiding large scale organizations through corporate restructurings to either take advantage of new market opportunities or respond to changes in market conditions. What Makes Us Different What makes DevelopmentCorporate unique is that we bring an ‘operators perspective’ to the table. We are not investment bankers or business brokers. Instead we focus on providing the highest quality, pragmatic advice to management teams, boards, and investors. We have over 25 years of experience in the technology market place. We have held functional and executive positions in marketing, product management, sales, research and development, customer services, network operations, business development, general management, and corporate development. We have extensive international experience working directly in most Western European countries and Asia. We have either worked in or conducted major projects in the UK, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Korea, Japan, & Australia. Our experience as operators give us a pragmatic insight into how best to leverage the potential of mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, or other strategic initiatives. DevelopmentCorporate
  10. 10. For More Information • John C. Mecke Bio & Background • Major Transactions • DevelopmentCorporate Blog – Musings of a Reformed Private Equity Operator • Follow Us on Twitter • LinkedIn Profile • Slideshare Presentations • Guest Postings on (slightly more irreverent blog postings) DevelopmentCorporate