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Laura Huthwaite_The Science of Sharing

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Laura Huthwaite_The Science of Sharing

  1. THE SCIENCE OF SHARING @laurahuthwaite
  2. Explosion of Sharing Ads make up 25% of all video views Source: Unruly Viral Video Chart
  3. 7 Findings From The Science of Sharing
  4. #1 Make it emotional
  5. #1 Videos that elicit a strong emotional response are twice as likely to be shared
  6. #2 Be positive
  7. #2 Videos which provoke a strong positive response are 30% more likely to be shared than those which provoke strong negative emotions. Negative High Arousal Disgust Sadness Shock Anger Low Arousal Discomfort Boredom Irritation Frustration High Arousal Hilarity Inspiration Astonishment Exhilaration Positive Low Arousal Amusement Calmness Surprise Happiness
  8. #3 Forget cute cats and celebs, focus on personal triumphs
  9. #3 No creative device drives sharing more than any other, with the exception of personal triumph. So focus on emotions, not creative devices
  10. #4 Be proud of your brand
  11. #4 The average branded video takes 30 seconds to reveal the brand There is no correlation between shareability and level of branding
  12. #5 Don’t over invest in content and under invest in distribution
  13. #5 No matter how shareable a video is, a larger viewer base delivers more sharing. A video that is seen by few cannot be shared by many
  14. Sharing - faster than ever before Sharing trends: 200 most shared branded videos of 2012 Day 2: The Viral Peak • 25% of shares occur in the first 3 days Days Following Launch Source: Viral Video Chart
  15. #6 Exhilarate your viewers
  16. #6 Strong positive emotions get your video shared AND remembered. Exhilaration is the most successful trigger with 65% recall
  17. #7 Reach light buyers to grow market share
  18. #7 Quality reach is key. To build market share, reach light & medium buyers outside of your owned channels FIGURE 1 - Chocolate Brand 2011 – Panel Data FIGURE 2 - The same Chocolate Brand - Fans A brand’s light buyers are the most important to growth in sales”
  19. Plot spoiler… Emotional campaigns are more profitable than rational campaigns Binet and Field ‘Marketing in the Era of Accountabilty’, WARC, 2007
  20. Why do people share content? Basic emotions Primal responses Cognitive responses Intensity Emotional valence Schema disruption Social motivation Memorability Enjoyability Medium Favourability Interpanel agreement and more...
  21. Top two factors Psychological responses Social motivations
  22. Psychological responses
  23. Most shared videos: Psychological responses across the globe 1. Hilarity 2. Happiness 3. Surprise 1. Hilarity 2. Happiness 3. Awe 1. Exhilaration 2. Surprise 3. Happiness Proprietary and Confidential. © Unruly 2013
  24. Social motivations
  25. Most shared videos: Social motivations across the globe 1. Family members 2. Select friends 1. Family members 2. Select friends 1. All Facebook friends 2. Best friends Proprietary and Confidential. © Unruly 2013
  26. How Can You Predict Shareability?
  27. What’s Next?
  28. Make your consumers feel… Exhilarated!
  29. THANKS FOR WATCHING! @laurahuthwaite @unrulymedia Winner Best Content Distribution Service Video Council Member Whitelisted