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How to Use the New LinkedIn Pages

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The second generation of LinkedIn Company Pages is now LinkedIn Pages. The rebuild includes new features to help businesses build and sustain their communities. New features include Suggestions, Hashtags, the ability to re-share employee public posts and share Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files.

A Company, via their LinkedIn Page, can like, comment, and share under their Company name. When a Company is mentioned in a post, the post can be reshared to the LinkedIn Page.

These supporting slides are from my presentation given at the Forge in Birmingham, AL. They are a guide to the information taught in this one-hour session.

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How to Use the New LinkedIn Pages

  1. 1. Providing workforce development training since 2004 * Welcome! Donna Gilliland, Founder and President Learn more about me on LinkedIn Via my website
  2. 2. Largest Professional Network 645+ million users
  3. 3. LinkedIn is the World’s largest and most active professional networking platform. “Your LinkedIn Page offers a huge opportunity to grow your brand, build relationships, and attract top talent.” ~ LinkedIn
  4. 4. Communities are at the core of all businesses. Drive a company’s growth through meaningful conversations. Employees Partners Customers Job CandidatesCommunities Goal: build interactions into relations that we can sustain and foster over time.
  5. 5. LinkedIn Pages is the second generation Linked Pages which has been rebuilt.
  6. 6. Page Benefits Overview Advertising Analytics Multiple Administrators Speaking as your Company rather than as your personal profile
  7. 7. Image Source:
  8. 8. Introducing The New LinkedIn Pages
  9. 9. LinkedIn Page Features Overview
  10. 10. Tools for Engagement • The NEW LinkedIn pages provides the ability to discover and reshare their employees’ public LinkedIn posts from their Page. • The ability to respond and re-share any post on LinkedIn where a company’s Page is mentioned, which can include customer testimonials and product reviews. • It’s an opportunity to showcase conversations being held about your company.
  11. 11. Know and grow your audience. New Feature: Content Suggestions
  12. 12. NEW Community Hashtags • Enables you to engage with Page followers by sharing content from a hashtag’s feed to your Page. • Build brand awareness outside of your current follower community by engaging with members who have used those tags. • Engage as your Company. Like, comment, and share posts as your Company.
  13. 13. Associate up to 3 hashtags to your page
  14. 14. Use page Hashtags to listen in and respond to conversations happening about your brand or relevant topics on LinkedIn. Listen In…
  15. 15. New Feature Sharing Documents Word PowerPoint PDF files
  16. 16. Strategically use Hashtags in your posts.
  17. 17. LinkedIn Video Facts Video is LinkedIn’s top content performer. Native video (video that you directly upload to LinkedIn) has higher engagement rate. > 90% of LinkedIn login users, use video to make product and purchase decisions. Engagement rate of video, (per various stats), show that there is 75% more engagement from video.
  18. 18. Page Admins • The Page creator is the controlling Admin. • Multiple Admins can be added.
  19. 19. Create a Company Page 1.Home Page 2.Click the Work icon 3.Choose Create a Company Page
  20. 20. LinkedIn Live Beta • Apply to become a LinkedIn Live Broadcaster • Can apply for Profile or Page • Real-time broadcasting • Interactive environment • On the average… • Broadcasters are seeing 7X more reactions and 24 more comments for live streams compared to regular video
  21. 21. LinkedIn Live benefits… Boost your content strategy Live broadcast your event Panel discussions Real-time engagement with your audience Serialize content Daily Weekly Monthly
  22. 22. I’m silly excited… I have been accepted into the LinkedIn Live Beta program. Stay tuned for more information about my regular broadcasts. Contact me if you are interested in being part of a panel discussion. Give me your content ideas.
  23. 23. Growing an organic following • Consistency (at least once per day) • Best times – experiment. Research shows members are more active in the early am and evening hours • Know what you want to achieve and create content accordingly • Posting what matters to your audience • Images (I use Canva to create graphics.) • Video (research shows that members are 20x more likely to share video.) Source: LinkedIn for Business Marketing Solutions
  24. 24. Learning Resources Section Slides 25 - 29
  25. 25. Article: Introducing The New LinkedIn Pages
  26. 26. Sharing Documents on Your LinkedIn Page Full Instructions for sharing documents can be found by clicking this slide image.
  27. 27. Providing workforce development training since 2004 Let’s stay connected…