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Connecting Cuture with Europeana, Barcelona, 12 june 2018

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Presentation given at Photoconsortium's annual public event in Barcelona, hosted by Generalitat de Catalunia (GENCAT).

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Connecting Cuture with Europeana, Barcelona, 12 june 2018

  1. 1. CONNECTING CULTURE WITH EUROPEANA Photoconsortium Annual Event, Barcelona Douglas McCarthy | 12 June 2018 Bookplate W. Porter Truesdell, 1903 Museu Nacional dÁrt de Catalunya CC BY-NC-ND
  2. 2. What I’ll talk about today • Europeana – who, why and how? • Europeana Collections • 2018 – European Year of Cultural Heritage • Current activities • Q&A Europeana CC BY-SA
  3. 3. Mauritshuis Public Domain Rembrandt van Rijn The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp, 1632 Europeana - who, why and how?
  4. 4. • A non-profit foundation based in The Hague, Netherlands (2008) • Europeana Network Association - a professional community of 1700+ digital heritage and tech experts • Adding value to the hard work of museums, galleries, libraries and archives in Europe by bringing this to European audiences Our shared mission: Expand and improve access to Europe's digital cultural heritage Europeana CC BY-SA
  5. 5. An open data platform with many services. We publish more than 50 million records from over 3,500 museums, galleries, libraries, and archives across Europe. Europeana CC BY-SA
  6. 6. “We transform the world with culture! We want to build on Europe’s rich heritage and make it easier for people to use, whether for work, for learning or just for fun.” Pferd Pyramiden der Mädchen Heinrich Hamann, 1900 Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg CC0
  7. 7. Title here CC BY-SAEuropeana CC BY-SA Three priorities ● Make it easy and rewarding for Cultural Heritage Institutions to share high-quality content ● Scale with partners to reach our target markets and audiences ● Engage people on our websites and via participatory campaigns
  8. 8. Cultural Heritage Institutions Europeana CC BY-SA
  9. 9. Scale with Partners Europeana CC BY-SA
  10. 10. Engage people Europeana CC BY-SA
  11. 11. Europeana - Powered by People Europeana CC BY-SA
  12. 12. Title here CC BY-SA Title here CC BY-SA Europeana CC BY-SA
  13. 13. Europeana Collections: goals Moses with the tablets of Law and History (detail) Rijksmuseum. Public Domain. ● Inspire users to discover content ● Promote open content ● Stimulate use & re-use ● Encourage partner engagement on our platform and elsewhere Europeana CC BY-SA
  14. 14. Title here CC BY-SA Title here CC BY-SA Europeana CC BY-SA Thematic collections
  15. 15. Title here CC BY-SA Title here CC BY-SA Europeana CC BY-SA
  16. 16. Title here CC BY-SA Title here CC BY-SA Europeana CC BY-SA
  17. 17. Europeana CC BY-SA
  18. 18. Exhibitions ● Create and share engaging narratives ● Showcase collections in a visually appealing format ● Multi-institutional, pan-European and multilingual ● Flexible platform: embed video, animation, audio, Pinterest... Europeana CC BY-SA
  19. 19. Europeana CC BY-SA
  20. 20. Europeana CC BY-SA
  21. 21. Europeana CC BY-SA ● Record visitor numbers - 30,000+ in first two months ● Majority public domain or reusable content ● Building on popularity and relevance of our 1914-1918 content ● Connects with centenary tour of events related to WW1 in 2018
  22. 22. A broad scope and grand scale Europeana CC BY-SA
  23. 23. Art Nouveau season Sunflower, 1896. Eugene Grasset and C.A. Bourgeot Schola Graphidis Art Collection. Hungarian University of Fine Arts. CC BY-SA ● Art Nouveau - A Universal Style ● 10 partner blogs ● DailyArt: 4 guest blogs, 4 app images ● 20+ Pinterest boards ● Colouring book ● #ArtNouveauSeason Europeana CC BY-SA
  24. 24. Art Nouveau season partners Europeana CC BY-SA
  25. 25. Wikipedia/Wikidata Art History Challenge (2016) Europeana CC BY-SA ● In the beginning - 472 articles across 39 languages (average 12 per language) ● Now: over 1,300 articles (average 34 per language) ● Largest ever GLAM-wiki competition
  26. 26. Europeana CC BY-SA Galleries
  27. 27. Europeana CC BY-SA Blogs
  28. 28. Social media ● 100K+ Facebook followers ● 29.5K Twitter followers ● 50K+ newsletter subscribers ● 11K+ Pinterest followers ● GIPHY channel Europeana CC BY-SA
  29. 29. Title here CC BY-SA Europeana Professional Europeana Pro homepage Europeana| CC BY-SA Europeana CC BY-SA
  30. 30. Title here CC BY-SA 2018 - European Year of Cultural Heritage Europeana CC BY-SA
  31. 31. Europeana Manuscripts Europeana CC BY-SA
  32. 32. Europeana Migration Europeana CC BY-SA
  33. 33. Europeana Newspapers Europeana CC BY-SA
  34. 34. f. 283v, displayed as an open bifolium with f. 282| Leonardo da Vinci. 1478 - 1518. British Library, UK. Public Domain Any questions?
  35. 35. Get in touch E: @CultureDoug douglaskmccarthy Cy + Relics, Rome, 1952 Robert Rauschenberg Robert Rauschenberg Foundation Public Domain CC BY-SAEuropeana CC BY-SA