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Redesigning Jobs Through Job Crafting

  1. Redesigning Jobs Through Job Crafting Dr Tim Baker www.winnersatwork.com.au
  2. Dr. Tim Baker
  3. How can job crafting increase performance?
  4. The proactive paradox Job crafting Special offer
  5. Proactive Paradox Process
  6. Agreement Skepticism Confirmation Three Stages of the Proactive Paradox Process
  7. Example Paul works in IT in customer support. He spends most of his time on a help line but had a passion for testing and improving new software. Through discussions with his manager, Paul joined a group that tested new applications before they were launched in the company. This took up about three hours every month. Whilst Paul’s role didn’t substantially change through job crafting, he was delighted that his skill and passion for analysis of new applications was being recognized.
  8. Example Harry, a bus driver, decides to give helpful sightseeing advice while travelling his regular route from the airport to the city. He’s mindful that many of his passengers are from out of town. Harry perceives his job as more than driving a bus (cognitive crafting). By using his extensive local knowledge, Harry decides to use his extroverted personality to good effect. He decides to add sightseeing to his primary task of driving a bus.
  9. Special Employment Needs • older employees • employees with disabilities or health problems • parents with young children, particularly female employees
  10. Example Marilyn is an architect who specializes in designing offices for large companies. She goes out of her way to organize several informal meetings with her clients on a new office design project. During these meetings, Marilyn—instead of looking at the current office layout— observes the way people are working and how they interact with one another. After several visits, Marilyn changes the office designs based on her observations and interactions with the customer.
  11. Job crafting program consists of four steps: 1. Training 2. Recording Work Activity 3. Reflecting 4. Planning
  12. The SuperTeam: The Team of The Future Dr Tim Baker Tue, April 19, 2022 10 am – 10:30pm AEST https://www.eventbrite.com/e/277181245567
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