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iBeacon, BLE and The Future of Engagement: Dsrupted Conference

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Bluetooth LE beacons will do more than transform retail. They'll change the way we think about designing experiences and how we provide value to our customers and communities.

This overview of beacons was first presented at the Dsrupted Conference September 17, 2014.

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iBeacon, BLE and The Future of Engagement: Dsrupted Conference

  1. 1. Beacon Connected ! Dsrupted September 2014
  2. 2. Hype Vocabulary Future Form Beacons aren’t such a big deal. What they represent IS. Common myths. iBeacon/BLE. Layers of interaction. The end of the app. Digital signage. Wearables. Hybrids.
  3. 3. B e aconB reathless
  4. 4. Doesn’t This Make You Breathless?
  5. 5. From Barely Mentioned
  6. 6. To Breathless Hype
  7. 7. In what will be the largest implementation of iBeacon™ technology at retail stores to date with more than 4,000 devices, shopBeacons, an enhanced mobile location-based technology built upon Apple’s iBeacon Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) protocol, will be placed within various departments at Macy’s locations, allowing for users of the shopkick app to get more personalized department-level deals, discounts, recommendations and rewards.
  8. 8. Which begs the question: Who’s your agent? !
  9. 9. That’s Some Press Agent
  10. 10. A Big Deal?
  11. 11. Do You See The Digital Signage?
  12. 12. Do You See The Second Screen?
  13. 13. World Channel
  14. 14. B e acon B asics
  15. 15. Vocabulary Sorting out some misconceptions 3 words that really matter Words you’ll soon hear
  16. 16. iBeacon BLE Beacons
  17. 17. Key Word #1 Smart
  18. 18. Key Word #1 Smart
  19. 19. Key Word #2 Passive ! The user doesn’t need to do anything. Unlike QR codes or NFC, beacons work without any action needed by the consumer.
  20. 20. iBeacon When you approach the car, your app wakes up, even if it’s closed. You can send a push message to the user to alert them that you have something relevant to say based on precisely where they’re located.
  21. 21. Request quote Watch a cool video! Welcome to the store! iBeacon
  22. 22. Key Word #3 Proximity There’s a profound difference between proximity and location. Location is where you are on a map, proximity is what you’re close to - whether a person, place or thing.
  23. 23. Bonus Key Word Results 19x Increase in Engagement with Products 16.5 Increase in App Usage In-Store 6.4 Increase In Likelihood Customer Will Keep Your App
  24. 24. Future Vocabulary
  25. 25. Mapping
  26. 26. Power
  27. 27. Bacon
  28. 28. Hybrid
  29. 29. Wifi Huh? Seriously?
  30. 30. Wifi
  31. 31. This:
  32. 32. Future Tense
  33. 33. Design
  34. 34. Privacy
  35. 35. Security
  36. 36. Future Perfect
  37. 37. New Media
  38. 38. New Media
  39. 39. New Media
  40. 40. New Media
  41. 41. B e acon N atural
  42. 42. B e acon H ungry
  43. 43. B e acon M obile
  44. 44. B e acon V isible
  45. 45. B e aconE motional
  46. 46. 3 Take-Aways If you think a lot about screens
  47. 47. You Can BE The Second Screen Staff. Continuity. “Flick”.
  48. 48. Beacons Can Be Objects. Product can trigger screens.
  49. 49. Beacons Can Be Social. What happens to a screen when it has an audience of more than one?
  50. 50. BeTheBeacon
  51. 51. Thank You @dusanwriter @dot3digital