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Dwayne Williams Geb3213 group presentation slide

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Dwayne Williams Geb3213 group presentation slide

  2. 2. OVERVIEW •Introduction •Marketing Opportunity •Current Situation •Audience Needs and Analysis •Strategic Option •Benefits and Risk of Strategic Option •Final Recommendation/Action Plan •Conclusion •Reference(s)
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Since 1988 when the St. Petersburg Allstate Campus opened students who were part of either the Law Enforcement Academy, Fire Science Academy, Criminal Justice Program, Corrections Academy or the Crime Scene Technology program were not able to take General Education courses that could lead to an Associates of Arts Degree. Over the years a growing reliance on these programs have lead to a steady decline in enrollment. *Photo provided by
  4. 4. MARKETING OPPORTUNITY There are 7,000 traditional and non traditional college age students within a 3-5 mile driving radius of the Allstate Campus. Over 3,500 current St. Petersburg College students attending the Downtown and Midtown Campuses live within 1-3 miles of the Allstate campus. Invites a positive community interaction with the college. SPC Allstate is in the heart of the Skyway Marina District Billion Dollar revitalization zone. *Photo provided by *Data from 
  5. 5. AUDIENCE NEEDS AND ANALYSIS/ALTERNATIVE •Increased foot traffic onto the campus. •Increase campus awareness and visibility •Students want to feel welcomed at Allstate Campus. •Students and Staff want to new and existing programs that are within the neighborhood. •Alternative is to do nothing and maintain the status quo. •*Photo provided by “I want to feel welcomed at the Allstate Campus as a student”
  6. 6. STRATEGIC OPTION •Begin to open and offer more general education courses •Market the colleges workforce institute programs to the local business community •Rebrand the campus by changing the name to Skyway Marina • *Photo provided by
  7. 7. BENEFITS AND RISK OF STRATEGIC OPTION Benefits Increased Student Enrollment Allstate Campus Change of Identity Cultivation of Student Pride Instant Credibility based on Geographical location Increased Awareness of SPC in the Business Community Provides a More Welcoming Feel to Students Positive Image in the Local Residential Community Risk Cost of Hiring Additional Staff Allstate Campus Loss of Identity How to Market the Sudden Change in Profile Increased Need of a More Robust Marketing Budget
  8. 8. ACTION PLAN •Bring workforce institute courses to Allstate. •Change brand from Allstate to Skyway Marina campus to fit neighboring area. •Increase the number of Remedial and Beginning level courses. •Market to local business in the area for skills level needed courses. •Form an alliance with Jabil Circuit and Ceridian Corporation. •Conduct year long marketing campaign for high school and non traditional age students. •* Photo provided by “It’s never too late to return back to school. Rather you’re 17 or 76 you will fit in at SPC.
  9. 9. CONCLUSION St. Petersburg College has a wonderful opportunity to enhance it’s image within the South St. Petersburg community by expanding their marketing base and class offerings to include general education courses, workforce institute programs for those within the community in need of career skill enhancement, increase foot traffic with remedial courses, re- branding of the Allstate name to Skyway Marina. In the mean time a more robust marketing program within the community would be a huge plus for increased enrollment. *Photo provided by
  10. 10. REFERENCES