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OpenAIRE Advance - Kick off last week

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EUDAT Conference Porto 2018

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OpenAIRE Advance - Kick off last week

  1. 1. @openaire_eu OpenAIRE Advance – kick off last week Task 3.2.2: Topical Task force Research Data Management Task 4.2: OA. Open Data, RDM and Open Science Training Ellen Leenarts, see following slides for attribution EUDAT Conference Putting the EOSC Vision in Practice, Porto | EOSCpilot workshop The EOSC as a ‘skills commons’ providing FAIR training for FAIR data stewardship | 25 Jan 2018 DANS
  2. 2. @openaire_eu WP 3 NOADs Network Operation Task 3.2. Topical task forces and facilitators Subtask 3.2.2. Task force Research Data Management Elly Dijk DANS - Data Archiving and Networked Services OpenAIRE-Advance Kick off | Athens | 18 Jan 2018
  3. 3. • Policies for open access and open science (led by EKT). • Legal Guidelines (Led by U Glasgow) • Research Data Management (led by DANS) Three task forces of NOADs in WP 3 This is where you type in the event 3
  4. 4. • Goal: establish capacity and increase knowledge primarily among NOADs in order to support RDM activities, and support the Open Data Pilot/FAIR data o Establishing working groups to examine different elements of the digital life cycle. o Gathering examples of existing good practices e.g. common standards, tools, services and links to national infrastructures and the context of EOSC. o Another aspect of the work will be scoping current activities and future requirements of NOADs to support RDM work. o Output: contribute to WP 4 (support and training) and support materials Task force RDM OpenAIRE-Advance Kick off | Athens | 17-19 Jan 2018
  5. 5. • Goals: Sharing knowledge and increase the groups of experts • Share experiences and expertise on local or institutional RDM activities • Activate local RDM training • Participate, or lead webinars to train the OpenAIRE community • Provide feedback on the DMP template • Develop: train de trainer package Pool of experts This is where you type in the event 5
  6. 6. @openaire_eu WP4 – Open Science Helpdesk SUPPORT AND TRAINING UMINHO, NKUA, UGOE, CNR, UNIWARSAW, CERN, ATHENA RC, UNIBI, EIFL, UGent, CERES, DANS-KNAW, UEDIN (DCC) + all NOADs Eloy Rodrigues & Iryna Kuchma UniversityofMinho&EIFL OpenAIRE-Advance Kick off | Athens | 17-19 Jan 2018
  7. 7. PRACTICAL, HOW-TO STYLE RESOURCES THAT SET OS PRINCIPLES INTO PRACTICE EIFL,UMINHO,UEDIN(DCC),DANS,UGENT,UGOE,CERES,and NOADs Task 4.2.OA,Open Data,RDM and Open Science Training Partners Impact. Stakeholders involved ResearchersunderstandwhatOSisintheirspecificcontext,whatarethecommon standards,practices,andwhatinfrastructureandsupportisinplace. OpenAIRE-Advance Kick off | Athens | 17-19 Jan 2018 NATIONAL OA, OPEN DATA, RDM AND OS TRAINING PROGRAMMES
  8. 8. OPENSCIENCEHELPDESK:SUPPORT&TRAINING(2) A multiplier approach: Train-the-trainer models targeted at NOADs, NCPs, RIs and key intermediaries to increase capacity to advise on Horizon 2020 requirements and assist researchers in the transition to open data by default and open science practices. Collaboration with e-infrastructures, research Infrastructures and related projects such as FOSTER+, OpenAIRE-Connect, EUDAT, EGI, GEANT, EDISON, FIT4RRI, OpenUP, LEARN, OpenMinted and FutureTDM to develop tailored training materials and disciplinary case studies to support training efforts on OA, open data, RDM and open science.