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Pre matrimonial detective service by eagle 4 security solutions

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Eagle 4 security solutions (E4SS) has its own specialized intelligence, investigation and Detective wing which carries out variety of investigations through its highly professional and trained officers who have rich experience while serving in various Govt / Defense intelligence organizations. We offer variety of investigation services for corporate, industrial and social clients.

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Pre matrimonial detective service by eagle 4 security solutions

  1. 1. Pre-Matrimonial detective service by Eagle 4 Security Solutions Eagle 4 security solutions (E4SS) has itsown specialized intelligence, investigation and Detective wing whichcarriesout varietyof investigationsthroughitshighlyprofessional and trained officers who have rich experience while serving in various Govt / Defense intelligence organizations. We offer variety of investigationservicesforcorporate,industrial and social clients. On Social front, we offer pre and post matrimonial investigation services. We believe that marriage is an institution which is solemnized between two families and not between two individuals. However, in modern times the marriage institution has seen many fault lines because of degradation in our social, moral and ethical value systemdue todisintegrationof jointfamilysystem, financialindependence of boys/ girls and advent of nuclearfamilysystem.Inrecentpast,we have seenanexponential increaseinbreaking up of marriages leadingtoplentyof uglylaw suits culminating into divorces. Thus, in modern day life, Pre Matrimonial Investigations assume significant importance for the families of prospective bride/grooms to take informed decisions. In order to save marriages Matrimonial investigation can really change the whole course of the life.Itisimportanttoknowcorrect facts before finalizingthe marriages because there is a growingtendencytotell lies about the family background etc to find a best match for the boy or a girl. This result into mismatch and thereby causing mistrust and discontentment or difference between newlymarriedcouple and theirfamilies.Therefore, pre matrimonial investigations by Private detective agency become a must. The success rate of marriages where investigations have been professionally carried out by the Private detective agency is very high as compare to normal marriages where no professional advice has been taken. In E4ss, we undertake assignmentsforpre andpostmatrimonial investigations. We carry out extensive and intensive private investigations about the boy/girl. Our services are more focused on our social commitment rather than financial interests of the Private investigators. We focus our activities on following types of checks during Pre Matrimonial investigations:-  Social status of the prospective bride/groom and family  Financial background and reputation at work place (current and past)  Nature and Character of the Individual  Character verifications  Criminal / Past records  previous marriages, if any
  2. 2.  Employment / job details and image among colleagues  Educational qualifications  Habits or vices It is also a general myth that marriages are made in heaven but as a Professional Investigator, we believe that marriage is a gamble if proper verification is not done but it should stay successfully if verifications are conducted professionally and truthfully. Therefore we strongly recommend that marriagesmustbe arranged afterproperverification/necessarychecksfora successful andhappy. It is alsoa misnomerthatthe Matrimonial InvestigationAssignmentisa veryexpensive proposition but we would like to say that spending few thousand rupees on hiring Private Investigation Agency may save not onlytwolivesbuttwofamilies from agony of going through nightmares if marriage does not work. Thus, it is important to cater for some budget towards this professional assignment to save modern marriages which may prove to be more useful rather than other wasteful marriage expenditure. The tentative time scheduletocomplete anyPre Matrimonial Investigation is at least 15 days. So, Please do not hesitate to contact us for any advice or help on any of the above subjects. Our best in class, professionalprivate investigatorsinDelhi NCR,canprovide youbestof the investigationservices backed witha comprehensive investigation report at the most affordable cost on all crucial aspects which you need to know before finalizing the match for boy/girl. It would be our pleasure to serve you. If you have any query please contact us on-91-9599003320