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Cultivating sustaining-networks-katherine-skinner

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Katherine Skinner, Sarah Lippincott, Sam Meister, Christina Drummond
This presentation by the Educopia team discusses some of the lessons learned in Educopia's first decade of work building and sustaining cross-sector collaborative networks.

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Cultivating sustaining-networks-katherine-skinner

  1. 1. Katherine  Skinner   Sarah  Lippinco0   Sam  Meister   Chris5na  Drummond   Cul5va5ng  and  Sustaining  Cross-­‐ Sector  Collabora5ve  Networks  
  2. 2. Collabora5ve  Network:     Network  of  autonomous  en55es  that   collaborate  to  achieve  compa5ble  goals.   Affiliated  Communi/es   Consul/ng   Coerced  Migra5on   Research  Alliance   Dodging  the   Memory  Hole  
  3. 3. system-­‐level  change  can  be   orchestrated  through  the   deliberate  work  of  stakeholders   across  the  whole  system.  
  4. 4. Perspec5ve  ShiHs   Photo  Credit:  Ilya,   @Educopia   Individual   Organiza5on  
  5. 5. Perspec5ve  ShiHs   Photo  Credit:  Ilya,   @Educopia   System   Individual   Organiza5on  
  6. 6. Boundary-­‐Spanning   buffering   reflec5ng   connec5ng   mobilizing   weaving   transforming  
  7. 7. Backbone  Support   Con5nuous  Communica5ons   Mutually  Reinforcing  Ac5vi5es   Common  Agenda   Shared  Measurement  
  8. 8. Source:  H.  Preskill,  M.  Parkhurst,  J.  Splansky  Justler,  “Learning  and  Evalua5on  in  the   Collec5ve  Impact  Context”  (FSG,  2014)   @Educopia