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Web Analytic for gaming

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Traditional web analytics is now jumping into Gaming platforms: Web Apps, HTML5, IOS, Android, Facebook games. Learn how to measure and collect user engagement data form your games applications, discover which KPIs may be relevant for your business, track your e-commerce transactions and learn how to track your online campaigns.

Web Analytic for gaming

  1. 1. Web Analytic for Gaming Measure and Win Iñaki Gorostiza @hello_google
  2. 2. About meIñaki Gorostiza Esquerdeiroü  www.LIN3S.comü  igorostiza@LIN3S.comü  @hello_googleü
  3. 3. Paradigm Shift?
  4. 4. What is Web Analytic?
  5. 5. Web Analytic Tools Timeline
  6. 6. How does Web Analytic tools works?
  7. 7. How does Web Analytics tools forgames work?
  8. 8. Web Analytics vs Game Analytics
  9. 9. Games are running on MultiplePlatformsWeb (HTML5)Social (Facebook)Mobile (Android & IOS)PC
  10. 10. Events vs Page Views
  11. 11. Events vs Page ViewsEach time the Google Analytics Tracking Code executes, it requests a single-pixel GIFimage from the Google Analytics collection servers called __utm.gif. Appended to therequest string for the image are all the parameters Google captures about a particularpage request:GET/__utm.gif?utmwv=4.7.1&utmn=164208238& HTTP/1.1
  12. 12. Navigator session vs Game session
  13. 13. Visitor vs User
  14. 14. But what does Web Analytic for Gamesmeans?Bandwidth and battery LimitTracking code size.IOS Developer Agreement – UDID, emailsPageviews vs Event TrackingNew MetricsNew KPis
  15. 15. And remember… No Analytics is not an option
  16. 16. Choose your web Analytic Tool
  17. 17. Google AnalyticsWeb Tracking (ga.js)Track user interaction with websites or web applications.AndroidTrack user interaction with Android applications.iOSTrack user interaction with iOS application
  18. 18. Flurry•  Free•  Used by over 65,000 developers across over 170,000 mobile applications and tracks over 1.2 billion application sessions a day•  Increases executable size by 500kb•  See it in action
  19. 19. Localytics•  Open source•  4kb•  Real Time analytics•  Cross Up Marketing campaign Tracking•  See it in action
  20. 20. Apsalar•  The most sophisticated for actionable analytics as apposed to just vanity metrics (The only metrics that entrepreneurs should invest energy in collecting are those that help them make decisions).•  Excellent conversion funnels•  See it in action.
  21. 21. Web Analytic Platformsspecially designed for gamesHoneytracks Gamesanalytics
  22. 22. Do it your self•  Google App Engine and Amazon Web Services.•  Tons of information to store•  Developing a good Interface is hard
  23. 23. Game KPIsAcquisitionRetentionMonetizationSocial Influence
  24. 24. Are you playing with my game?
  25. 25. Are you playing with my game?SessionsA session is one use of your game by an end user. This typically begins whenthe game is launched and ends when is terminated. Depending on the platformyou must specify when a session starts and stops. The definition of sessiondoes not depend on how long the application is used.
  26. 26. Are you playing with my game?Users (Active players)Number of different users that has had a session with your game on a specifiedday.
  27. 27. Are you playing with my game?New vs Returning userA new user is someone who has just started using your application. Users areidentified by unique phone IDs (which vary by platform) to ensure that a user isin fact a unique new user and not just an installation.
  28. 28. Are you playing with my game?SourceWhere’re my users coming from: Medium, source, Campaign, Country,Device…
  29. 29. How are you playing my game?
  30. 30. How are you playing my game?Players are trying to tell you how they want to play yourgame, what features they like, where they’re struggling on adifficult level…but are you really listening?
  31. 31. How are you playing my game?Cohort AnalysisTrack data for user-groups based on criteria such as registration date, level,marketing acquisition channel, geographic, deviceOn which level do I make how much revenue?Which virtual good do users typically buy first and when?Improve your Visitors Retention
  32. 32. How are you playing my game? Cohort Analysis: Event tracking and Advance SegmentsJapan Iphone trafficUS iPhone Traffic
  33. 33. How are you playing my game?User Paths
  34. 34. Are you enjoying my game?
  35. 35. Are you enjoying my game?
  36. 36. Are you enjoying my game?Session LengthIs the length of time between the start of and end of a game. It can vary byplatform. There are some circumstances, including application crashes, whereno end time can be recorded and hence the session length is unknown.
  37. 37. Are you enjoying my game?Retention or StickinessPercent of users than come back to your app within the next N weeks
  38. 38. Are you enjoying my game?Session per userThe ratio of the number of sessions generated on the Nth day after installationto the number of users considered active on day N.
  39. 39. Are you enjoying my game?Rolling retentionThe percentage of users still active N days after installation.
  40. 40. Are you enjoying my game?Loyalty (Session Frequency)Is a measure of how many sessions unique users had over a given period oftime.
  41. 41. Can I make a better game?
  42. 42. Can I make a better game?Steps to study a Game Conversion1.  Identify your goals (Register, Downloads, In-game purchases, Feedback)2.  Define the steps which must be follow to complete the goal3.  User segmentation4.  Set up your Funnels5.  Data-mining6.  Take decisions and take corrective actions7.  Improve your game continually
  43. 43. Can I make a better game?Conversion FunnelsA funnel is a series of actions which a user must pass before reaching the goalduring a conversion process. The purpose of a funnel is to see in which stepsare user dropping off.
  44. 44. Can I make a better game?Custom variablesCustom variables are name-value pair tags that you can insert in your trackingcode in order to refine Google Analytics tracking. With custom variables, youcan define additional segments to apply to your visitors other than the onesalready provided by Analytics
  45. 45. Can I make a better game?Experiments A/B Testing Multivariant
  46. 46. Can I make a better game?Ongoing optimization: Improve your game continually
  47. 47. But…is this game a business?
  48. 48. But…is this game a business?Tracking in App PurchasesHow Much Revenue does my game generate?Which products are most popular? Within de latest GA 1.2 library Hack your in-app purchase
  49. 49. But…is this game a business?
  50. 50. But…is this game a business?
  51. 51. But…is this game a business?
  52. 52. But…is this game a business?AppFiguresA beautiful app tracking platform for app developers andpublishers.Sales & download numbersWorld-wide reviews & ranksand other juicy data
  53. 53. Tracking your campaigns
  54. 54. The BasicsTagging your online ads is an important prerequisite to allowing your analytics tool to showyou which marketing activities are really paying off. !
  55. 55. Online Campaign TrackingCampaign links consist of a URL address followed by a question mark and your campaignvariables. youll usually only need to use Source, Medium, Campaign Name,
  56. 56. Offline Campaign Tracking?
  57. 57. The Basics Localytics url builder
  58. 58. Google Play Campaign TrackingAndroid OS supports URL parameters in download links to Google Play.How to implement Google Play Campaign Tracking:1.  Create a URL containing referral information2.  Capture and Store the installation intent containing referral information3.  Fire and event with the stores data whenever the App is launched.With GA SDK 1.3 for IOS you can track campaign referrals.
  59. 59. Apple Store campaign trackingThe Apple Store doesn’t support URL parameters. All campaign tracking on OS must bedone by passing and sharing UDIDs.Here is the language from the Apple Developer documentation:Deprecated in iOS 5.0uniqueIdentifierAn alphanumeric string unique to each device based on various hardware details. (read-only) (Deprecated in iOS 5.0. Instead, create a unique identifier specific to your app.)
  60. 60. Adservers for appsAdmobAdserver by GoogleWorldwideGreyStripeThe largest Brand-Focused Mobile Ad NetworkFull screen ads.Inmobithe largest independent mobile ad networkGreat for Japan
  61. 61. There are tons of adservers for appsInmobiGreystripeBrightrollTapItMadvertiseSmaatoMobfoxiAdsJumptapMillenialAdmobW3IFlurryVdopia
  62. 62. Mopub“One-stop-shop” ad server.Analytic and control.Server ads from all of the major mobile and networks.Easy integration without complicated sdk integrationsCross promotions of appsSee it in action
  63. 63. Informs and Dashboard
  64. 64. The dashboardA dashboard is a visual display of the most important information needed toachieve one or more objectives; consolidated and arranged on a single screen sothe information can be monitored at a glance.
  65. 65. The dashboardAll the visualizations fit on a single screen/page.It shows the most important KPIsIt is not designed exclusively for executives but rather should be used by thegeneral workforce as effective dashboards are easy to understand and use.The frequency of the update will vary by organization and by purpose.Insights.Lead to action.
  66. 66. And RememberDetermine the RIGHT KPIs for you tracking and visualize data that is important for makingyour game a successSet a Robust KPI Tracking infrastructure.Set up an A/B testing interface to measure the effects ofdifferent features in certain KPIs.Find the proper balance between user growth, retention andmonetization.Constantly work towards improving your KPIS.
  67. 67. Thanks to Ideateca
  68. 68. Thanks!Iñaki