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The Top 22 Affiliate And CPA Networks

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  • Best PPD/CPA Networks List - Check More on! BestAffNetworks .com
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The Top 22 Affiliate And CPA Networks

  1. 1. The Top 22 Affiliate And CPA NetworksAffiliate Networks are a great way for website owners and content producers to monetize their workwith related products and services. With literally hundreds of affiliate networks in existence, it can bean arduous task to stay in the loop about the network options with their respective pros and cons.Weve picked our favorite 22 affiliate networks; included in this list is a little something for everyone.From the beginner affiliate marketer to the Fortune 500 company, these affiliate networks have thetools, campaigns, and integrity that other networks continue to strive for. Here they are, inalphabetical is a Media Breakaway, LLC company who has been involved in the affiliate marketingarena since 2001. With value added services that include domain registration, email list management,and website hosting, has proven they are one of the leading affiliate networks. Affiliatesare paid on a net 15 basis, and advertisers can place offers on their network with no setup fees.Affiliate.coms blog is the place to check out their new offers and company announcements. Theirwebsite home page lists all of their social network profiles so potential affiliates and advertisers canfollow them has been a pioneer in affiliate marketing since 2002 when it was launched by PerfiliateTechnologies. They were then acquired by AOL in 2008 and have become part of the Platform-Adepartment of AOL, and are a business unit of AOLs is the second largestaffiliate in the UK, and has been aggressively expanding their offerings into the U.S. has manywell known advertisers including Ticketmaster, The New York Times Store, Discount Tire, Speedo,and TurboTax to name a few. offers a customizable reporting dashboard to publishers, andpays affiliates monthly. Advertisers and affiliates alike enjoy the added level of transparency has become known for.ClickBoothClickBooth is an industry award winning CPA network with many exclusive advertisers. With over 5years experience in affiliate marketing, ClickBooth has become the premiere network for over 20,000publishers and brands like Blockbuster, ADT, Dish Network, America Online, and VistaPrint. With acontinuing effort to ensure the quality of affiliates and advertisers, ClickBooth has maintained asuperior level of network compliance within their network. The ClickBooth Blog features even moreinfo about the company, contests, and links to the major social sites so you can easily connect withthem.Commission JunctionCommission Junction is one of the largest affiliate networks in the world, and they work with somepower-house companies like Yahoo, Home Depot, HP, Apple Store, Dell, Staples,, EHarmony, and Expedia. CJ has a pioneered many affiliate resources which have been adopted bymany other networks. Among those resources is CJU, an area of the CJ website dedicated to
  2. 2. educating CJ publishers about affiliate marketings best practices. CJ was also one of the first affiliatenetworks to make public internal performance metrics (like EPCs or Earnings per Click) for bothpublishers and advertisers, enabling both groups to make better decisions about their campaigns.CrispAdsCrispAds is the affiliate network arm of Intela, a performance-based marketing company with officesin the U.S. And UK. They feature a "blog advertising network," which has allowed bloggers to sign upand earn revenue in a format that is designed for bloggers. Some of CrispAds advertiser brandsinclude Visa, DirectBuy, Gerber, and Toyota. Their blog is the best way to stay current on newcampaigns and special announcements.CX Digital MediaCX Digital Media, formerly IncentaClick, is an affiliate network based out of Toronto, Canada. CXDigital Media works with advertisers like Netflix, DirectTV, U.S. Army,, andFlyCell. The blog has details about their current affiliate bonuses and promotions, as well as links totheir social profile pages. CX Digital Media has an agency component designed to work withtraditional advertising agencies for online media buys.DirectAgentsDirectAgents is an interactive marketing agency from New York specializing in affiliate and searchmarketing, lead generation, and media buying. Some of their high profile advertising clients includeExperian, Scholastic, SnapFish, Terminix, and TruGreen. DirectAgents has been presented withnumerous awards, including the Inc 5000 for fastest growing companies. The DirectAgents Blog is avery active affiliate blog, with posting occurring almost daily, and is the best source for mediamentions and company events.FluxAdsFluxAds is a CPA network that takes a hands-on approach by matching up affiliates with offers thatmatch the demographic of their audience. The FluxAds website even has a live web cam wherevisitors to the website gain a visual insight into the daily activities of the FluxAds team. Their blog isfull of quick tips, conference reminders, and has the links to their companys social profiles. Theyhave been actively posting content on their blog since January 2009.Google Affiliate NetworkThe Google Affiliate Network is a relatively new player on the scene but has quickly become one ofthe primary destinations for both advertisers and affiliates.It is one of the more strict networks forallowing publishers to sign up without the proper verification; they take a close look at publisherwebsites and promotion methods prior to account approval. The Google Affiliate Network hosts theirblog on Blogspot. They frequently blog about new laws that affect affiliates and system maintenanceschedules, and they have a section for GAN frequently asked questions.HydraHydra Network is one of the most popular CPA networks and has won numerous awards includingInc 500 Fastest Growing (2007, 2008), and 2009 Internet Advertising Competition Award forOutstanding Achievement in Internet Advertising. Hydra features many exclusive campaigns that can
  3. 3. only be found on their network, as well as offers that can be incentivized. Hydras affiliate dashboardis very well laid out, making it easy to access reports, campaigns, and account settings.LeadFlashLeadFlash is a CPA network and is one of the largest players in the cash advance/payday loanvertical. More recently LeadFlash has moved into the home loan modification, debt, and automotiveloan verticals as they continue to host some of the highest paying CPA offers on any network. TheLeadFlash affiliate dashboard is one of the most simple and easy to use dashboards of any CPAnetwork. Finding the category of offer to promote and integrating it into your website or emailcampaign is very intuitive. LeadFlash is located in Florida and employs nearly 50 people.LeadPileLeadPile is one of the largest lead aggregators and they feature one of the most diverse selections oflead types for both affiliates and lead buyers. Through their custom forms, LeadPile reports that overthe last 30 days they have served 61 different lead types. LeadPile has a few different options foraffiliates; they can send traffic to a LeadPile web property, embed a form on their own website, orHTTP and XML post directly into a LeadPile server. Their demo videos clearly explain and illustratemany of the CPA lead concepts and decrease the learning curve when starting to work with them forthe first time. The LeadPile blog has current company news and lead-gen tips for their affiliates.LeadPointLeadPoint is a lead network founded in 2004 in Los Angeles offering services for both lead buyersand sellers. With many lead types, LeadPoint has services for voice leads, custom forms, and othercreative solutions for lead delivery. The LeadPoint Blog is a great resource for all topics pertaining tolead generation and links to their social profiles. LeadPoint also has a UK arm of business that workswith many of the same verticals as their U.S. Counterpart.LinkConnectorLinkConnector is an affiliate network which launched in 2004. Their client list includes JC Whitney,MyLife, American Muscle, WordTracker, PR Web, and Monster Learning Network. LinkConnectorsplatform features some great benefits, including an affiliate widget builder and a linking technologythat allows for affiliates to link directly to the advertisers site while still maintaining a high level oftracking. The LinkConnector home page also has links to their Facebook and Twitter profiles so youcan quickly connect.LinkShareLinkShare is one of the largest Affiliate Networks and boasts one of the most impressive clientportfolios. Advertisers include AT&T, iTunes, Delta, CompUSA, Enterprise, FootLocker, GNC,Hotwire, Macys, McAfee, PetSmart, Toshiba, WalMart, and Zales, to name a few. LinkSharesaffiliate platform features an exclusive CPA area called "Lead Advantage," where publishers gainaccess to high performing lead offers. LinkShare was founded in 2006 and has offices in both theU.S. And Europe.NeverBlueNeverBlue is a lead generation affiliate network headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia. It began
  4. 4. business in 2004 and is a subsidiary company of Vertrue Inc. NeverBlues advertisers includeGameFly, MindSpark,, and CellFish. The NeverBlue blog gives potential affiliatessome insight into the corporate culture of their company, and offers some helpful tips to affiliates.Their "meet the team" pages are filled with fun facts about the people who work there.PartnerWeeklyPartnerWeekly is the largest full-service player in the cash advance/payday loan space today. Thatdidnt happen by accident. Their philosophy of continuous improvement makes being sensitive toaffiliate needs a way of life. Today, that means offers that convert extremely well, and that generateindustry-leading ROI. Tomorrow, that means a dedication by the company to diversification withinother non cash verticals. More choice. More opportunity for profit. Business relationships, and how tomake them great, is a PartnerWeekly mantra. That starts with the best offers. An unmatchedcapability to customize them. Supported by world-class customer service from experienced affiliatemanagers, and real-time communication tools to maximize business results. PartnerWeekly is abusiness unit of Selling Source LLC, which earned its place in 2008 at #68 on the Inc 500 list. Thatdidnt happen by accident either.PepperJamPepperJam was founded in 1999 by internet marketing expert Kris Jones and has successfullyintegrated several core services to their affiliate network side of business. Among those value addedservices are search, media buying, and design services. The PepperJam was recognized by IncMagazine as one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S. Their blog announces new campaignson their network, company events, and links to a few of their social profiles.ShareaSaleShareaSale is an affiliate network with over 2000 merchants and numerous awards. Their websitefeatures a preview of all merchants that they work with so potential affiliates can search by category,allowing easy look-ups of relevant campaigns. Merchants to ShareaSale have a minimal networkaccess fee and a very competitive pricing structure. The ShareaSale Blog is the prime source forcompany info and events.Share ResultsShare Results is an affiliate software and network with merchants that include PhotoBucket, Nero,eLearners, and Founded in 2002 by Nicky Senyard, Share Results is known for,among other things, the high level of transparency the network provides to both its affiliates andmerchants. Share Results features multiple campaign types like CPA, CPL, referral, and rev share,and they make their affiliate payouts monthly via wire, check, or PayPal. The Share Results Blog ispacked with great affiliate information and video interviews with industry professionals.Tribal FusionThe Tribal Fusion network serves over 20 billion impressions per month reaching over 230 millionusers. Clients include, Morpheus Media, Beyond Interactive, PowWeb, and ArtifactSoftware. Tribal Fusion has a very handy "channels" page which compares some of their networkmetrics with some competitors. Potential clients are also able to drill-down the category that their site
  5. 5. fits in and see landscape of Tribal Fusions reach within that vertical.ZanoxZanoxis a leading affiliate network with advertisers that include Jamster, 1&1, ZoneAlarm, GameOn,and, Amazon, Lycos, Procter & Gamble, Citibank, among others. The Zanox blogfeatures a live cam of their office in addition to links to their Facebook Group, company Twitteraccount, Flickr photos, and their iGoogle gadget. Zanox works with over a million affiliates in over 190countries and offers direct support in about 30 countries.Lead Generating Software Video Demo