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Accelerating International Growth with Perectly Tuned Communications


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Accelerating International Growth with Perectly Tuned Communications

  1. 1. Accelerating international growth with perfectly tuned communications Enterprise Ireland Digital Strategies for International Markets. Dublin, 25th October 2018 Presenter: Ed Field, Managing Director, Maverick ( )
  2. 2. Dedicated to fuelling success for ambitious, internationally focused B2B companies and brands. Since 2005.
  3. 3. Comms Team. B2B Communications Director Directing the overall strategy and implementation. Ed Field B2B Communications Development Manager Research, planning and management of comms activities. David Cashman B2B Communications Development Manager Research, planning and management of comms activities. Andrew Lane
  4. 4. Marketing Team Shellie Byrne Managing Partner Yvonne Deegan Senior Marketing Specialist Emma Lyons Senior Marketing Specialist Bree Blaine Marketing Specialist
  5. 5. Meabh Haugh Web Developer Development Team Dan Devine Technical Director Cathal Toomey Web Developer Design Team Andrew Warner Art Director Rhona Ryan Graphic Designer
  6. 6. Brand & Communications Development Marketing Programmes Developing Web Technologies
  7. 7. Partner
  8. 8. No matter how complicated your business, service or product, the outward expression should always be clear and simple.
  9. 9. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication “ Leonardo da Vinci
  10. 10. In today’s digital world, perfectly tuned branding and communications can spark extraordinary gains for your organisation.
  11. 11. LSM
  12. 12. The Challenge Production orientation to marketing orientation. From commodity to brand. LSM
  13. 13. Results. From commodity to brand. “There has been an immediate impact on every audience and every conversation we are having. Overnight we’ve changed the perception of our organisation and our products – in a very positive way. We’ve shifted from selling a commodity to selling a brand. I was unsure of the value of this exercise, but now, just two weeks after roll-out, all the signals are telling me that we absolutely did the right thing.” John Cummins, Managing Director, LSM
  14. 14. You can now cut through the clutter, reach anyone, anywhere and engage, educate, excite and amaze.Your guiding principles.
  15. 15. Our Principles What We Believe There is a Way Successful marketing is governed by established principles and follows proven paths. A journey that reduces waste and risk, provides the space for innovation and creativity, and yields the greatest possible results. Purpose is Powerful People first engage with ‘why’ you do what you do, not ‘what’ or ‘how’. A clear purpose, for an organisation or brand, underpins the development of effective communications. Simplicity Wins People are busy. You might only have a moment to be noticed, a few seconds to make a positive first impression, and a few minutes to inspire action. Keep it simple. Truth Persuades Truth cuts through, engages and moves people. Connections are made when the message encapsulates the true value of the offering and touches on the real need of the prospect.
  16. 16. How clear is your broadcast? Are your prospects hearing you clearly or is your message lost in the noise?
  17. 17. The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place. “ George Bernard Shaw
  18. 18. The Challenge Needing sharper tools to break new markets Carey Glass
  19. 19. Results. Many seeds planted in fertile soil, with the harvest already including a multi-million dollar, high-rise, project in Seattle. “Maverick developed and executed a very precise marketing strategy and the depth of their audience profiling and targeting enabled us to get in front of the exact architect and glazing partners that we had been continuously struggling to engage. We have now established key contacts and relationships with some of the top architect and glazing firms in North America which will be significant for us in winning new business in this market.” Michael Carew, North American Sales Director, Carey Glass
  20. 20. You can now cut through the clutter, reach anyone, anywhere and engage, educate, excite and amaze.Raise Your Expectations.
  21. 21. When a sweet prospect who has never heard of your brand lands on your website, be it the homepage or any other page, there is an immediate, less than one second, very positive first impression made, consciously and sub- consciously. You’ve immediately begun to build trust and you’ve sparked interest, they are ready to explore more. 1-second impact
  22. 22. When the prospect explores a little further, for example on your website, you are hitting on all their key touch points. All perfectly tuned to their perceptions, needs and concerns – trust is building further, they are more and more impressed, they are really excited that you have exactly what they need, they take the next step. . 60-second engagement
  23. 23. You can expect an increased flow of educated, warm, fully engaged prospects. Expect short sales cycles, higher conversion, reduced sales effort and more sweet spot clients. Engaged Prospects
  24. 24. The Challenge Break new ground and internationalise Emisoft
  25. 25. // Clarity, and impactful, relevant mages to support the message
  26. 26. // Clear, engaging copy
  27. 27. // Distill the message, use design to give impact.
  28. 28. // Proof / stories
  29. 29. Results. Within 3 months of launch an intensive marketing campaign had delivered more than 200 sales leads. More than Emisoft could handle! “We searched the world for the right marketing partner. In Maverick we found all we were looking for. They guided us all the way and within the first 6 months of go live had delivered 200+ quality leads.” Jon Eivind Stromme, CEO, Emisoft
  30. 30. You can now cut through the clutter, reach anyone, anywhere and engage, educate, excite and amaze.There is a way.
  31. 31. Stage 1: Prepare the ground Stage 2: Establish the foundations Stage 3: Develop a plan Stage 4: Rethink brand identity and style Stage 5: Create and collate the ingredients Stage 6: Build a customer-centric website Stage 7: Develop compelling sales supports Stage 8: On-board and go-live Stage 9: Nurture and evolve 9 Steps
  32. 32. Ensure business strategy is clear The clearer the strategy, the easier it is to produce on-message, on-brand, effective communications. Audit current communications A brief, independent, expert assessment can help bring all on-board. Understand your audience’s perceptions, needs and buying behaviours Research all three thoroughly as this awareness underpins everything. 1. Prepare the ground
  33. 33. Examine best-in-class Take inspiration from the best communicators in your space or in related sectors. Establish key requirements and objectives Be clear on the key aspects of your brand and communications. A top-level one-page touchstone to periodically refer back to. 1. Prepare the ground
  34. 34. Clarify the facts Pinpoint what you do, for whom, how, how it’s different, and what value it provides. Before you work on how to say it, be sure you’re crystal clear on what to say. Forget about the language initially, just get the facts straight; crafting the copy will come later. Define your brand personality Re-examine and re-define your brand personality, which needs to be true to the company and resonate with your audiences. Define your purpose People first engage with why you do what you do, not what or how. A purposeful brand is therefore a more powerful one. 2. Establish the foundations
  35. 35. Define positioning Your prospect’s mind is busy. You can only own a little of it. What’s the lead attribute you want to be known for? Craft a succinct value proposition The value proposition is a distillation of all the key facts you have clarified and is aligned with your purpose. Shape a clear construct How does your audience navigate through your material to get what they need? 2. Establish the foundations
  36. 36. Create a development plan Draw up a succinct, top-level plan for your brand and communications development. With the foundations established, you can define what is to be produced, who will undertake those tasks, the roadmap, timeline, and investment required. 3. Develop a plan
  37. 37. Address brand identity Is your current brand identity in line with your newly defined brand personality? Consider visual style Develop a distinctive, well-worked visual style which aligns with your brand personality. Brand materials and applications List all required applications and work through the production of each. 4. Rethink brand identity & style
  38. 38. Craft clear, compelling copy Write for the website first, then re-purpose that content for other needs. Create copy that’s clear, relevant, true, human and digestible. Develop an image bank Build a bank of photographs to illuminate all you need to communicate. Ensure you have a clear and comprehensive plan for every photoshoot. The more service orientated your offering, the more important your image bank. Build a video library Quality video is a powerful medium. It’s excellent for telling client stories, demonstrating how your solution works and sharing your technical knowledge to educate prospects. 5. Create & collate the ingredients
  39. 39. // Using video
  40. 40. Plan the website Fully define a plan for every page, panel and feature on the website, with documents kept together for each section or page, including the copy and plan for that piece. Design the website Each webpage template is designed following the defined visual style and wireframes and working with the image bank. A simple site might need 6 to 10 templates, a larger site might require 10 to 30. Build the website If everything is fully defined and prepared before hand over, then little interaction is required until the website is fully built. 4 to 10 weeks. 6. Build a customer-centric website
  41. 41. Create sales desks You now have all the thinking, direction and material to quickly create effective sales materials. Create a clear plan for each piece. Re-purpose what you developed for the website to quickly produce impressive materials, all on-brand and all consistent. Produce proposal templates If your proposal documentation has a significant bearing on your prospects decision making, it then merits planning, writing and designing a comprehensive, compelling master proposal template document. 7. Developing compelling sales supports
  42. 42. Bring everyone on-board It’s vital to now bring everyone on-board with this thinking, tone, style and message, especially management, sales, and service. Go-live Decide on, and prepare for, the day where all the old disappears and all the new appears. Avoid carrying out changes piecemeal and ensure every detail of the new is fully implemented. 8. On-board & go live
  43. 43. Avoid inconsistency Ensure all experiences, touch points, messaging, people and materials stay on-brand. Inconsistency damages trust, both consciously and sub-consciously. Ongoing tuning The 9-stage approach outlined here should deliver a brand identity, visual style and website that should not require major overhaul for at least 5 years, although this may be less for early stage companies. 9. Nurture & evolve
  44. 44. Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean, to make it simple. But it’s worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains. “ Steve Jobs
  45. 45. With the same business strategy, the same products and services, and the same people, you can achieve significantly better results.
  46. 46. You can now cut through the clutter, reach anyone, anywhere and engage, educate, excite and amaze.Barriers to best practice.
  47. 47. Looking for a quick fix Often, work on the brand, messaging and website isn’t instigated until there is a big event or pitch, however, a quick fix will never provide the right solution. Barriers to best practice.
  48. 48. Underestimating the cost of weak communications It’s impossible to calculate the true cost of a poor first impression, a fuzzy pitch or a weak website and consequently, communications are often overlooked as an essential component of growth. Barriers to best practice.
  49. 49. Underestimating your audiences’ desire to help themselves Today’s buyer expects to find everything they need to know about your offering from your website. Although a sales person might still convert the lead to a sale, if you fail to fully serve your prospects online you might not get that opportunity. Barriers to best practice.
  50. 50. Insufficient investment Unlike their B2C counterparts, few B2Bs invest sufficiently in their branding, communications and marketing, with many investing less than 0.25% of turnover. Barriers to best practice.
  51. 51. Your prospects are crying out for a clear voice to cut through the static and connect with their need. Be the one.
  52. 52. Accelerating international growth with perfectly tuned communications Enterprise Ireland Digital Strategies for International Markets. Dublin, 25th October 2018 Presenter: Ed Field, Managing Director, Maverick ( )