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Museums and the Web - Epiphany Project Neo4J and Twitter Data Demo

This slide deck accompanies a paper written for Museums and the Web 2014 in Baltimore. The paper is here: and describes the lead-in to the project. The slides show the initial findings from the first three months of project development work, during which data from Twitter about a specific museum (Belper Mill) was captured and put in a Neo4J Graph Database.

The slides will be very hard to follow without the notes, which don't seem to be happening on SlideShare at the moment, but if you download the presentation and view it in Powerpoint, you ought to be able to get more of an idea what this is all about.

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Museums and the Web - Epiphany Project Neo4J and Twitter Data Demo

  1. 1. The Epiphany Project – short demo Longitudinal analysis of Twitter data using a graph database David Gerrard, Dr Ann O’Brien & Professor Thomas Jackson 4th April 2014@EpiphanyLboro
  2. 2. Graph databases • Show of hands: – Who is familiar with Graph DBs? • In a nutshell: – A database in which the relationships between things are first class citizens – Organises data into Directed Graphs 4th April 2014@EpiphanyLboro
  3. 3. 4th April 2014@EpiphanyLboro Name Twitter Name # Followers Belper Mill @BelperMill 503 Cromford Mills @CromfordMills 2416 Darley Abbey @DarleyAbbey 1163 Derby Museums @DerbyMuseums 2875 Derby Silk Mill @DerbySilkMill 2448 Derwent Valley Mills @DVMillsWHS 2336 John Smedley @JohnSmedley 4008 Masson Mills @Masson_Mills 4 Willersley Castle @WillersleyHotel 432
  4. 4. 4th April 2014@EpiphanyLboro Twitter API Client TweetInvi Visualisation Graph database Neo4J Neo4JClient 1 2Console App 3 4 5 6 7 8 Release 1 system
  5. 5. 4th April 2014@EpiphanyLboro
  6. 6. 4th April 2014@EpiphanyLboro
  7. 7. 4th April 2014@EpiphanyLboro
  8. 8. 4th April 2014@EpiphanyLboro
  9. 9. 4th April 2014@EpiphanyLboro
  10. 10. 4th April 2014@EpiphanyLboro
  11. 11. 4th April 2014@EpiphanyLboro
  12. 12. 4th April 2014@EpiphanyLboro
  13. 13. 4th April 2014@EpiphanyLboro Instrumental value Intrinsic value Where Computational Social Science fits e.g. Travers (2006) Museums and Galleries in Britain e.g. Museums Association (2012) Museums 2020 Public Perceptions of and Attitudes to the Purposes of Museums in society Computational Social Science Uses Internet data to examine human behaviour. (Potentially) enables near-real time analysis of high-volumes of “medium-fidelity” information.
  14. 14. 4th April 2014@EpiphanyLboro People Visit museums Follow museums and write about experiences using… Social media Enable social networks and content publication Epiphany system API Client Finds followers and their blogs from Focused web crawler Pass URLs to Harvests content from Data stores Graph database Business intelligence Links back to Logic / rules Visual- isation Content analyser Pass content to Museums Display objects Hold exhibitions Inspire… Architectural vision
  15. 15. I’m looking for… • Case studies: – I need this research to be useful… – … so I need to work with museums • More funding: – Current UK Arts and Humanities Research Council funding ends Sept 2015 – There is more than a PhD here 4th April 2014@EpiphanyLboro
  16. 16. @EpiphanyLboro 4th April 2014@EpiphanyLboro