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Hell from a liberal perspective

I made this in high school for an assignment to create ur own version of hell a'la Dante's Inferno

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Hell from a liberal perspective

  1. 1. Hell from a liberal perspective Abandon all hope ye who enter here By Eric K. Helgeson
  2. 2. Level 9: Thieves • In Level 9, Thieves and robbers who steal for their own greed have their hands cutoff and regrowned for eternity. • Notable people: Billy the Kid, Vincenzo Peruggia, and Blackbeard.
  3. 3. Level 8: Cheaters • In Level 8, cheaters are betting for their freedoms in a casino where they always lose. • Notable people: Bernie Madoff, Peter Minuit, and Mr. Henry F. Potter.
  4. 4. Level 7: Gluttons • In Level 7, the gluttons who hoard food will become pigs and eat their own excrement before being served to the demons as dinner. • Notable people: Ciacco, and Hermann Göring.
  5. 5. Level 6: Cruelty to Animals • In Level 6, People who torture and kill animals for fun(Hunting them doesn't count). Will face the same torture they put the animals through. • Notable people: Sharon McDonough, David Motari, Tyler Hayes Weinhams, and the people who make crush films.
  6. 6. Level 5: Rapists and Molesters • In Level 6, rapists and molesters will be turned into women and raped in all holes by big men in a prison shower. • Notable people: Pedophile Catholic priests, Patrick Horen, and Johnny.
  7. 7. Level 4: Lust • In Level 4, all sexaholics will be tied to a cross and watch the succubi doing sexually suggestive stuff(exp. Washing cars, eating popsicles,) while behind a glass window. • Notable people: Glenn Quagmire.
  8. 8. Level 3: Murder • In Level 3, Murderers will be killed by various methods throughout eternity. • Notable people: Timothy McVeigh, Heinrich Himmler, Paul Jennings Hill, and Nathan Bedford Forrest,
  9. 9. Level 2: Fundamentalism • In Level 2, People who believe in ignorance and dogma and force people to follow their religion and kill those who refused will live the knowledge that they chosen the wrong religion for all eternity. • Notable People: Jerry Falwell, Jack T. Chick, Osama Bin Laden, and Pope Benedict XVI
  10. 10. Level 1: The Palace of Satan • It is here where Satan lives and controls Hell. Also here are the souls of the most evil people whoever walked the Earth, & they are personally tortured by the Dark Lord himself. • Notable people: Satan, Saddam Hussein, The Sith Lords, and at least half of the Disney Villains.
  11. 11. The End……? Directed, Produced, Written, & Effects by Eric K. Helgeson. Images provided by Wikipedia and Google. And now a final from our hostess, Miss Hell of 2009: Hurry Back, hurry back! Be sure to bring your Death certificate. Copyright 2010 Yensid Productions.