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Impact report evergy x empowered 11082021

  1. SuitUp with Evergy x Empowered 11.08.2021 Opening Doors and Reimagining Pathways for Students Everywhere…
  2. students served volunteers engaged 30 17 About Evergy With a focus on energy solutions and choices, efficient service and energy, and alternative energy sources, Evergy is helping to create more savings, sustainable energy and solutions to meet community needs. A few of Evergy’s priorities are: • Environmental Leadership • Community Vitality • Innovation About the Students Students from this competition hailed from the states of Kansas and Missouri and attended four different schools: The Independent School, Wichita East High School, KIPP St. Louis High School, and Atlanta C-3 High School
  3. ` Meet the Participants This competition honored and celebrated the partnership between Evergy & Empowered… Empowered is a community of teachers, advocates and resources that provide methodology, support and discovery for educators who are committed to their students, communities and a growth mindset. Koch Industries also participated in this competition in support of Evergy & Empowered. Volunteers and students who participated identified as Male, Female, Hispanic / Latinx, Caucasian, Asian / Pacific Islander, African-American, and Multi-Racial. Volunteers were in varying levels of their careers and the students were in the 9th -12th grades.
  4. Business Case Challenge Through SuitUp, volunteers from [INSERT COMPANY] and students from [SCHOOL] participated in a SuitUp business competition in which they [INSERT CHALLENGE] Volunteers coached students in various departments before helping them pitch to judges for a cash prize. Winning Team: Team 4: ICT CARE Team 1: The Hangout Team 2: The Green Tree Pavilion Team 3: The Safe After Snack Playshop Team 4: ICT CARE SuitUp to the Challenge
  5. From Student to CEO… A look at how we are changing life trajectories through corporate skills-based volunteering
  6. Competitions Make a Difference… BEFORE SUITUP... 81% of students felt confident they could obtain the skills they needed for a future career 100% of students felt what they learn in the classroom will help them in a future career 100% of volunteers believe volunteering is an important value at their company 100% of volunteers felt they knew how to encourage more young people to follow a specific career path and industry 100% of students NOW see themselves having a career using the skills they learned at SuitUp 100% of students feel more confident in school and preparing for a career after working with SuitUp and their coaches 100% of volunteers believe their company made a positive impact through SuitUp 100% of volunteers see SuitUp as a way to encourage more students to join their industry or company AFTER SUITUP...
  7. Evergy x Empowered Impact SuitUp asked students if Evergy x Empowered’s SuitUp competition made an impact on what they want to study when they go to college. 100% of students said the volunteers helped them come to this conclusion. What fields/career paths are our students interested in after working with the Evergy x Empowered teams? Marketing 30% Business Administration / Entrepreneurship 35% Graphic/Web/Digital 18% STEM 1% Media/Public Relations 1% Other 18%
  8. Same time next week? 100% of volunteers are interested in doing a SuitUp competition again 100% of students liked their SuitUp competition and coaches 100% of students would like to participate in SuitUp again
  9. During the competition, we overheard… “When you have a team of Rockstars... who needs practice? You guys got this!!!! - Jenny, Volunteer I learned that our CEOs speak much better on their feet than we thought they would… - Stephanie, Volunteer Our coaches were so helpful and were there for us when we needed them. - Kamilyah, student
  10. Get Involved This board meets 4x a year and helps SuitUp implement its strategic plan to scale and serve more students. JOIN SUITUP’S CORPORATE BOARD VOLUNTEER AT FUTURE EVENTS Sign up for as many chapters as you’d like to keep an eye out for open volunteer competitions! MAKE AN INTRO TO ANOTHER COMPANY SuitUp is always seeking new corporate partners to host and sponsor SuitUp competitions. We work across the US and even the UK. As a 501(c)(3) non- profit, SuitUp is always seeking financial or in-kind support to continue our work in communities that need it most. All gifts are tax deductible. GIVE A GIFT A huge thank you from all of us in the SuitUp family…
  11. THANKYOU Hope to see you again soon!