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  1. Digital Marketing Plan for Marlow a Diamond Company that Specialise in Selling Lab-Grown Meat. Student’s name: Student’s ID: Department: Date:
  2. Why Digital Marketing? • Organizations have always used traditional marketing; print and broadcast media, telemarketing, and direct mails. • The use of the digital platform in marketing depends on AI as well as the viral nature of these media forums. • This makes it possible for a business to reach a global marketplace place with a large number of prospective clients. • The business environment has changed over the decade. People do business today online and customer preferences is also a point of concern. • Social media presence and active website are the most drivers of market growth for companies.
  3. • Social media has been a big impact on brands that have incorporated them with celebrity marketing. • Facebook has by today over 2.5 billion users, YouTube 2 billion users, Instagram has over 1 billion users, and Twitter 200 million users worldwide. • Social media is the biggest collection of prospective markets for any brand in the world. • A brand seeking to have its brand have a significant market growth globally like good meat, social media is the best way to market their content.
  4. Market analysis and competitor analysis for Good Meat. • This industry boasts of a larger market base because of the number of people who consume meat and meat products. • Good meat entering into the market with the promise of quality meat, that has been grown from animal cells. This means that the meat is boneless. • Good meat has however joined the market at a time when the world is becoming aware of the burden and cost that meat consumption is releasing including Carbon released from meat production and processing to energy consumption.
  5. Market analysis and competitor analysis for Good Meat Cont’d • Growing meat that is harmless to the planet but also provides quality meat is a big option for many meat consumers. • The market size in the meat sector is a huge one but the trend in the market meat without effect to the planet is a big market gap for Good Meat
  6. • Competition analysis • Good Meat being that its meat that s grown faces competition from the traditional source of meat; the dairy meat and poultry meats producer and retailers. SWOT analysis of the competitors in the figure.
  7. Objectives of the campaign • Creating awareness is the first objective of digital marketing: This campaign will try to make the consumer aware of alternative meat source that is not from dairy or poultry animals. • Increase sales will be the second need that will be quenched by digital marketing: campaign aims at bringing acquisition customers as well as retaining the existing customers of the Good Meat brand. • Reducing cost per acquisition of a customer and consumer retention is also the intention of digital marketing. • Reducing cost per lead: When a brand can meet a pool of consumers in real-time then the cost for leads is spread making the cost for one lead is minimal.
  8. Target audience persona. Persona in marketing concept is the ideal customer targeted by the digital marketing campaign: - The young and middle-aged individuals with ages ranging from 5 years to 45 years old people. - Vegetarians avoid the consumption of meat because animals have to be slaughtered to make meat available to them and they will have no reason to fear anymore. - The environmentalist population of the world is the also target for the Good Meat brand. - The environmentalist population of the world is the also target for the Good Meat brand.
  9. Why Good Meat for These Personae? • Provision of Good Meat for the young and youths to help build their immunity. • A continual supply of meat since the company does not have to go searching for animals to be slaughtered to prepare this meat. • Zero carbon emission goals; will be achieved because the growth of the meat process reduces carbon emissions by 97%. This is a factory for the personas age group. This is due to their needs for a healthier planet for them and the coming generation
  10. Content matrix and digital touchpoints • Are the laid down policies that allow content marketers to plan and consider how best to be available for their target audience with the right content at the right time and place in the consumer journey stages. • They include; - Awareness stage - the customer becomes aware that they have a problem or a gap that needs to be filled. - Consideration stage – is after realizing a problem or gap, the customer starts to evaluate options available to them. - Decision/ Purchase stage - where the customer is ready to make a purchase or is willing to make a purchase decision
  11. Race model for Good Meat touchpoints • The race model is describe by five main touchpoints that can be used to describe the future prosperity of a company in the market field. The stages are; Reach, Act, Convert, Engage, and a last primary stage is Plan.
  12. Conclusion. Good Meat is a new brand that is launching into a market when most of its concept is what the market nee to sustain itself off the important meat demand while also protecting the globe. The world is coming together to embrace products that provide quality at the same time keep the planet safe. This also comes at a time when the world is connected to a one-stop-shop for everything. Therefore, digital marketing is the field that good meat management needs to embrace and work on achieving the best out of. Good meat is a product that the world population should look out to taste.
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