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eTailing India - perqu loyalty pvt ltd

  1. Meaning of Perqu Originates from PERQUISITE. Privilege, gain, or profit; especially : one expected or promised. Gratuity, Tip. Perque : A Catalan adverb meaning (interrogative) “Why” Offers customers a “Reason to Buy”. Offers a reason “Why” customer brought the product.
  2. Who we are?
  3. Perqu Loyalty Pvt. Ltd. is part of $ 1 Billion Intex Technologies group with diverse business interests ranging from Mobility to Retail & Consumer Durables to Healthcare. Over 20 million customers who can be reached through a single push from Perqu Loyalty system. A channel offering Direct reach on the Mobile. Global Presence with business operations across 7 countries. Offer a product catalogue to your target customers and make them feel Privileged.
  4. To create and devise a mobile based Engagement Program that helps Consumers & Channels connected on a single platform.
  5. Reward your customer instantly through e-wallet on real time. Acquire new customers & Retain existing customers. Build Relationships & Create brand advocates. Respond to competition & Win back customers. Reduce promotional, Marketing and advertising cost. Plan merchandising more intelligently. Selecting stock and new store location effectively. Move customers up-segment & Increase Customer Lifetime Value.
  6. Educate >> Engage your customers and channels through a Mobile Loyalty program. Retain 20% of your customers who contribute to 80% of your sales. Increase foot falls and convert them as your loyal customers. Offer a product catalogue to make them feel privileged. Reward premium customers. Drive usage and consumption based on the Analytics and consumer behavior. Build Word-of-Mouth, Social referral network & Publicity free of cost.
  7. Why you need a Loyalty Program Customer’s buying decision is 30% rational and 70% emotional according to behavioral economist. It’s the emotional side of the decision-making process that creates connected, passionate and engaged customers. Robert Passikoff, President of Brand Keys
  8. How is the Customer Behaviour Changing Marketing Strategies for Retailers and eTailers? There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else. 80% of people don’t complain – they simply go elsewhere. Sam Walton
  9. Online Shopping Celebrity Influence Quality oriented outlet Freebies Offers and Schemes Recent Trends in Indian Retail Sector
  10. Over 250 million peoples using internet in India - to touch 500 millions in numbers by 2018. Over 125 million people registered in India on Facebook - on and average 55 million people are online everyday for 45-60 minutes. Mobile subscribers in India: over 900 millions - and about 500 million would be using mobile for social connect & email. This translates into over 500 million potential customers in the Mobile Loyalty universe. Source : TRAI, IAMAI & others Market Potential- India
  11. Studies show businesses can increase revenues by approximately 50% by retaining only 5% of their customers (80/20 rule). Consumer spending is 6% higher for companies running loyalty programs. Nearly 75% of shoppers belong to at least one loyalty program. The average household has 12 loyalty memberships, but uses only 1 or 2 of them. Loyalty cards increase frequency of visits by more than 25%. When paired with gift cards, loyalty program can increase sales by over 70%. Business benefits of a Loyalty program
  12. Exclusive Deals & offers for your customers. Product education on regular basis. A loyalty system which helps you convert all your loyalty points into Instant Cash. Products & Services at Special Price. Rewarding your customers on every Social share. Possibility to build an instant chat feature functionality. Consumer benefits
  13. Exclusive deals for your Customers. Exclusive products/services at discounted rates. Product education on regular basis over SMS/ email. Increase your business by engaging deeply with your customers. Possibility to sell number of other services under one roof, thus higher business volumes and profitability. E-Commerce Partner Benefits
  14. For more details please get in touch Or call us at 011-43172858