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Oral Health Education and Health Promotion
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Dental Health Education

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This presentation helps you to smile forever :-) By Faheem Javed

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Dental Health Education

  1. 1. May Allah enable me to get my ideas into practice
  2. 2. • In this session you will learn DENTAL DISEASE – Dental Caries – Calculus / Tarter• PREVENTION OF DENTAL CARIES AND PERIODONTAL DISEASE 1. Brushing 2. Flossing 3. Fluorides
  3. 3. Healthy teeth and gums enable you to:Chew food thoroughlySpeak clearlyGive shape and structure to your mouth
  4. 4. Structure of your teethEnamel (top) The hard material on the outer surface of the tooth.Dentin (middle) Below the enamel – the bonelike material that surrounds the sensitive inner parts of the tooth.Pulp (inside) Tissue that contains nerve endings and blood vessels.
  6. 6. What is Dental Caries? If we do not care properly for our teeth, wemay get Dental Caries. Caries make holes in teeth caused by plaque. Often, caries is a very painful disease.
  7. 7. PlaqueA thin, sticky film that builds up on teeth and contributes to tooth decay.
  8. 8. STAGES OF DENATL CARIES• 1- It begins into outer layer Enamel (painless)• 2- Spread into Dentine (hot & cold)• 3- Reaches nerves (painful)• 4- Kill the pulp• 5- Abscess Dental Caries
  9. 9. Calculus Tarter• Hardened plaque that threatens gum health. Only a dentist or dental hygienist can remove tarter completely.
  10. 10. Prevention• If you wish to save your teeth• You must maintain your oral hygiene
  11. 11. To maintain oral hygiene Three things You Can Do 2 Flossing 1 Brushing 3 fluoride
  12. 12. 1 Brushing• Properly brush your teeth,• paying extra attention to the gum line• and hard-to-reach back Molars• Avoid decay and bad breath by brushing
  13. 13. Proper Tooth brushing Techniques
  14. 14. Importance of Toothbrushing Techniques• It is important to remove bacterial plaque from all tooth surfaces.• Plaque produces dental caries and periodontal disease.
  15. 15. How to floss?Using 18 Firmly grasp Forming a C- Gently slideinches of the dental shape, the floss indental floss, floss with your carefully slide between bothwrap it lightly index fingers. the floss up sides of youraround your and down teeth andmiddle between your repeat untilfingers. tooth and gum finished. line.
  16. 16. 3 Fluorides • Fluoridation is the line of defense• e against dental Caries. •Fluoridation is important for any person who desires to prevent or control both of main dental disease. •Tooth past which contain fluoride compound is effective in dental disease.
  17. 17. Summary• Brush at least twice daily• Floss at least once a day• Use water or tooth past which contain fluorides• Visit your dentist regularly
  18. 18. Tips To Improve Your Work-time Brushing Habits:• Post a sticky note on your desk or computer as a reminder• Brush teeth after lunch, before you become absorbed in work.• Store your toothbrush and toothpaste at work in a convenient place.
  20. 20. About the AuthorFAHEEM JAVED is a science graduate anda Health Education provider.E-mail:
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This presentation helps you to smile forever :-) By Faheem Javed


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