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LinkedIn - What’s [in] It for You

  1. What’s In it for you? #spark19 Sam Parker
 Partner Account Director, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions
  2. 84K Schools 660M Members 30M Companies 50K Skills 20M Open Jobs 109B Updates Viewed
  3. From a directory (2003)…
  4. To a marketplace for ideas (today): 15x Engagement with Content than Job Posting 9B Content Impressions per week 2 Members 
 per second
  5. Transparency Control Brand safety Trusted platform Quality ad placements Uncluttered experience Respectful conversations A high-quality community
  6. LinkedIn has been voted the most trusted social platform for 3 years in a row
  7. Trust Drives Engagement The number of active users is higher during weekdays, but the average session duration reaches its peak during the weekend.
  8. Mindset Drives Motivation The LinkedIn member is early. Professionals have the habit of doing their watch before arriving at work or during the first hours of the working day at the office, and via desktop.
  9. In both a B2C and B2B context, awareness is driven by Rational motivations • Factual • Mathematical • Logical Emotional motivations • Creative • Intuitive • Imaginative types of motivation 2
  10. In this session… 1. Best practices: targeting on LI 2. Distribution channels: investment strategy and engaging members 3. Best practices: activation
  11. Achieve Success via Audience Strategy 01
  12. USA 165M+ 660M+ members LATAM 90M+ APAC 165M+ AFRICA 23M+ CHINA 48M+ Denmark 2M+ DACH 13M+FR 19M+ UK 27M+ CA 16M+ BR 40M+ EMEA 206M+ A truly global professional network
  13. 6.8 individuals make up the average buying committee. LinkedIn State of Sales Report, 2018
  14. Use first-party data to identify your site audiences – your buying committee LinkedIn Insights Tag, Lightweight JavaScript tag that powers:   1) (FREE) Website demographics; 2) Retargeting; 3) Conversion Tracking. Top TIP: To allow for maximum success, insights tag needs to be uniquely placed on the global header of your website, so that it fires on every subpage. +
  15. Meet Jess.
 1st party data on her profile Sydney, Australia University of Sydney Bachelors of Media & Communications 2010, 30 years old Commonwealth 
 Bank 10,000+ 
 employees Banking Business Project Manager, Global Markets University of Sydney Alumni, Marketing Updates Project Management, Program Management, Business Strategy School
 Field of study
 Graduation - age Location
 IP Company
 Industry Job title
 Function - seniority Groups Skills
  16. Build your buying committee using 5 categories Company Demographics Education Job experience Interests Company name Company industry Company size Derived from Company Page Derived from Company Page Company Followers Based on own company followers Company Connections First-degree connections of 
 employees at the companies 
 you select Member age* Derived by using the 
 earliest degree Member gender* Derived from Member name Field of study Degrees Member Schools Member provided Member provided Member provided Job title Member skills* Based on skills, endorsements 
 and keywords in profile Job Seniority* Derived from Job title Job function* Derived from Job title Years of experience* Member provided Years of professional experience accumulated over their career Member groups Member provided Interest Targeting Recent Release
  17. Test Interest Based targeting Top TIP: Add a max of one or two additional layers of targeting. E.g. Artificial Intelligence, excluding unpaid and training seniority levels. Interest can be explicit s u c h a s c o n t e n t consume, reactions, comments, or shares. ...or topics, hashtags and pages a member follows ...or searches on Bing 

  18. Match your audience to ours… Demographic DATA 
 from the LinkedIn profile  24 hrs processing time. 300 members must match. Stay Informed on Integration: Here And for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions GDPR information, access here. Target specific companies that your sales team is focused on with a personalized Message Ad from a company exec Retarget visitors to your pricing pages with a 30- day free trial WEBSITE RETARGETING ACCOUNT TARGETING Upload a csv list of emails in your marketing automation database who have not engaged in the last 18 months EMAIL CONTACT TARGETING Target people who model after your current customers by uploading a list of people that hit your customer login page LOOKALIKE AUDIENCE
  19. Distribution Channels 02
  20. Buyers spend time online Source: Forrester – Predictions 2018: Digital Disruption Is The New Normal For B2B Marketing of buyers find going online superior to interacting with a sales-person 68%
  21. Optimumbudgetsplit% 0 25 50 75 100 Durables FMCG Financial services Other services Retail B2B 54 36 49 20 4042 46 64 51 80 6058 Brand Activation Source: IPA The institute of Practioners in Advertising Databank, 1998-2018 B2B cases Marketing must have a long term investment strategy
  22. We’ve seen the benefit of brand to activation content working together Source: LinkedIn ad performance for a. global financial services company in a controlled A/B test across a specific target audience, Q4 2017. Note: Conversion rate is calculated based on the number of people having any conversion event divided by the number of people in the group. Groups are defined as people being served only brand impressions, only acquisition impressions, or both brand and acquisition messages. Higher conversion rate when brand and acquisition messaging are used in tandem ConversionRate Acquisition only Brand & Acquisition 1.2% 0.2% A global financial services provider 6X
  23. Always be visible to your audience and keep them engaged Recommendations, course news, 
 mini- tutorials, rewards, referrals Calculators, brochures, CTAS, offers Case studies, webinars, white papers SPONSORED 
  24. Single Image Ads (also known as Sponsored Content) Build customer relationships at every stage of the buyer’s journey by targeting content to your most valuable audiences wherever they spend their time. Target your most valuable audiences Reach your prospects anywhere  Grow your business at every stage
  25. CAPTIVATE A PROFESSIONAL AUDIENCE WITH NATIVE VIDEO AT EVERY STAGE OF THE BUYER’S JOURNEY Native Video Ad MOAT integration Benchmarks*: - Average VTR: 19-30% - Average Completion: 18-25% Lead Gen Form Integration Auto-Play on mute Mobile & Desktop bought on CPM CPC & CPV *This a range and benchmarks vary. Please contact your account team for latest data. 1:1 Video available, vertical (ad) ramping now! Specs here.
  26. Testimonials | Emirates NBD using live video "We have been avid users of video on LinkedIn, including both Video Ads and LinkedIn Live and we have been blown away by the results.” Mai Cheblak, 
 VP, Group Media and Social, 
 Emirates NBD
  27. Product Demo Show your product in action… but make it interesting. Microsoft used a viral video to demonstrate a new product feature in Teams.
  28. Gaining ROI by moving customer through the funnel Templafy reduced their cost per lead (CPL) by 55%
  29. A visual walkthrough of the customer experience Awareness Consideration Engagement Conversion Video Ad Sponsored Content (Thought Leadership) Sponsored Content (Lead Gen Form) Lead Gen Forms Views Does not convert Opens and converst Converts
  30. Mobile-optimized design for easy clicks Real-time delivery ensures timely reach Uncluttered professional context (45 days cap!) Lead Gen form integration available! Message Ad (InMail) SEND TIMELY, CONVENIENT, AND RELEVANT PRIVATE MESSAGES TO THE PEOPLE THAT MATTER MOST TO YOUR BUSINESS Specs here.
  31. Conversation ads Use messaging with guided replies to drive results at every stage of the buyer’s journey Upcoming release: H1 2020
  32. Activation Best Practices 03
  33. Whether your update shows in the feed is a function of both bid and relevancy score X The LinkedIn Auction rewards those advertisers with high content relevancy – use this to win A lower bid with a higher relevance score can still reach more people Highly engaging content bumps up your relevance score = $8 $12 $4 Bid Relevance Score Combined Score 9 4 3 72 48 12 Relevance Score: Click-through Rate Comments Likes Shares Member feedback Sources: LinkedIn Internal Data
  34. 1 2 3 4 5WEEK 3 – 5 ads always live Replace under – performing Ads* Frequency
 Caps A member can see 
 5 unique posts from 
 a company page, in a 
 48 -hour time frame SC? Run with 3-5 pieces of content *wait till 10k impressions or time period to determine, depending on campaign size, if it is a low performer.
  35. Half of the audience needs to be nurtured before any action Question: Impressions needed for the audience to take action Frequency Distribution Exposure Distribution 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% 46% 29% 24% 15% 22% 20% 7% 36% 1-2 3-5 6-10 11+
  36. Activate early in- quarter to maximize return on investment Front-load investments to 
 drive additional engagements, 
 clicks and leads. The most expensive bidding 
 occurs end of traditional 
 fiscal quarters. There is less competition on LinkedIn in the first two months of the quarter. In-quarter spending patterns: 
 enterprise tech vertical Month 1 Month 2 Month 3 50% 25% 0% %ofquarterlyspendon LinkedIn
  37. Thank you