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Medical mattress



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Medical mattress

  1. 1. Medical Mattress )
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION • First developed by medical practitioner John Tuton. • Used widely in medicine and sports applications. • Improve sleep by keeping optimal body temperature and by being breathable. • They also aid in injury recovery by reducing strain on the body. • Special foams and materials are layered for various applications.
  3. 3. APPLICATIONS •Hospitals and homes for patients •In various sports for improving performances of athletes •For daily use by people to improve quality of sleep
  4. 4. MATERIALS REQUIREDFor making a medical mattress, the materials required are: • Bamboo • Cotton • Polyester • Different types of foam • Nylon fabric • Monofilament
  5. 5. POSSIBLE STRUCTURES FOR PRODUCT Feeder 1 2 3 Dial Cylinder
  6. 6. MACHINES REQUIRED To produce the product following machines are required:  Interlock knitting machine  Warp Knitting machine  Cutting machines  Sewing machines
  7. 7. DEVELOPMENT PROCESS • Assessing properties • Making the quilt • Trimming and overlocking • Cover making • Assembly
  8. 8. FABRIC PARAMETERS AND PRODUCT SPECIFICATION Fabrics Material Count Construction Nylon 210 Den Woven Bamboo/Cotton 30/1 Ne Spacer fabric sides Nylon monofilament 1.5 mm Spacer fabric middle Mattress foam and dimensions Dimensions: 35”x80”x5” Foam: Type Thickness Density Multilayer antibacterial 5” 1.8 lb.
  9. 9. TESTING TECHNIQUES AND THEIR STANDARD METHODS Usage/wear damage A special Martindale tester tests for abrasion resistance of the mattress. This is done for 30000 cycles.
  10. 10. TESTING TECHNIQUES AND THEIR STANDARD METHODS Comfort It is tested by checking for compression at 36 points of the body and the depth to which the body sinks there.
  11. 11. Sweat repellent Sweat repelling properties are tested and help to asses the antimicrobial properties also. Smell The mattress is tested for odor resistance and how much it retains the odor. TESTING TECHNIQUES AND THEIR STANDARD METHODS
  12. 12. TESTING TECHNIQUES AND THEIR STANDARD METHODS Standard Description ASTM F-1566 Standard for components used in the mattress ES 1957 Standard for durability, abrasion resistance, firmness and more ASTM D 3574 Standard for testing of foams used in mattress Standards for testing
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