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Place Marketing presentation

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101014 place marketing t vchamber

  1. 1. Addressing Swindon’s image Jane Stewart – The Brunel Julia Falcon – Forward Swindon
  2. 2. - Industrial town - Continues to enjoy strong growth - One of the most affluent areas in UK - Perceptions of Swindon are poor - Town’s image has significant impact on all business sectors: property, recruitment, retail, tourism Swindon Background
  3. 3. - Easy rail and road links across to London and South West - Diverse, healthy economy & plenty of employment - One of the 10 fastest growing towns in the UK - Surrounded by The Cotswolds, Gloucestershire and Wiltshire - Good mix of housing & choice of environments - Strong retail mix Strengths
  4. 4. - No “standout” attributes/ USP - Lack of “ownership” by local community - “Satellite” town layout - No obvious “heart of town”, decaying car parks, unpleasant pedestrian access routes - Lack of leisure attractions, cultural offering & amenities - Gateway driving routes are unattractive with bad signage Weaknesses
  5. 5. - Investment in retail and leisure mix - 16% of the residents are new to Swindon = a fresh audience - Positive lifestyle proposition - Rebrand the town as a dominant regional destination - Utilise the “growth” aspects to Swindon in affirmative marketing - High speed rail link Opportunities
  6. 6. Current (confusing) situation … all the individual businesses, shopping centres, hotels, attractions Multiple contact points & marketing sources..
  7. 7. Place Marketing This is not about a new logo This is not about a TV campaign or a new advert Or a photo-shoot, or media stunt This is about fundamentally changing how people feel about, see, perceive, talk about Swindon
  8. 8. What do we actually mean by place marketing?
  9. 9. Joined up campaigning for Swindon
  10. 10. Each activity connects Swindon people & companies with our targets
  11. 11. So what happens next?
  12. 12. Any questions?