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Fispace in practice

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workshop slide pack which aims to show a practical approach of the FIspace

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Fispace in practice

  1. 1. FIspace in practice Workshop Bremen Sept 2nd Francisco Perez
  2. 2. FIspace as Shopping Mall Strengths ● Reusability ● Free competition ● Efficiency ● Standarization Weakness ● Slow start up ● Misaligment of interests FIspace as a central point of business where availabilities are shown and consumed
  3. 3. FIspace Concept Big Bang Customers need, want and demand Business architect defines concept Business architect implement the flow 1 Create a business flow diagram [MORE] 2 Create/Reuse message definition 3 Create user/roles 4 Capability Conceptual Model – Register Capability types on WC Provider – Register Business Process Template on WC Provider
  4. 4. FIspace Implementation App developer takes the challenge to compete 5 Create oauth client and first app skeleton 6 Capability Implementation Model – Register Provide Weather Condition Cap on WC Provider
  5. 5. FIspace Utilization Customer buys the app and signs the contract Capability utilization model – Register a Business Process and use capability on backend side
  6. 6. UserApp Developer FIspace Roadmap Business Architect Concept big bang Create oauth client Cap Utilization Model Business flow definition Messages Cap Implementation Model Implement app Cap Conceptual Model
  7. 7. Get in Contact Limetri is a software company providing advance IT solutions for agriculture. We are service provider the FIspaceB2B-platform with excellent knowledge and expertise of architectural and integration activities
  8. 8. Annexes
  9. 9. Receive from Highlight [back] – Asynch communication – Auth & Authen – No data across platform