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Freshdesk Arcade - Gamify Your Helpdesk

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Supporting customers doesn’t have to suck. In fact, with Freshdesk Arcade, you can actually let your agents have fun and compete to resolve customer issues all day. Jump in and learn the how, what and why of turning your customer support into a game.

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Freshdesk Arcade - Gamify Your Helpdesk

  1. 1. Freshdesk increased our productivityby 90% and gave us a bigcompetitive advantage over othercompanies“With Freshdesk we haven’t had a singleconversation fall through gaps, directly resultingin a 100X lift in our revenue. And were havingfun while at it!Drew Tennimon, AbsolutePayTrust
  2. 2. AutomationsMondayReportsTuesdayGamificationWednesdayThemesThursdayBest PractsFridayFreshTips Week
  3. 3. Business Alignmentwith Freshdesk Arcade
  4. 4. A day in the life of an agent8 to 12hours at work23customers115notifications35new tickets2-3%reopens per ticket103ticket replies
  5. 5. Average tenure of support agent is less than 11monthsAgent frustrations directly relate to unhappycustomersFrustrated agents are terrible for businessA big NO for frustrated agents
  6. 6. #1. Supporting customers is not fun.Unless you make it.
  7. 7.  Wake up to frustrations Repetitive, monotonous chore No time to fall in loveBut why is the juice gone?
  8. 8. #2. Get on the diet
  9. 9. What makes customers happy?Responses faster than the speed of lightGetting it right the first timeSatisfaction makes the experience unforgettable
  10. 10. #3. Turn tickets into Fun
  11. 11.  Every ticket is a chance to score Support objectives get defined clearly Entire team can have a shared visionTurn your support into a fun game
  12. 12. #4. Incentivize the best players
  13. 13.  Healthy competition is the way to go Levels and badges show off progress Fastest fingers become Speed Racer Grab FCRs to be the Sharp Shooter Smileys make you the Wow Champ Best man overall gets MVP awardA Trophy for Everything
  14. 14. The guy sitting next toyou just overtook you inthe race. Giddy up!It matters more when it’s personalYour customersdon’t love you thatmuch anymore.That’s sad.That ticket has beenaround for a while. Areyou getting old?Is that a open ticket wesee there? It’s not goingto take care of itself
  15. 15. #5. Everybody has a different diet
  16. 16. Calculate weights for each task properlyWeigh in where it matters most( Desired Weight – Actual Weight )DesiredWeightW =Pull out reports to identify weak areasRevisit your weights every month to stay on topx 100
  17. 17. #5. Focus on what’s goodfor the business
  18. 18.  Get agents to do what matters using Quests Fast-track support by offering badges and bonuses Make it challenging to make it exciting Keep track of articles and forum posts too Every completed quest gets work doneOne step closer to business alignment
  19. 19. #6. Don’t forget to measureperformance
  20. 20.  Identify best players in your team Find out why your top players are on top Figure out areas of expertise for each agent Compare agents and see head-to-head stats Pinpoint problem areas and find ways toimproveWhat next?
  21. 21.  Give agents points to keep them motivated Develop a healthy competition between agents Give out trophies and badges for bestperformers Align agents with your business using Quests Use reports to figure out how your support iscoming alongFreshTips to make your day
  22. 22. Questions??
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