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Key Digital Trends for 2017
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17 digital trends for 2017 by @FrojdAgency

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This report sums up what we think will be the key digital trends in 2017 when it comes to #tech #innovation #culture & #communication. The report was presented at a breakfast seminar in Stockholm, December 2016.

17 digital trends for 2017 by @FrojdAgency

  1. 1. 17 digital trends Fröjd presents @FrojdAgency for 2017
  2. 2. 1. Marketing transformation Foto: Unsplash
  3. 3. Marketing transformation What is the role of the modern marketing department? Well, it is not to do what they did yesterday. Ad blockers, a general disdain towards advertising, and the increasing importance of content marketing has forced an interesting shift. Some marketing departments have transformed into editorial offices, whilst others have become event management organisations. For example, Redbull runs a music academy, an online TV station, and a motor racing magazine. Companies who stand out primarily focus on communicating through social media and engage their employees in this strategy – an excellent example is the extremely successful Swedish watch company Daniel Wellington. 2017 is the year when the expression “core business” loses its relevance. More often than not, what you sell and what the customers perceive you do, seems to differ. Is core business what the company spends most time on, or what it makes the most money off? Then again, does it really matter? #DIGITALMARKETING #SOCIALMEDIA
 #TRANSFORMATION READ MORE instagram-marketing-case- study-daniel-wellington/ #gs.yZkBGf0 new-data-why-people-hate- ads nordic-daily-ott-viewers-use- ad-block-services @FrojdAgency
  5. 5. 2. Real-time 
 video hype Foto: Unsplash
  6. 6. Real-time video hype Studies show that millennials hate advertising, the average age of Facebook’s target group is on the rise, and Instagram is seemingly facing the same fate. The cool kids are instead hanging out on Snapchat which currently has 150 million active users. This is where you’ll find marketing created on the user's terms, as funny filters. And of course Facebook wants to join in on the hype; they acquired Masquerade in 2016, and are currently busy testing AR-filters. The increased importance of moving pictures has escaped no one, and research shows that video is the format that engages the user the most. This year, Facebook launched Facebook Live and Instagram are also testing a live video function. The up-and-coming app is with its 80 million users is growing rapidly amongst the kids. Businesses need to improve both the quality and the speed of their video production, because 2017 will be all about video, live, and AR filters. Companies who want to join in need to step out of their comfort zone and press the live button. #LIVEMARKETING 
 #SNAPCHAT READ MORE index.php/musically- statistics/ creative-snapchat- campaigns-from-brands-to- inspire-your-snap-strategy/ social-media @FrojdAgency
  7. 7. 3. The very real benefits of applied VR Foto: Samuel Zeller
  8. 8. The very real benefits of applied VR #VIRTUALREALITY
 #SOCIALVR READ MORE innovation/social-innovation/ face-your-fears/ brain-surgery-simulator.html virtual_reality_facebook_seco nd_life.php 2016/12/5/13811232/oculus- touch-rift-vr-motion- controller-review We’ve already seen a lot of gaming, storytelling and roller coasting. But VR has finally started to create some real benefits, by making things that are expensive or difficult to do in reality more accessible. With simulation-based learning 
 VR makes it possible teach you how to drive a car or how to perform brain surgery. Or why not try to cure arachnophobia by letting people get up close and personal with spiders in order to overcome their fears? However, we can also see a backlash to virtual reality. The real reality still exceeds the fake one – and this is something the Swedish organisation Naturskyddsföreningen has considered with their video about
 Natural Reality, making international headlines. We predict that the next level of VR will add a social dimension, as it can become quite lonely behind the glasses. Most great experiences are even better when you share them with others. @FrojdAgency
  9. 9. Brain surgery SIMULATION BASED LEARNING IN VR Källa: LiveScience / Elizabeth Howell
  10. 10. Arachnophobia OVERCOMING FEARS WITH VR Källa: Samsung / Face your fear
  11. 11. 4. Fine-tuned marketing automation Foto: Alex Ruban
  12. 12. Fine-tuned marketing automation #MARKETINGAUTOMATION READ MORE article/big-data-giving-us- spray-pray-solutions/1413998 marketers-need-walk- customers-shoes-2 personalization-going-hello- firstname Today, an increased amount of time and money is spent on content, whilst the distribution side becomes more and more automatized. The idea is that the right person should receive the right message at exactly the right time, and mass communication is slowly dying out due to a range of new ways of communicating. However, the term spray and pray 2.0 could also be said to apply, as it is extremely difficult to be a hundred percent relevant when targeting thousands of recipients with a thousand different messages. It is therefore critical to keep calm and automize with a high level of accuracy, in order to avoid angering your audiences with badly targeted Facebook-ads, and e-mails beginning with Dear {Firstname}. Still, well-thought out automatization is on the rise, primarily in the B2B segment. To follow up on leads takes a lot of time, and making parts of the process run automatically enables organisations where marketing and sales work closely together to create strong synergies. @FrojdAgency
  13. 13. BILL GATES ”The first rule of any technology used 
 in a business is that automation applied 
 to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.”
  14. 14. 5. Relevant real-time analysis is crucial for success Foto: Luis Llerena
  15. 15. Relevant real-time analysis 
 is crucial for success #ANALYTICS
 #DATASCIENCE READ MORE a-teachable-moment- qualitative-customer-data- matters/ louiscolumbus/2016/12/03/ robert-half-top-ten- technology-jobs-in-2017-data- scientists-big-data-expertise- in-high-demand/ #3c1d99237772 Successfully interpreting user data so that you understand your customer’s needs on a deeper level will give you an infinitely better chance of delivering a perfect customer experience. This will be crucial in deciding who succeeds in the highly competitive digital world. And it’s starting to become very clear that there is a lack of expertise in this field. The demand is on the rise for data scientist competence that combines business acumen and pedagogical skills, with the ability to package and visualize the end result clearly and succinctly. Big data has been hitting the headlines for a while now, but most companies are still way behind when it comes to gathering and using relevant data. 2017 will be the year when we stop counting followers on Twitter and focus on the data that is actually important, enabling us to make the right decisions and create actual business value – in real-time. @FrojdAgency
  16. 16. Build MeasureLearn
  17. 17. 6. Smart machines becomes wise guys Foto: Unbounce
  18. 18. Smart machines becomes wise guys #DEEPLEARNING
 #AI READ MORE electronics/audiovideo/deep- learning-reinvents-the- hearing-aid bernardmarr/2016/12/08/ what-is-the-difference- between-deep-learning- machine-learning-and-ai/ #310afff76457 tech/endangered-sea-cow- drones-ml/ audi-q2-deep-learning- concept/ google-translate-now- converts-english-into- chinese-with-neural-machine- translation For a long time humans have tried to teach computers everything we know. Through machine learning, computers are now teaching themselves to become even smarter. Complex algorithms interpret a large number of data in order to solve a problem or task, instead of humans manually programming all possible solutions. (The spam filter in your email inbox is an example of this.) Deep learning is the latest development in AI and machine learning, where researchers attempt to replicate the human brain’s biological structure. A fun example of this is Quick, draw! – a game from Google where you draw and the computer will guess, not only based on what you have drawn but also how you draw it. And whilst you play, you teach the game to recognize more drawings. Google is also experimenting with deep learning by enlarging and zooming in on low resolution images (as in CSI?!), where the system fill in what's missing based on previous experience. We look forward seeing smart machines taking care of other tasks humans find boring – for example bookkeeping! @FrojdAgency
  19. 19. TERMINATOR "My CPU is a neural-net processor. A learning computer. The more contact I have with humans, 
 the more I learn."
  20. 20. 7. Roboethics and moralgorithms Foto: Siyan Ren
  21. 21. Roboethics and moralgorithms #ROBOETHICS
 #AI READ MORE disastrous-tay-experiment- shows-the-hidden-dangers- of-ai of-ai-can-morality-be- programmed As artificial intelligence develops it’s increasingly clear that algorithms don’t have feelings. That is, unless we try to program it, or allow robots to develop empathy on their own by interacting with humans. Microsoft’s twitter bot Tay is an example of an experiment which ended quite badly when it was tested in public and Tay quickly turned into a racist internet troll... But if machines are to unburden humans for real, we have to allow them to make independent decisions – which means they have to consider morals and ethics in the decision making process. A self-driving car must be able to quickly decide if it should avoid hitting a pedestrian, even if it means the car will hit a tree and harm its passengers. Similarly, this brings up questions on how humans should treat the increasingly human-like robots in the future (those of you who have seen the HBO-series Westworld know what we are talking about). We believe that there will be an imminent need for a set of standards regulating programmed morals. Remember where you read it first. @FrojdAgency
  22. 22. Self-driving cars & decision making
  23. 23. 8. With great power comes great responsibility Foto:
  24. 24. With great power comes great responsibility #POPULISM
 #ACCOUNTABILITY READ MORE news-fake-news/story? id=44076475 Facebook’s potential impact on the results of the 2016 American election has raised the question of who is actually responsible for the spread of fake news, and has we have seen a dramatic rise in online vitriol and trolling lately. It is easy to draw parallels to the discussion that flared up during the Pirate Bay court case in 2009: Should an online service be held responsible for the content that users share on its platform? Looking beyond the information that is presented to us and reviewing the actual source is as important today as it was a year ago – but if we are unable to take responsibility as individuals, who should take responsibility for questioning what we read online? We hope that 2017 will be the year to to burst the filter bubbles. @FrojdAgency
  25. 25. Foto: Reuters/Dado Ruvic
  26. 26. 9. The importance of a solid foundation Foto: Unsplash
  27. 27. The importance of a solid foundation 2016 has seen a massive increase in hate campaigns, twitter storms roll on and fake news gone viral ignores the truth. Brands who work with influencers or purpose driven advertising are regularly targeted by internet trolls, and to make that work it is key that you have a stable and well-established value proposition that everyone on the organisation buy into. When the storm hits, we suggest adopting the old Swedish saying “there is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothes” – meaning that 2017 will be the year when companies focus on communicating their values; by making them visible through targeted communication and influencer partnerships, but most importantly through how they deal with criticism. #INFLUENCERS 
 #VALUES READ MORE internet-trolling-3485891 @FrojdAgency
  28. 28. 10. The speed of trust Foto: Unsplash
  29. 29. The speed of trust All great success stories in social media, such as Kohl’s reaction to Chewbaccas Mum and Lego’s take on #TheDress, have one thing in 
 common – speed. Time from Insight to Idea to Action needs to be minimal, 
 and organisations that build their culture around a high level of trust in the employees have a head start on its competitors. New technology blur the lines between life at work and home, and research shows that employees are looking for increased flexibility in where and how they work, and that most believe flexibility equals increased productivity. Fundamentally, people like to take responsibility for their own time. Students of today say that achieving a good work/life balance is the most important thing in their future careers. We believe that 2017 will be the year when companies start taking these reports seriously, by establishing a trust based culture and allowing employees to work from where they are most productive. #SPEEDOFTRUST #WORKLIFEBALANCE READ MORE rs/520-AOO-982/images/ GPTW-Fortune-100Best- Report-2016.pdf jacobmorgan/2015/07/20/ the-5-types-of-organizational- structures-part-5-holacratic- organizations/#4a7af0976778 2016/12/14/13938798/ research-survey-workplace- home-office-flexibility @FrojdAgency
  30. 30. Insight > Idea > Action
  31. 31. 11. The era of the multi-professionals Foto: Unsplash
  32. 32. The era of the multi-professionals An increasing number of companies operate like AirBnb or Ebay, employing a small number of core staff whilst having a large number of people working “for” them. Virtual cloud solutions remove obstacles and the middle man, creating low thresholds for buyers and sellers to interact. We see a growth in freelance culture, and a large number of people today have a number of different income streams. It is clear that this new gig economy challenge the tax authorities and the trade unions. We believe that this development will lead to important discussions around insurance protection, job security and pension schemes in 2017. #GIGECONOMY
 #TALENTONTAP READ MORE larryalton/2016/09/26/is-the- gig-economy-a-bubble-thats- about-to-burst/ #70d9820f10da the-gig-economy-and-who- loses @FrojdAgency
  33. 33. WHAT DO YOU DO? 25% Take away delivery driver 25% Ebay trader 25% AirBnB host 25% Uber driver Professional gigster
  34. 34. 12. A modern corporate tool box Foto: Unsplash
  35. 35. A modern corporate toolbox On a personal level, most of us use a large number of digital services and apps without hesitating. Large companies however are a different story. It’s clear that most are still chasing the perfect system – the one that can do and solve everything. Does this ring a bell? Don’t fret, we see that the winds of change are blowing: 2017 is the year when many businesses will be toolified, and even the most tedious tasks become fun. Company mindsets will shift, and businesses will start picking cloud-based services and systems based on their actual here-and-now-needs. The increase in digital services and third-party plug and play solutions will lead to a diminishing need for a traditional CMS. In the end, there may not be a need for a traditional corporate website anymore... @FrojdAgency #TOOLIFICATION READ MORE press-releases/give-us-even- more-digital-services- consumers-across-the-globe- say/
  36. 36. UNBUNDLING FRÖJD Version control Task management Site monitoring Files & docs Website Recruitment Interactive meetings Resource planning Collaboration Designing in code Chat Kanban Hosting Newsletters Follow up Project status Events E-mail Prototyping CRM
  37. 37. 13. App-like websites Foto: Unsplash
  38. 38. App-like websites Mobile app development is being revolutionised by frameworks like React.native that will shortly make the old hybrid apps redundant. But the number of new apps being downloaded is decreasing, and the next big thing will be API:s that work closely with the hardware, allowing functionalities that previously were exclusive to apps to also work on websites. This means that the website can use your mobile’s camera, send push-notifications and access the gyroscope. A large obstacle that needs to be overcome is Apple’s firm hold on the app market. The web browser Safari (the pre-set choice on iPhones) is lagging behind in functionality development compared to it’s competitors – could the reason for this Apple’s reluctance to subject its App Store to competition? @FrojdAgency #WEBAPPS READ MORE us/microsoft-edge/platform/ status/
  39. 39. 14. Sirification 
 in search Foto: Bruno Gomiero
  40. 40. Sirification in search #VOICESEARCH READ MORE voice-service help/17214/windows-10-what- is voice-search-guide Voice- and speech recognition have come a long way since back in the yearly 2000s, when Google registered a patent for a voice search-interface, and experimented with a phone number which you could call and ask your search question. These days, voice search makes up around 20% of search on mobile devices, and ComScore predicts that this will increase to 50% by 2020. This will lead to a change in user behaviour – partly because we search more locally (“where is the nearest sushi restaurant?”) and more often than not we choose to go with the first hit. How will this affect our strategy for search engine optimization? The biggest advantage of voice search is speed – we can speak approximately 150 words per minute, whereas we on average only write 40. We believe that in 2017, we’ll rather call Siri than a friend when facing a tricky question in the hot seat on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. @FrojdAgency
  41. 41. Foto: Reuters/Dado Ruvic How does voice search 
 impact your SEO strategy?
  42. 42. 15. Long live the Internet of Things Foto: Tulen Travel
  43. 43. Long live the Internet of Things #INTERNETOFTHINGS
 #WEARABLES READ MORE industries/high-tech/our- insights/the-internet-of- things-sizing-up-the- opportunity Is the hype over for Internet of things and wearables? Recently it seems that new gadgets and have been all about solutions looking for problems, rather than solving actual problems that need a solution. And for consumers, it can be both expensive and difficult when Kickstarter-financed and cloud-based innovations shut down or are bought out – and all you end up with is a flashy watch that is no longer supported. At the same time we see huge opportunities to improve our daily lives by connecting the things we use on a daily basis (check out Apple HomeKit). For example by tracking stuff that moves (like dogs, children and cars), or monitor the things that shouldn’t move too much (like bags, keys and doors). We hope that 2017 will be the year when the Internet of Things and wearables step out of the kindergarten stage and start focusing on solving actual, real problems. @FrojdAgency
  44. 44. Internet of shit?
  45. 45. IoT 2.0
  46. 46. 16. Safety crash, boom, bang Foto: Unsplash
  47. 47. Safety crash, boom, bang Here’s an inconvenient truth: There are two types of enterprises in the world: those that have been hacked, and those that just don't know it yet. We believe that neither individuals nor companies have realised how vulnerable they actually are. Hillary Clinton is a perfect example – clearly she had not grasped the major safety issues related to using a private email server. And now she is paying the price for that naivety in front of the entire world. With the service Have I Been Pwned you can check if you have a personal account that has been compromised in a data breach. In combination with the growth of Internet of Things, a range of storm clouds rise their ugly head on the horizon. What if hackers can access your wifi and bank account via your connected toaster? What if hackers can take control of connected cars? Unfortunately, we believe that 2017 will be the year when a number of massive leaks will make customers run to the IT-security companies for help. #CYBERSECURITY #IOTSECURITY READ MORE lw/themes/digital-trends-2017 why-iot-security-is-so-critical/ article/iot-growing-faster- than-the-ability-to-defend-it/ @FrojdAgency
  48. 48. MISHA GLENNY, BRITISH JOURNALIST ”There are two kinds of enterprises in the world; those that have been hacked and those who don’t know it yet”
  49. 49. 17. Who is your real competition? Foto: Unsplash
  50. 50. Who is your real competition? How do you analyse your industry and your competitors in the digital age when competition can come from the most unexpected sources? The Swedish audiobook ”startup” company Storytel recently acquired the well-established publishing house Norstedts, which was a kind of wake up-call for what’s cooking. A number of magazines and newspapers have events as one of their biggest income streams – does that still make them valid as magazines or newspapers? And does it really matter? Users and consumers have no hesitation in being disloyal towards companies and services they use; they are prepared to quickly get rid of someone or something if another, and slightly better alternative becomes available. Offering full service solutions as a competitive edge seems to be less and less important. 2017 will be the year when companies let go of old fashioned definitions of which industry they operate in, and start looking at the value they create for their customers. #DISRUPTION READ MORE news/storytel-buys-swedens- oldest-publisher-norstedts-f- rlagsgrup-336546 lifestyle/The-audacious-new- generation-that-is-driving- world-brands-/1214-3426570- o6w457z/ digital-experience/ @FrojdAgency
  51. 51. Brought to you by… PETRONELLA TURESSON Digital Strategist at Fröjd @petroninja ANNA GULLSTRAND Managing Director at Fröjd @AnnaGullstrand
  52. 52. Jonas Overödder Global Digital Manager 
 på VisitSweden Per Gårdehall Digital kommunikation 
 på Svenska Institutet David Klättborg Market Head Nordic GMS 
 på American Express Peter Simonsson Technical Director 
 på Wenderfalck Lisa Walder Digital strateg & Analytiker 
 på Repeat Studio Jonas Lindholm Vice VD
 på Kombispel Co-creators of this report
  53. 53. Fröjd is a digital full service agency located in the heart of Stockholm. We are experts in designing and developing user-friendly and business- friendly solutions for all digital channels, and driven by a passion for technology.
  54. 54. Thank you! @FrojdAgency
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This report sums up what we think will be the key digital trends in 2017 when it comes to #tech #innovation #culture & #communication. The report was presented at a breakfast seminar in Stockholm, December 2016.


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